How to turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator

How to turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator
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turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator

How's the idea of ​​turning the refrigerator into fridgier?

In the autumn I made wine as many people want to have in the house pure wine, made by their hand, without all kinds of chemicals. I say that the wine made in the house is "metaphysical" or "philosophical", and the one in the store is "dead" wine.

As I am not a great drinker, of course I was left with wine, something to do. As I do not have cellars, I should sulphate it hard to keep it, and even so the wine does not keep well at temperatures above 17 degrees celsius. It loses its taste, acidity, ages too fast, etc.

The solution is to use a refrigerator.

Why not use a wine cabinet?

Wine displays are expensive and do not have the capacity of a freezer crate.

Refrigerated chillers are more spacious, cheaper and more economical than a wine cabinet.

Wineglass displays still have a disadvantage for me, namely that you can not use all the internal space as efficiently as windows are optimized for bottles.

In the box I put the wine in bags Bag in Box and they fuse on the volume of the chassis, and so the whole box is used. It's like pouring the wine directly into the box.

Why not use a refrigerator?

I do not need a refrigerator because it is not economical and I can not fully use the internal volume.

I chose to use a cold store to keep wine because it is more economical, has bigger volume and I already had it.

An advantage of designing the cold storage chambers, namely the top cover, makes them extremely economical, especially if it works as a refrigerator.

Having the lid up, as we walk inside, cold air does not drip as a fridge, but stays inside.

The problem of the cold store for keeping wine is that ... the wine freezes

This problem is easy to solve with the thermostat in this tutorial.

This thermostat turns the refrigerator box into a perfect place to keep wine, because it does not let the box freeze.

You can choose any temperature and the Inkbird ITC-308 thermostat will take care to keep the same value in the refrigerator.

Inkbird ITC-308 is not just good for turning the refrigerator in the refrigerator.

There are many areas where this Inkbird ITC-308 can be used. Any application that requires constant temperature can be enjoyed by this adjustable thermostat.

Some applications for Inkbird ITC-308:

  1. Aquarium, to keep water at a certain temperature
  2. Livestock breeding in temperature controlled environments
  3. For minimum heating of isolated spaces (country houses, warehouses)
  4. Temperature control for the preparation of certain substances
  5. Crafting of beer or cider
  6. Controlling wine fermentation temperatures
  7. Under vacuum in larger pots for chefs (there is a longer stainless steel sensor model)

How Inkbird ITC-308 works

Simple, as efficient as possible. Let's take an example with a refrigerator.

The thermostat has three cables:

  1. Power cord
  2. Cable with temperature sensor
  3. The two-end cable (cooling and heating)

The power cord is plugged into the socket, the temperature sensor is plugged in and the cooling plug is plugged into the "cooling" socket.

Depending on the temperature selected, the Inkbird ITC-308 thermostat will turn on or off the refrigerator chute, as the thermostat is "master" and the refrigerator is "slave".

In case you have the refrigerator outside or in a cool garage, you can also use a heating element that fits into the "heating" socket. The heating element may be a heater cable, a heater carpet or any other element, provided that it does not have a greater power than 2000W.

Where to buy Inkbird ITC-308?

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How to turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator - video tutorial

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  1. very interesting ...
    even looking for something like that ...
    to add that version supports the maximum 2 200 w output

  2. Interesting, but how healthy is it for the refrigerator to operate at the command of that sensor?
    I refer to the engine and compressor of the refrigerator. That the sensor makes the refrigeration box work on a principle other than that underlying its construction, it will function again on the principle of repeatedly coupling / decoupling to / from the power grid.
    I'm not a refrigerator, but I know that in a household refrigerating unit, the compressor makes cyclical starts / stops to reach and then keep the set temperature. Or, with the sensor shown, the refrigerator will work as if you unplug the plug and put it back to the senator's command.

    • And the original refrigerator door thermostat does the same thing. When it reaches the set temperature, it stops the compressor supply.
      You have not noticed that the cold-storage compressor suddenly stops. There is no kind of "slow stop".
      At least that's what I know. If he sees a frigotehnist post, please pray for him.

  3. Fain! Thank you.
    Yes, "Where do I Buy Inkbird ITC-308?" Does not provide any reference. Do you have a link?

  4. Exactly, Cristi! This is what I refer to: one is that the original thermostat of the unit decouples the compressor ONLY, and something else when that sensor completely discharges the refrigerator box from the power grid. Then reconnect it, then cut it again, and so on. I do not know how good this mode of operation is.
    Pt. @Tavi: just put the link to
    Type "Inkbird ITC-308" on the Amazon page if you do not see Cristi's link!

  5. viorelpicu said

    In all refrigerators, the thermostat disengages the compressor from reaching the preset temperature (the bulb from the inside and possibly the electronic part of the new models is still being supplied). In air conditioning systems, INVERTER technology is used, where the compressor motor is constantly rotating at variable speed of the set temperature (when you have to set the temp. set it rotates with the maximum and then decreases f.mult the speed of rotation) For more details you can consult Google.
    I do not know if this technology has been implemented in refrigerators (you get a saved electricity and a higher reliability pt.compresor)

  6. dumpster said

    We are looking forward to a videotutorial with "how to pancake pancake pancake pancake" and of course amazon link to Amazon.

  7. @Daros: Thanks, yes, I've seen it now. Perhaps it was from the beginning that I had ad-blocker and ...
    In other words, what is the meaning / purpose of that inscription for heating / cooling outlets ??? Just as basically both socks do the same thing, right? They give current to the units according to how this thermostat switches on / off! What does it have that cool or heat up? The final consumer all 2-3000W has.
    I really do not understand! Please!

  8. viorelpicu said

    In one outlet, the refrigeration box is coupled for cooling, and on the other one a heating element that can be put in the box or outside of the claim plate, the two outlets have a common pole and the other two are controlled by a relay (from the quoted device) function of its state (closed or open). So at the 2 3 sockets come XNUMX fire. Personally, it seems to me a complicated one.
    I use quite often a small Aliexpres device, cheap and simple to use (set temp.minima and maximum and everything is OK, in normal mode the appliance indicates temp.din the space where the probe is placed) .Pun a link :

  9. While a tutorial on bug-proofing video card / motherboard problems? There are many pr athletes with video cards either do not give the same performance or burn the same motherboards.
    A tutorial would be welcome.

  10. the thermostat from the fridge, crate, etc. must be turned off, or given the maximum if we do not want other changes, otherwise when it starts, the thermostat from the fridge can be switched off at least sometimes and the temp setting will be cabbage at those times. That margin setting is very good for protecting the compressor.



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