How to change the basic application to open files on Android

How to change the basic application to open files on Android

How to change the basic application to open files on Android
How to change the basic application to open files on Android
A computer does not know what we want to do when we click on a file to open it.
Let's say we have a video file that we want to open with VLC media player. Your computer or mobile phone needs to know the basic path of opening files, that is, a rule the user requires and the PC or the phone must follow.

How do I open a file with another app?
If on Windows is simple, than right click / open with / and choose from list; on Android we can not do this so easily; it can but is more complicated.

How do I choose the basic path for opening different file types?
On Android, as this is the operating system in question, we will notice that every time we open a file for the first time or install an application that can open that type of files, we see a dialog where we can choose the application that opens the “only once” or “always” file.

The error that many do.
When that dialogue appears, the user rushes and makes the choice that will give him peace in the future. Unfortunately once you press the "always" button, every time that type of file will open with that application.

How do I change the default opening PDF, mp4, jpg, etc?
The Android operating system, after showing us the dialog when opening the application, for which we chose "always", decides to "crown" the application as the ultimate head of files of that kind; and from now on all files will be opened with the "crowned" application.
The solution is simple! Goes to the application settings and deletes default values.
… See the video tutorial!

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    How to change the basic application for opening files on Android - Video Tutorial

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    6. I have solved the problem on android give an example to open an extension: file.xNUMX to see what contains the name of the extension in the file.html and sees it as a document text.

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