How to set a window always above all windows in Windows - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about a very interesting application, more precisely about a script made in AutoHotKey that will allow us to set any window "always on top". If on most Linux distributions we have this option integrated in the operating system and can be accessed by a simple right click on any window choosing from the context menu "Always on top", on Windows unfortunately we do not have this functionality but we can use software , applications or third-party scripts that will allow us to do exactly the same thing.
Imagine that you are working on an Excel document and want to do some calculations with the help of the calculator or want to copy text from the browser and then had past you (stick) in a text document. It is unpleasant to sit to minimize all windows trying to bring to the fore when the browser window when the window with the text document when the document window when Excel Calculator application window.
By simply running (does not require installation and can be run from any location, external hard drive or USB stick) to scriputului Always on top will be enough to focus the window you want to be always on top and press Ctrl + Space (key space). Window for which we pressed the key combination will always stand above the aforementioned matter how many windows we will open after.
Always script also allows us to set the top of many windows always on top if you want it. Simply left-click the desired window again and press Ctrl + Space.
If you want to stop running the script and return to the normal behavior of the window that sits over the top, simply select the window again with a left click again and press Ctrl + Space.
If you want the script to start automatically with Windows, the first phase has to make hidden folders visible system.
For Windows XP, do the following: My Computer> Tools> Folder Options> View tab> check Show hidden files and folders> Apply and OK
For Windows Vista and 7: My Computer> Organize (top left)> Folder and search options> View tab> check Show hidden files, folders, and drives> Apply and OK
For Windows 8: My Computer> click on View> Hidden check box items
You will then need to place the executable file always-Deasupra.exe the following locations:
For Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ NumeleVostruDeUtilizator \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup
For Windows Vista, and 7 8: C: \ Users \ NumeleVostruDeUtilizator \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup
Also by placing Shortcut (shortcut) or the executable in the above locations, you can make other programs to start with the operating system if it is not a dedicated setting for that!
For those who want another interesting AutoHotKey script that allows us to move the window "by clicking" with the mouse on any portion of it (useful for those with low resolution where the buttons of some windows are not visible due to the window too large) I recommend this ARTCOL: How to move windows in Windows by clicking anywhere in it to pull them
That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly how we use always-above script when it is useful and how we can make it run with the operating system.

DOWNLOAD Always-Over

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  1. EKART Dragos-John said

    And tell us how it's done this in linux. It is a cool thing for all operating systems

  2. Very useful tutorialu nice thanks Adrian!

  3. I say me how to move a window using the keyboard? I know that you have a tutorial you present but do not know which keys

  4. Dany Ghirisan said

    I say me how to move a window using the keyboard? I know that you have a tutorial you present but do not know which keys

    Alt + Space + M

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    EKART Dragos-John:
    And tell us how it's done this in linux. It is a cool thing for all operating systems

    If you read the text above the tutorial, now you had the answer to your question. Inga inga… are miles of nene text… how do you read so much text….

    I say me how to move a window using the keyboard? I know that you have a tutorial you present but do not know which keys

    Learn to use Bookmarks so that this "but I don't know which" no longer exists.
    For the tutorial on moving windows, type in the SEARCH box in the sidebar: "How to move windows and how to switch between them without a mouse, only from the keyboard" and press Enter
    For the Bookmark tutorial, type in the SEARCH box: "Efficient management of bookmarks in Firefox and export them to other browsers" press Enter and you will find it
    Even if you do not use Firefox, how to make bookmarks and principle of operation is the same for all browsers

  6. Hatman Alexander-St. said

    A useful application.

  7. AutoHotKey this brilliant site

  8. Hello, sorry that you write here. I have an urgent problem. I have to pick up a morning and I tend towards one 5.1. I ran this command, but can be canceled until tomorrow morning:

    Some urged me, Saying that a system should play much better stereo music and movies. What do you think? It is worth giving up 5.1? Thank you.
    The budget is a maximum of £ 450.

  9. Go super smooth application

  10. It's a great app.
    Many thanks.
    I would be interested in something in reverse, because I had situations when your antivirus warned me about something,
    and not giving me the opportunity to check. In fact I could not do anything that window advertisement
    always stood above; ba cases that were not close, or if it is closed is opened again
    Thank you.

  11. Hello,
    application is ok and really want to use da not know where to take it
    can you help me, I look and do not know where to take it

  12. Very Good for video surveillance applications that do not stay on top.

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