How to delete a Yahoo Mail or Gmail account - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial you'll learn how to delete account Yahoo Mail or Gmail account. Probably most of us have a Yahoo Mail or Gmail account when I was small and it seemed PC a breeze. Now I grew up, some are more serious, we entered into a business (business) and I want to have a new email address that we represent a serious address and not one with a name that made caterinca so we prove reliability for prospective employees. Actually maybe it does not matter what we want to delete Yahoo Mail or Gmail address but simply want to delete and so. The procedure to delete a Yahoo Mail or Gmail account is quite simple as long as you know what to do, right?
Before we get to work, I must mention that when we delete a Yahoo Mail account, it will not be deleted immediately but within 90 days. however, once we click on the "Yes, close this account" button, we will not be able to access it and we will not be able to create another email address with the same address.
It also requires a deleting a Gmail account within 2 days and the same for Gmail remains that we can not do to another email address using the old address.

Link to delete the Yahoo Mail account:

That said, I invite you to follow along this video tutorial to see how to do exactly delete a Yahoo Mail or Gmail account

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Enjoy !

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  1. Radon Tv Movie Player would seem to me a good topic

  2. See you bagai paulechinoct@ that address alternative when you delete your gmail address on yahoo actually was [email protected].com

  3. daniela balance said

    It was better if you had made this tutorial a long time ago .. but whatever .. maybe considered less important .. others are prioritare.Acum there a month and maybe something more dark and I am a messenger id and an e-mail .. but not what you said d-tra-Gemailul-to understand that neither the cart nor Carts? height not to delete his account no longer enter the it?-is possible and this?-if yes .. I laugh my own prostie.Mentionez when checking the ID dedector it appears even the avatarul.Confirmarea active .. I have not had removal how to see her because I could not get on id.Bine that I found this information on Christmas ..

  4. You make really good tutorials and I will follow every note zi.Va give 10 for these tutorials. You are very skilled.

    • daniela balance said

      adi: You make very good tutorials and I will follow every note zi.Va give 10 for these tutorials. You are very skilled.

      Yes is really… well-chosen was is..and will be..Magic can do..when she wants..It can do from the rain… Sun ..and from the Sun..Blue-but not we forget… that even an Eagle can Break a Wing… and then it reaches the hand of destiny… all destiny..decides.

  5. daniela balance said

    It would have been better if you had done this tutorial a long time ago… also maybe you didn't give it the importance it deserves ..although it has ..Some time ago I said ..a month or maybe even better I also deleted a mess id and an e-mail account..but I didn't delete what you said..and the Gemail.What the hell I did I don't's true I couldn't enter that id .. so I could not read if I received the confirmation email. I understand that I am neither in the cart nor in the cart? it is possible that the id will not be deleted and its top I can't enter it anymore? when I enter the dedector - because I don't know otherwise, the active id and the avatar of that id appear to me. If I did something stupid I watched your tutorial sitting at the table… otherwise I would drown in food. Good day for. I think it's bad for me. An answer for me too if you have time ... maybe you can dispel my doubt ... thanks in advance.

    • daniela balance said

      daniela balance: It was better if you had made this tutorial a long time ago ... also can not take your given due importance .. although .. it has. A while ago I say .. a month or maybe even Well I wiped myself a messenger id and an e-mail .. but I deleted and what you said d-tra .. and I did Gemailul.Ce hell I do not know .. the fact is that we have not could enter the id .. so that I had as I read if I received email confirmare.Sa understand that neither the cart nor Carts? possible that id is not deleted and peak can not enter it? when I get on dedector-because-I do not know another way id appears active and id.Daca avatar that I made up and stupid ... I'll laugh like crap mea.Bine I watched the tutorial d-tra sitting at the table ... otherwise I was drowning with mancarea.Zi good for. d-tra and think bad for mine.Un reply to me if you have time .. Maybe I shattered my question .. thanks in advance.

      I QUOTE-When I wrote the comment and sent it on the site I did not get a code error - I did not see my comment posted - so I repeated - of course I could not echo the same words as only I don't print them on DVD - I don't make a case for this because just that id doesn't mean and death. I just apologize for seeing me 'REPEATED'.

  6. psaddict said

    You can do a tutorial on Radio RARMA :). The program has thousands of radio stations worldwide, sorted by country, are almost all stations in Romania Romanian and key function of this program is that you can and record from radio. It has a very interesting system with which you can load in ram several positions and then you can switch instantly from one to another

  7. steps could be made to the page to delete the account, not to copy the link of the tutorial text, anyway good tutorial, bravo!

  8. tutorial: how to reverse yahoo mail beta

  9. Catalin said

    Hello, can you make a tutorial on how to create your own radio station? Winamp Not with a program like the one in Winamp does not go to me.

    Thank you.

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    I wanted to ask if you can make a tutorial how to change the settings gampadurilor (eg DUALFORCE JPD-USB [if this gamepad stick right]) to go to fifa 2011.
    I know I missed the article, and besides that I'm sure long visit a virtual community in which the majority are people with common sense who will help me if you know how or want to overlook if I do not.
    Thanks again and I hope I can help someone.
    A good day
    Ontop: Very good article, I used a lot.

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  17. how to activate my gadgets? when they have no right clicked on the desktop ... I made a set ... and then they do not have .. please ajutatiima.
    PM WIN 7

    • AdrianGudus said

      how to activate my gadgets? when they have no right clicked on the desktop ... I made a set ... and then they do not have .. please ajutatiima.
      PM WIN 7

      Right click on the Desktop and choose the context menu Gadegts. It will then appear. Double click on your desired gadget in the window and it will appear on the desktop

    • Anonymous said

      how to activate my gadgets? when they have no right clicked on the desktop ... I made a set ... and then they do not have .. please ajutatiima.
      PM WIN 7

      Enter the control panel up there to view "large icons" then enter the program features then click on the left side on the turn windows features on or of and see that you have checked windows platform gagets to right click on the desktop this function.

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    I heard that an e-mail request using ISP's for sure. Someone told me that using something that still pays for it and if you use it and if not. What can be done?

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  22. I finally found myself kum you delete some old email address when I was kid

  23. ady not work gives me an error they say it's not the right password

  24. Good morning, I have a problem with a yahoo account .. when I want to log on messenger .. everything is fine, password .. but when I go to log on mail .. ask me to write the password, write it on the correct and redirect me back to the same page! Who would like to help me add to alin_9328 give me! Thank you very much.

  25. If someone hacked my facebook account, and I delete that yahoo mail address with which I enter that facebook account… that someone, can he still enter my facebook account?

  26. AdrianGudus said

    If someone broke into my facebook account and I delete my yahoo mail that address with that account intrampe facebook ... that someone can break into the account of my facebook?

    Yes that account deleted but not be erased within a month of days. Not to mention that who has access to your account anytime can change the email address associated with your account.

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  28. Tudor - Tudor said

    When creating signature I noticed 2 dashes appear above the name (signature). How can I be removed not to occur again?
    How can I attach a logo to signature?
    The talk so how Google and Yahoo.

    Thank you in advance.

  29. andy_anduletzu said

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, I associate my email base that is the one I've been here, a pseudonym, is the thing is that I can not delete that alias that automatically generate a different email address so I can send an email after both addresses, and receive the same, I want to delete that mail from one partner and remain singur.Cand click on him to give delete it first tells me to delete the email address or a change of not as if I want to delete you go to yahoo mail settings, and put a mine in by the page and do not want to steraga on this example we [email protected] si [email protected]On the second I want to erase everything in it.
    What can I do for hours as a 4 I beat his head and I could not give him head.
    Can you give me please and beautiful sign of life from id andy_anduletzu please beautiful.
    Alex ..

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  32. I bought an htc hd2 and I can't get rid of the old owner's gmail account, I can't download any application because I always get his account that tells me to enter the password I don't know…! Can I help myself? Ms

  33. How can I transfer emails from gmail to yahoo? I have two accounts, one Gmail and one Yahoo and one from gmail I want to delete it, but I want to save some emails from this account. Thank you.

  34. Baya Adrian said

    Thank you very much! In November 2014 steps I used to delete my account yahoomail using the link to delete Yahoo Mail account: Indeed, in February 2015, after over 90 days, I managed not to have it. But, I don't understand why my old yahoomail address always appears to me, which I don't know how to make it stop appearing to me, whenever I open my Agenda with the current gmail address. I also left that "Facebook" and I still can't get rid of the old address, which is actually no longer in use by yahoo. What can I do?

  35. I understand now what should I do to delete yahoo mail. Someone corrupted my Yahoo mail and the sites that work.

  36. When the bag captcha code password and gives me error, and says he was wrong even though I know that I've written correctly.

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