How to spy on or control a computer with your mobile phone - HD video tutorial

Hello, in videotutorialul next will show how we can achieve such a remote control or remote connection ASISTANCE between a phone and a computer.

As you know it can be very easy to control a computer from another computer through programs that must be installed on both computers or just one and the other is installed java runing enviroment provided the Internet connection to be active on both PC sites, but now it goes through a simple mobile phone that has java.

We need a bluetooth connection or internet for successfully running an application that you submit. We can use this type of remote from any phone on the condition that the phone supports Java MIDP2.0 in tutorial shows an example to verify this possibility.

This tutorial can help someone who needs to spy on a computer to find out what programs are running on it or simply to help parents who want to watch their children in front of the computer.

Lucian basil

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  1. crystache said

    I hope to present some of this software for free simbian phones [Nokia 6288] because they are very interesting, if you are.

    • danyelutzu said

      An Deki problem I did everything that the tutorial and when I try to connect with my wifi says: "IOException: Error opening ocured whikst conection:

      LA buetooth I zie: No correct service found! Please make sure bluetooth remote control x (do not know what the program has started Deki is bluetooth enabled and nimik

  2. Very interesting tutorial ... congratulations

  3. I have a problem I say "Phone Out Of Range" What could be the cause and what is the solution?

  4. LucianGL said

    crystache - What would you like to meet?

    Andrew - what you say is for the phone is in range of the Bluetooth signal or internet.Asa clear from the words of tine.Da me for more details I did not understand why and when it happens

  5. When I say give it to connect Waiting for PC and after a few seconds Phone tells me out of range! That's when I try to connect via bluetooth. If I want to connect my apple internet without any problems .. I have a Nokia E50. However dc wants and bluetooth?

  6. LucianGL said

    Andrew - I think in your case the problem is the combination of calculatorul.Incearca phone with the computer's Bluetooth software to make a connection for the phone to see if it descopera.Mai exactly your phone's Bluetooth adapter sees calculatorului.Incearca with search and association + Add to list that no longer authorized for permission each time

  7. The association is wrong. Still do not understand dc go through internet and bluetooth does not want to go. K for the net cost though ... not bluetooth!

  8. LucianGL said

    must go, try

  9. peterutz said

    Hello varog say for other phones (Samsung) or other SEPO not or only nokia thanks!

  10. LucianGL said

    the tutorial I said I go on any phone and showed how you can and check this

  11. and I want to add an objection to the way you do a tutorial chapter. lalaiala annoys me with presenting a tutorial, a tutorial that would take 10 min, you do the 30 min (gets boring and annoying).

    are very beneficial, but make them short and to the point

    please do not get upset, but accepts criticism

    thank you

  12. @Joker:
    Ok, I'll try to be more focused, but not always work out.
    Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not, I (crystal) sometimes lie down because it is necessary or because I remember reading a thing.
    You're right it should be faster.
    Honestly a try but do not know if I always succeed.
    Thank you for observation and stop waiting for us.

  13. Catalin said

    Indeed ... hats off, great tutorial, well done guys!

  14. LucianGL said

    it meant to be done in editing tutorial would take too long and probably would not get to be

  15. My congratulations Lucian, I have not really liked the tutorial questions presented very well for you and all program.

  16. unbray said

    I and him a question
    What is the name of that program you use to phone to desktop menu

  17. unbray said

    I have a problem I do not connecteaza phone to my pc says not properly service found! Nets make sure Bluetooth capabilities, remote control is running what to do? (Io not know English)

  18. Adrian said

    @unbray: All processes must have switched's Bluetooth capabilities you've installed, start remote control Bluetooth capabilities

  19. unbray said
  20. LucianGL said

    unbray - must have remote phone control on both the PC and phone, open the phone and give it to search via bluetooth, then you also have a PC you can search and connect from there. also close the pc suite and other software that can handle blutooth port used by remote phone control
    As for the "one" can use Mobiola Remote Control

  21. unbray said

    io not use PC Suite and use BlueSoleil That always stay I'll try tomorrow Opened for: d hope sami go

    muntumesc more

  22. unbray said

    thank you very much

  23. Cosmin said

    I think it's understandable ...
    My telu is compatible with the application but ... I do not know how to install the phone that I sent via bluetooth and I read it as unknown file

  24. Cosmin said

    When I know I should not and jad file

  25. Wolfyz said

    What kind of telephones work?

  26. kosmyn said

    greeting me help me with a problem long ago someone broke into my phone and deleted some pictures mia, melodiii etc. How could I do and I get a program like that that
    thank you

  27. @kosmyn: If you entered a long time ago not much chance of getting recover some, recovery should be done in place and that place should be avoided rewriting.

  28. Liviu Voloaga said

    I want to capture yo program by telephone (virtual) where I can download?

  29. Saki Dennis said

    Works on any model phone?

  30. Saki Dennis said

    II Land the program I saw a friend!!!
    So on

  31. sal Andrei've managed to: Phone out of range!???

  32. LucianGL said

    program go on any phone, I specified what platform is operational and you need for it, I personally have used it successfully and N70 95GB N8 when phone says out of range means that the connection between the phone and PC was disconnected, you will need to reconnect or to see what you cause this disconnect, in case bluetooth check what's running on your PC so you do not block the ports connecting to the application or slow their speed and ultimately lead to disconnection

  33. George said

    how to make Romanian online radio listening on my phone Samsung Omnia?

  34. Adrian said

    @George: It's already a tutorial about something click and watch this tutorial:

  35. VICENTIU said

    GOOD. A Question How do I delete or uninstall a program SIMPLY CAN NOT DELETE OR SAL SAL uninstalled, there is a program ANUME.MERCI FAIN

  36. @VICENTIU:
    We have given many details about your problem but you can try the Revo Uninstaler and we also have a tutorial on the site about how to use it

  37. bogdan554 said

    sal .... in my phone does not work when I enter year remonte control app show unhandled exception ..... ami who can help me?

  38. magnificentboy said

    Hi I have a nokia java 6151 2.0 is also compatible with Bluetooth, PC have bluetooth and I put the two files (prc.jar and prc.jad the phone) and I installed comp progranele "Phone Remote Control" and Smart Remote v1.0 "I Opened for application in mobile .. I gave prc.jar Bluetotth search found me .. and when to give me .. or I say application error also says to make sure the application runs ... nustiu what to do ... the tutorial I too understand anything .. it's not so clear ... what to do? help me ... thank you

  39. bogdan554 said

    I have a good 3250 is compatible with java nokia 2.o but when I want to connect with internet phone remonte control ami show simbianos error 34 general system error ....

  40. Hi, I have a question .. how can I do to see if I installed a program calls listen and how to delete .. mention that I have a Sony Ericsson and a LG
    thanks in advance

  41. Do you know of a program similar to "Bluetooth Remote Control" which in addition to make it possible and Enjoying running on your computer, on your mobile?
    Thank you in advance!

  42. hello .. i have a w350i and fail to install in phone program .. what to do?

  43. Like Andrew gives me the error "Phone out of range". I do not understand why it could block. The phone does not run anything, just the computer. In the program shows me that connects temporal (arrows on the tray icon are yellow) but then falls. Considering that the laptop 15cm from what could it be? Does anyone know or do not?

  44. Howdy,

    I tested it and works very fine. Internet connection issues that I managed to figure it out:
    1. It does not work if your phone uses WAP (would be great if someone would be able to solve this problem somehow ...). So take your mind off unlimited wap (3,5 euro / month)
    2. It connects only through the Internet Protocol. If you want unlimited internet's 3 times more expensive than the version mentioned above.
    3. If you want to see how real-time as what happens on the computer screen I recommend you use the phone connection 3G / 3G +

    Enhanced further work.
    PS - the effect it has on victims' computers is unimaginable

  45. Do not go! I found the PC and connect you give write: "No service found correct." Also when I try to connect from the computer, mobile phone and when I find the figure connect it says "Connection Failed".
    I tried Gnubox and applications that fail to "pair" your phone with your PC. Oh, you can do a tutorial on Gnubox? S60v3 to go!
    Another thing, when I bought bluetooth gave me no no CD to install the drivers automatically. I heard that there are other types Bluesoleil or Widcomm drivers separate. Which is better?
    This is my bluetooth:[Email protected]

  46. Hello I have a problem with wi-fi connection by phone remote control.
    I installed and the settings are exactly as you described videotutorial with
    a data account in vodafone mobile internet enabled when I want to connect
    Wi-Fi appears to me: IlegallArgumentException: java.lang: Invalid host name.
    The phone is a sony ericsson W910i 3G +
    Wait a raspuns.Multumesc!

  47. Hi, I understood perfectly tutorial, but I have a problem: i have a lg ku 990, I did everything you said in tutorial, I installed both programs: 1 PC and the other on tel., we entered the PC application and there wrote: bluetooth solution: Bluesoleil, this means that my bluetooth device found, then we entered the application on the phone, where I entered the settings for the Bluesoleil required to change the method of direct connectivity in com port.dupa I did However I left the settings and I gave bluetooth.mi search has found pc, I selected and then I wrote that this is the problem is conecteaza.tocmai I waited about 10 still never connected. who knows please tell me what the problem is and mie.trebuie to say that both the PC and the visible tel.sunt found when transfer music or other files.

  48. I have a problem with WiFi connection by remote control ...
    Symbian error =-33:
    Overall: time spent exceeded

  49. Petryk said

    bluetooth, you and Nokia PC Suite? displays the message "phone out of range!"

  50. Petryk said

    Now when I activate bluetooth on my pc service discovery appears failed.ce can I do?

  51. Andrew said

    Hello !
    I have a problem and I said you're my only chance Cristi.
    I searched but have not found the one to solve this porblema.
    You could but please ADD to Andu.2010 \
    I thought you could help me Plzz
    Do not forget to ADD id Andu.2010
    ZIP Code
    ! THANK YOU!

  52. For remote desktop you can also use a free application from

  53. I have internet on pc through mobile router and the router and the card and wants to know if I want to connect to the internet via router is both a problem and need to get on the net of the phone?

  54. I knew that seen with the ip got your remote control your computer as download tutorials as I can not go DownloadHelper

  55. Luci Hello I have a porblema on tel fall give my Bluetooth to connect to an error "No service found correct! Please make sure Bluethooth Remote Control is running" is on the application. Thanks

  56. LucianGL said

    must have properly installed the bluetooth driver and normal to be active, if somewhat application on the phone says no bluetooth discovers the PC when something's wrong with the bluetooth adapter or software or, if the application on the phone says not found service in remote PC that needs to connect and give you permission to walk to your PC, then close and restart the application on the PC

  57. I solved the problem Thanks a lot!

  58. when I give the bluetooth connection tells me, no correct service found! Please make sure Bluetooth Remote Control is running.Dar find my bluetooth from PC.

  59. Now I appear out of range ... although keep pretty close telefonu bluetooth

  60. sal you when I connect with mausu kick me and tells me something what fak license: ((

  61. Shelby. said

    I have a little-big problem ...
    Installed on the phone (5730) program ... and nothing ... he does not want to get into something ... any solution?
    I do not give any error ... but I say to reinstall the application is running ...

  62. Marian said

    Hello, you are kind enough to make a tutorial Unified Remote. I would be much more helpful than this tutorial. Thanks in advance!!

  63. I 2.1 java and I do not go, you really 2.0? Thank you.

  64. hello how are you connected your phone to your PC to protect your buttons and you can walk in meniuu

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