How to delete Windows.old after reinstallation or upgrade

How to delete Windows.old?
Windows.old is a folder in partition C: /, which remains behind after a reinstallation of Windows, or upgrade to a higher version of Windows (an upgrade).
When trying to delete Windows.old, we hit the refusal of the system to delete the content Windows.old; Indeed some files are deleted, but most of them remain and they can not be removed under any circumstances.
Deletion does not work because these folders and files, in Windows.old are marked as system files and protected.
To delete Windows.old, we do not need third party software, we only use Disk Cleanup, a Windows utility that users do not really use it.
Its use Disk Cleanup to delete the Windows.old is a very good idea because it is already in PC and also did not delete elsewhere, as do other cleansing programs.
How to delete Windows.old?
1. Right click on the C: drive /
2. properties
3. disk Cleanup
4. After analyzes, click on "Clean up system files"
5. After analyzes, select "Previous Windows installatons"
6. Click OK in the dialog box "Delete files"
7. Now be patient and not interrupt the process!

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  1. Good, tell me some where I could get a key, we license the Windows 7, and another PC wind. 8.1

    or if you do and you please a tutorial for those who have licensed Windows,
    one more question, I have windows 8,1 enterprise, this means they can get a license for Windows 10 enterprise?

    • So you can benefit from free 10 Windows, you must have a Windows license 7 or 8.
      If Windows with Windows you bought in the store or if you've bought your Windows means that you will get updates. Dava no, no!
      Windows license can buy from stores with IT products.

    • Hi I have a problem with Windows installed on tracing paper had 10.Am retail w 8.1 I upgraded to w10, everything was ok.Am formatted the hard drive and reinstalled w10 have about a month to clean .When he made windows an update and it reappeared old windows and tracing Mege like hell. I did and resettlement w10 and again was ok, but after about a month reinstated a windows update problem reaparut.De old and then how do I get rid of this problem .Please give me advice what to do ? the laptop does not have this problem only on tracing paper that has ssd.

  2. Hello .
    I monitor this Philips 227E3LHSU / 00.
    I had no problem at 60 frames / s
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Cristi good today I did the upgrade from Windows to Windows 8.1 10 here takes about 3 hours but no longer stay with nothing in PC after installation, trebiue to install all the programs from the beginning, and of course stay Windows.old

  4. Mr. Cristi, windows 10 available here: ! can link is useful for those impatient

    • Ady Moraru said

      Hi! I downloaded Windows on the link I've dat.Totul is ok just do not know how it activez.Tin to mention that I had windows license 7 pro and I made a reservation for. I did 10.Instalarea windows on some advice to stick.Rog can I activate Windows 10 legal !!!!!!!

      • Marius L. said

        Likely to have lost the license, if you did clean install, rather than upgrade. Haste makes waste!

        • Ady Moraru said

          Hello! Eventually we took care of it !!! I'm writing here to know others who have made the mistake that I did eu.Mi I reinstalled Windows 7 back, I turned and then I have downloaded the program ala Media Creation Tool and did upgrade !!!!! In this way we managed to keep my license !!!! I hope will be of use to someone what I wrote here !!!! a beautiful evening and hold it ffffff so on !!!!! I learned a lot from you !!!!! Thanks !!!!!!

  5. Normally I would have to go jerky because you have an old video card Radeon HD series 4000 this video but I had no problems, possibly because there were many movements

  6. Marius Florin said

    Cristi hello I never had problems with 60 fps super seen better luck than ever before are still the hottest

  7. Catalin said

    ptr those who have licensed windosul 7,8 8.1 download or installation kit here and make updates directly without waiting for notification of all the best ... .and yes it sees beastly to 60 frames.

  8. Catalin said

    ... And another thing after the update do (I sincerely first image I downloaded and installed the iso windosul 10 Windows and remained active after installation windosul) ... .There a utility that makes bakup perfectly legal to license Windows 10- advanced tokens manager ... same as those used in Windows 8 or 8.1 .With made windosul backup can reinstall the boot thousand times ... because that utility will enable windosul 10 forever ... .A good evening.

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    YouTube player and 720p 1080p say that would be 48 frames, not 60 ...

  10. Cosmin said

    I have a problem ... when it was released today 29.07.2015 10 windows I could install it right after hour on a laptop with Windows 13 8.1, and went smoothly. But I have other queries ... on a PC with Windows 7, gave me a sort of fail, that Windows has tried the upgrade (hidden) and failed. Then I Googled and found an update "forced" basically the same thing except it cmd command. All good and beautiful, I installed it goes well, just as Windows Activation appears to me something "Windows connect to the Internet to complete activation" Internet connection anyway something ... that could be the problem? or how I could solve. I can say that Windows meets and is not pirated, OEM has licienta life (from Windows 7).
    Thanks, Cosmin.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Perhaps you have a security suite that contains firewall. Stop firewall.

      • Hello,
        Thanks for the reply, but I solved. I rebooted the PC, I went there in settings to "Activation" I unplugged the Internet, I waited about 10-15 seconds after I put in place and went. It is well as we did? (I did not see the answer at the time, and I got the idea).
        Thanks, Cosmin.

  11. I have a question as obs that you're good at all ...
    I have a Wifi Netis wf2419l and we wanted to make them upgrade and after a 100% reached given a restart and looked IP address and emits no signal and can not Aces ... .and no reset does not give button ... I advise me to expect an answer

  12. Bogdan Fedeles said


    You know how I could save license after upgrade from the 8.1 10? I'm thinking of doing a fresh install and it would help to have a license saved somehow.

  13. Hello guys . Yesterday at 13: 28 I received an update after that we were able to upgrade to Wind.10. Installation took about 30 minutes after we tested applications and games installed on the old OS (Wind.7 Pro in my case). Following this upgrade, everything worked perfectly, from drivers to applications installed later use. The first impression ... is WoW !!!

  14. * Applications previously used ... (sorry

  15. alberto hub said

    hello I face a dilemma and would like to advise me and me
    I Audio Driver realteck HD Audio is the sound effects a setting called equalization intensity if you tick sounds good but I do not know if it is real to hear the sounds low level of countries want to know will you hold on or off to know if it's normal to be used
    I hope you iteles what I wanted to say in English tells loudness equalizer

    • Hello, Alberto! I have it activated this function for sound to be equal everywhere. I prefer to hear that sound the same (ex. YouTube some videos sound is louder and more slowly to the sound that I want to draw). I hope I have cleared up!

      • alberto said

        Thanks for the advice but when you play a game and hear such a sound that is not meant to be equal such as talking in whispers or steps that do not need to hear the sound of a gun ...

  16. Download this application depending on what OS you want (X 32 or x64). Or, again with this application: Media Creation Tool ISO version can download the Wind.10 or directly on a USB stick. Link to download:

  17. Cristi on YouTube I only option to 1080 48p maximum frames.

  18. Gabriel Costel Irescu said

    It's very good tutorial you, but there was still a possibility, there is an option in Windows 10. Steps are as follows. Enter the system from home or from the notification center. The system is entering the next option, save and click on your C: drive (where partition is the operating system) Having entered the C: drive on the left side will show a series of data about music files ... a few rows below it and the piece of Windows.old is click on the file will be deleted. rather it is what we did. And I had a crak 7 windows with daily updates, and I was turned on and the windows .TO 7 and 8.1 windows. Everything is perfect. I want to say that I could upgrade and an Acer Aspire 1500, models, the only GB Ram and HDD has 4, 320 hybrid and moving very fast.

  19. hello, really shows, AQM a question for I did windows update 10 from 8.1 10 now we pro pro, I wanted to know if I format my shawl can use ISO 10 8.1 times must reinstall windows with licenza, thank you

  20. still not removed folderol thousand windows.old

  21. Csabaxb said

    Hello, I did forced upgrade, greatly lasted downloading, upgade was made 20 minutes. From 8.1. Deleting old windows but did not succeeded, he broke windows 10, had to look for an ISO and reinstall. I did instal clean, and after connecting to the net, Windows automatically activated. Ptr. @alberto, I do not take active equalizer. E shore so well in movies.

  22. A tutorial about the healthiest panels laptop with your eyes get tired hardest or do not exist?

  23. Mircea Rusu FLORIN said

    Hi, excellent TUTORIALS !!! go to the object,
    What is "Temporary Windows instalation files"? I noticed that occupy more space than the old Windows ...
    Thank you

  24. Please help me in trouble. I upgraded to Windows 10 7 Pro PRO from Windows and can not install my webcam on the laptop. In device manager says it's driver installed but has an exclamation mark. Toshiba webcam is installed on a Toshiba Satellite C650 (model made for German and Austrian), unfortunately no longer find any in their archives, or I do not know how it caut.Ce can you recommend to do in this situation, the Windows installation 10 told me that my computer is compatible and has no compatible device.

    • Usually webcams site are to download several webcams: Chicony, Liteon, Philips, etc. Maybe you downloaded anything inappropriate.
      But in the end, if your webcam works fine.

      • Well just does not work, and installed I installed the original driver given by Toshiba.

        • Driver for Windows 8 or 10. If not, try downloading the driver from another site.
          Here are two choices:
          1. Not the right driver for the camera.
          2. There is no driver for Windows 8 or 10.

          • You dreotate driver is to Windws 7. What can I do in this situation, except to wait until a driver do ptr Win 10 because C650 no longer manufactured in a while. It is possible to install a driver Toshiba ptr from another room? I still have a question I always ask the account password from the opening Microsoftinainte Os community. You know how I can get rid of this?

  25. Hello Cristi something happens if I delete the eceasta medoda "Windows temporary installation files"? I deal 6,21 GB. Thank you in advance !

  26. I upgraded to Windows 10 and moves unexpectedly well without any problem with drivers or compatibility with other software! Thank you very much !

  27. I did upgrade from the 7 10 Ultimate Pro. Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 10 not exist in the Properties, General tab. I looked with Search, degeaba.Am tried to delete the settings Windows.OLD-Storage-SYSTEM (C) -Fisiere Windows Temporary-Old, but give nothing happens removal. I keep saying to me that after a month will automatically deleted.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Disk Cleanup If you have not, you most likely Windows Home 10 which, if I'm not mistaken, has Disk Cleanup

  28. Sees good!

  29. Same problem as George. I 10 Pro and Windows.

  30. good! I downloaded after the date of 29 July torrents, Pro build 10 10240 win and who help me to get a license key windows of the currently active midwife ... ..iniatea 8.1 win it all I had installed unlicensed

  31. luca man said

    Unfortunately I have not got rid of the old W., although I respected exactly, instructions in videotutorial;
    I failed in all six attempts in the last six days I hope no connection with the following specifications:
    1. I had 7 licensed W;
    2. I W 10 9 days before the official launch, as a participant in the program Insider;
    3. To-date with updates occurring thereafter;
    4. Samsung EVO SSD 850 125 GB (recently installed on the desktop) works perfectly;
    5. It's a pity W. old to occupy so much space, even or especially if it is on the SSD.
    Please disposal W.old solution.

  32. Hello Cristi Thanks for the tutorial, just what you saved me, as I had no more space that I recently purchased a mini pc pipo x 8 just please take a look and you give an opinion, has 2 Os sites 8.1 android and win, we did update the win and was left 10 2 15gb of space allocated for disk cleanup windows.Am given, by the way 10 home's windows and you have disk cleanup disk cleanup in the search bar and run as administrator, I look the old windows have 12gb but only after disk cleanup wiped 2,5 gb Why?

  33. Thanks a lot Cristi I wiped 27,9 GB if you believe only Windows .old, thank you very much once again.

  34. Costin Ciudin said

    Hello Cristi, after a few days win 10 made several up-dateuri and then PC does not stop, just stop hdd but fans continue to work, I searched the net and it seems to be a common problem win8 10 to win and some with a solution but for most of that solution is not good, it may in the future to study the issue and put us here to do a tutorial on how you extinguish it? thanks a lot a good day!

  35. Hello Cristi, I just upgraded to W 10 home premium and everything goes ok. Initially I changed virtual memory, but came back to automatic mode (I 4 giga rami and I rhubarb on automatically). Buy if you can remove the file from C shown in the "fog" windows bt (ie who helped install W10). This is the first question. Ie if I can use that folder to make a DVD with W10?
    My Folder "Windows old" has 21 gig !!!!. Partition C is 100, no bathrooms, but I was amazed at the size W old. I always delete and format C. I admit I upgraded to W after almost 10 2 W7 years, but ff went well and I had no viruses. Can I use disk cleanup to remove old W quiet? The laptop is a Lenovo Think pad Edge of 2011. Thank you!

  36. Florin Ionut said

    Thank you, it was very good tutorial.
    Ceva..Vreau yet to shoot myself with Action but can not because they always give a kind of flashes black screen and not saved anything in mp4.
    It ATA hard ... it will be the problem?
    I drop my PC specs here

    Ram: 3 GB
    Processor: Pentium Dual Core E2160 1.80GHz
    Video card: GeForce SE 7300 / 7200 GS
    Hard: 160 GB ATA

    If you knew why I can not make movies with action or if you do not go to me please recommend me one I do not filming 3 minutes in a 1gb ...
    I tried on all versions of Windows from XP to 10 after another all in vain ...

  37. Hello

  38. It helped a lot this tutorial, you're good strong well explain very well. Thank you

  39. Thanks so much for the information clearly and well exposed delete Windows.old related to me were helpful, I solved the problem long unresolved.

  40. Costica Achim said

    Thanks a lot .If not think this information were not able to uninstall the old version of Windows.

  41. Vlad Zarnescu said

    Thank you!

  42. Dumitru Dragos said

    hello my name is Dragos and I have problem with what will now look imii says it's virus or corrupted, I tried with antivirus what can I do? I ntrat there but odd nimiknmi show nimik if not with anger thank C: \ Users \ 10 \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ INetCache \ IE \ UBBXCY29

  43. I did what we saw in the video but is still there win.old what to do ??

  44. thank you !

  45. Hello!
    I have a question: At an Asus Vivo V230IC workstation how can I reinstall the windows with the stick, and how can i delete the preinstalled windows.
    The workstation came with preinstalled windows.
    Excuse me, I know he does not have a look at it.
    Thank you!

  46. Hello, thank you very much helped me a lot to know

  47. cristian said

    How do i contact you to help me and delete me windows 10 and install xp ... so all the sky

  48. Thanks 10 with congratulations. You saved me from nerves and the problems caused by windows.Bravo!

  49. Thank you for your help. I really needed to remove from win 10, win 7 pre-installed them.

  50. Thank you very much. Yesterday I got upgrade (update) and I stayed with some 5 gb. So with your help I released 27 gb (win old) Merci fain.

  51. hello, your great tutorial has been a great help.
    I have one question, the game world of tanks and at a time after 5, 6 fight appears to me that we Memory failure to restart the game does not understand why he started doing this work system look like they 5 2430 m cpu @ 2,40 ghz 2,40 GHz rAM 6gb (2,7 usable) Windows 7 professional 32 bit is HP pavilion g 6 had a Windows 7 to 64 bit and I changed hardware that took blue chest and I did not have to do with it but I was be it the problem of the video card is intel (r) HD 3000 graphics if you could still help me to be of great help thanks a lot

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