How to remove the audio from a video?

How to remove the audio from a video

Today we will see how simple it can extract the audio from a video file using only the VLC player.
Why to extract audio from video?

Reasons are many, can you list some, which you probably thought you:
1. Extract audio portion of a music video
2. Extract audio noise reduction
3. Over certain passages audio translation
4. Replacement of audio music
5. Voice-over introduction of certain passages

I want to extract the audio from a video, for editing smarter. For example, if you have background noise on audio column in the shooting; Very simple, extract audio, make Audacity editing and stick back. All do not take more of 2 -3 minutes for a shooting 4K of 20 minutes. In video editing programs, you have to do that on audio editing, then to turn everything; Activity that you take any 30-40 minutes (on identical hardware, as in the first case).
In the next tutorial, I will show you how to take the audio as an editor and as a glue to place video.
I like to use smart editing (out of the box), where possible. It gives me satisfaction working speed and a hack tepid place that really works. Especially video editing and final rendering, are the most time consuming, resources and nerves; Therefore I try to find shortcuts to the problems that I encounter daily. Ultimately it is the role of a good hack, to ease your work and life.

Series of tutorials related to intelligent video and audio editing, and recommend:
Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power
LIpira video files quickly with Avidemux or Power Director
Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

Link download VLC Media Player (free):
Download VLC Media Player

Video Tutorial - How to remove the audio from a video

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  1. Andrey Catalin said

    Let's brother seriously, that I knew for so long, are ogramada tutorials on the net about how to do this, no hater but critical in a constructive way, come made with tutorials interesting, I do not know, tricks pc, or technical things to build a certain thing or anything that may be relevant, do not say that lately have not had tutorials interesting, indeed you had, but still, it takes something more than that or at least be more open to proposals user site CPC this is too good for a weak activity. I understand from the start that MNO have made families, services and post your rarely do I allow not believe they can allow anyone to criticize for that, but still, even trying to call different people who have knowledge in various fields, eg audio, grafica.etc, I think it would be interesting some more special tutorials in these areas. I repeat, not, hater, my critima considered as being constructive, I tried to give you ideas, because I care about this site and want something more from him, in other words, I want more content.

    • Agree

    • Unless you. . . hater?! and the ideas, why not do the tutorials in this area? . Or are you specializing in criticism? . Not all are trained in the IT like you. I like to extract the audio from a video, use the program Songr with much success, an idea once all of Cristian Cismaru a videotutorial older, but version VCL do not know, although I program, like me are alţiii, except you.

      • Right, Leon!
        There are many who know certain things from tutorials presented but more do not know. With patience and the demands likely to reach the "experts".

    • if you are so strong, others are in the beginning and do not know! why not go to a page for super advanced!

  2. Well, I was useful tutorialu I learned something new that I did not know the function of the FCC.
    Thank you.

  3. Customers are never easy to please!
    Well, all we are good tips / Especially when we are not directly involved
    People b / p / are not satisfied?
    You> TV / Remote / Change the channel
    In this case
    You> PC / Mouse / Click where you want
    Mr Cristian / May mult./ If you want to live simply ignore!
    Congratulations for what you do
    : )

  4. REPLY wadrez said

    wadrez I tried to give some advice and did not give head, feeling that I want to give head, just you and so you have. As I said, and can verify this, I am old enough here almost every day come here for material and would not want to go and be stable elsewhere as I suggest, the thing that me propose is exactly like the political transits times I do not really want to do this, I said and I say further, are aware that they and their families, services, does not can blame them, but even to let different people passionate in other areas to make videotutorialele here. Are you aware that the materials offered have been slashed by more than it was once, when almost every day, when you went there he found something new. Probably not falling on this site, not criticizing (construction) one, but fain go play elsewhere. Also urge to monetize somehow work done so far, we must consider the hosting cost, the cost and must somehow financially supported, I think that an advertisement small at the beginning of the clip 5 sec do not kill anyone or banner.

    • You may need an upgrade!
      CPU Brain
      RAM Memory
      Fans / Heaters

      Make a website
      And I and others in critical / constructive we'll bother

  5. There are a lot of solutions to extract video, audio from a container, only to look on google.

  6. Hello . you can do a tutorial on xboot?

  7. Leon reply said

    I never considered an expert in IT ever, you hold me like that, are not specialized in critical just want more material than before each day was posted something new and gave some advice, if orgoliosii like you do not accept tips, because they consider themselves perfect, it's their problem, but I do not think the authors of this site will be bothered by some mooring tips and some constructive criticism in the way and all, are people in life we ​​learn from each other, one not perfect, so ?. The sound of video tutorials extraction are like crazy on the net, give a Google search and you'll see.

  8. reply wadrez said

    Unfortunately you do not have the ability to communicate with a man than just if you and insulting language Your attest poor education and lack of integration in society that give evidence, learn that in life you will receive only praise, but also criticism, as long as they are not ill will, but constructive, I do not see what the problem is, if you're a yarn proud, and proud and see the problem else from your point view, does not mean make it so. I from the very beginning I communicated with you, but I spoke to the author of this site if you prefer to put you in mind elsewhere, clearly denotes that you have a lack of common sense and you are not obliged to approve it

    • FYI / RAM
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  9. I encounter the same problem cation date ... When I want to access my oldest one of your tutorials, I can not open. I suppose it's a problem with flash player and I do not know what to do. I already have the latest version installed and nothing ... Do you have any idea why not go? Thanks ...

  10. wadrez reply said

    Being envious of you? Why ?, I did not have a concrete reason to be, the only rule cocalarii say this, that I envy you value and you do not, that's what people into understanding. If you generally did not like criticism, it is normal to not see normal, I've said before, people who think they are perfect and are proud and conceited, they consider themselves perfect, I for one do not consider myself, have advantages, but I and disadvantages are a man of good and bad. The site that is very old and have pretensions to this site, indirectly you made reference to me, as I also said, if you do not care, go elsewhere and that was, but just because I care, I want to remain here, I am an avid consumer of materials and advice that I gave to them guys help us continue offering quality material and often. A man who cares about you or what you do, you and praise but yourself and fight another guy who wants to take advantage of you, praise you all the time and try the most cunning ways to get lingusii probably hypothetically, that you try it, hoping that I'll create some relationships, but your method is already lost, that they will catch what you want to try you, know people like you, I had the praise, but many of them after a good praise more or less on the right, and expecting favors from me. So…. (By the way you looked and you just over commercials here if you're all so-called supporter? Or you do not understand how you support site, only about?)

    • I do not think it's time to get mad. Each has his opinion, I have to respect it.
      Every time we took into account criticisms and suggestions.
      As I have said many times, we do not post the norm; We do tutorials with great pleasure that we offer to all. Instead, you just need to leaving a comment sometime, let us happy or criticized.
      Thank you!

      • Andrey Catalin said

        Cristian Cismaru I can only commend your attitude balanced, I understood that you can not post every day, I know I have made services, families and did not think that he could anyone afford not to understand about this, but if you want in the future, as a tip, you can open a section for videotutoriale sent from the community, that old to supplement the amount of content provided and for us know that hosting is sufficiently expensive, try to implement at the beginning of each video one even banner ad, you know that extra money and well worth not hurt, ultimately it is somehow your work and be respected. ,

        • Each time have been proposed tutorials, we have made, largely ... Sure, there were tutorials that we have not done, tutorials, or were outside interest (too specific) or exceeded our area comfort (I was too Babala on the subject).
          On are over 1300 video tutorials, and most of them are very useful even today. You should not just wait "last tutorial" posted; The old are often even more useful.

    • I admit, I was wrong / I hurried to make this recommendation / upgrade can save you!
      More correctly / upgrade can save you!

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      • Lawrence said

        Hello colleague. It does not make sense ... believe me. Maybe I'm as old as you and I understand what you mean. Ehee what times .... When we were sent to torrents :) More recently, Cristi believes that there are only "experts" here because he goes over simple installations with the explanation: "you know how to do it." I'm not telling Adrian that I'm convinced he knows a lot, but he has to give us a XP installation for a small thing every time, and especially as many references to some tutorials. I know what you mean "constructively "But it works :) For some it's easier to criticize the destroyer and bothers them, you do not write correctly, what are you doing here if you are so smart that nobody forces you to come in here but this site exists because of us Which we enter here, and we have been in for many years, from the beginning. Be sure that Nothing in Life is not free, because all that Cristi has done here is long-term. Some do not understand that any website in the world of the world exists due to visitors, and EU, TU and others are VISITORS. Many will tell me more like you for this comment, but dearly accept them all and I will not leave here. It's easier to hate for a comment than to read CONTEXT. I think I am among the few people who lose hours late at night to browse the millions of pages of the internet to learn. With the opening I open the first pages with VIDEOTUTORIAL. Ro. Congratulations on everything you do. It's better and better.

  11. By comrade wadrez said

    Wadrez, I do not wonder about your language, since you can communicate with native people only if you insult and so unfortunately are not able to carry on a civilized conversation with anyone, so you can pay for your education. I do not think it would be appropriate to talk of evolution (upgrade) as long as we are not able to perform in the most important areas and one of them as education.

    Cristian Cismaru eventually you are absolutely right about the tutorials, so a little change my mind. All the best

  12. ViorelR said

    Very helpful for me, I learned something new about the function of VLC, thanks

  13. Bob Bogdan said

    Hi I want to remove only the audio in video? Thank you!!!

  14. Thank you very much. all the tutorials that helped me, as well as the comments of the great specialists are sure that if you take them a little in the field they are beating! much health and thank you!

  15. Thanks, Cristi!
    Mie mi-a fost de folos tutorialul, dar m-ar interesa si cum s-ar poate elimina partea audio dintr-un clip, astfel incat sa ramana video-ul fara sonor. Se poate?
    Thank you!

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