How delete multiple contacts at once on iPhone and iPad

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can delete multiple contacts at the same time using an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Although it seems very trivial task that can make any regular phone and any smartphone with Android or Windows Phone, expensive tool of those running Apple's iOS operating system, we offer the possibility to select and delete multiple contacts simultaneously thereof.
Well, fortunately, with the help of third-party applications, it becomes possible and the iPhone, iPad or iPod. The application called Groups allows selecting multiple contacts and deleting selected contacts. No application for iOS Groups we have to go to each contact to view then touch Edit option and we go at the bottom of the contact options and reach contact Wipe option.
Imagine how little it would take to remove 200 300 contact or a book that you probably 500 1000 or contact.
I do not know what it was at the head of iOS developers have not implemented until today so trivial function and usable operating system. We are glad that we still need to install a third-party only 7,6 MB only to carry out the trivial task to select and delete multiple contacts.
However I think we are too mischievous, iOS is a great operating system!
If you have bought an iPhone and do not know what is jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and what uses we have a tutorial that explains everything about JailbreakIt is very simple.

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  1. hello Adrian
    I think you should start a new chapter (the MAC IOS) I mean
    you know Linux, you'd better be patient and I say we do and new knowledge with these operating systems but
    especially MAC PC
    I'm sure there are many users who would like to befriend and Apple
    thank you

  2. Very interesting and very useful. Thank you very much!

  3. You managed to unlock the iPhone?

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    No. As soon as you find a method of release, I will present a video tutorial. That was a 4S iPhone. The present tutorial is an iPhone 5

  5. Good evening would be interesting if you make a tutorial about PTC or ppi?

  6. hello Adrian earlier you did a tutorial on windows phone you said back with new tutorials or information but you facuto with tote to already made up -Data from the 8 8.1 cayan windows may have been doing some tutorials on Windows you're welcome phone

  7. Hello . I don't know how to send the same message to several people in the address book. let's say I change my phone number and I want to send a message with the new number. … with this android hangouts i don't know how to do. I can't find the option to add more people to receive the message.

  8. Constantin said

    Hi Cristi and Alex are the one who could not see videotutorialele to you on the site, now I can finally see them without a problem, solve the problem to me was to disable firefox brawserul istorialul the final and now I go perfect, why I tell you this: it is possible to get hurt and other visitors to this page as me and here is the answer. Thanks anyway for your answer them.

  9. Hi Adrian, you know what I want from you?
    We saw that with iOS devices ie Apple iPad Air and I want to download files from the torrent but do not know, and then show this how to unzip and because many files are archived torrents

  10. Alecsandru said

    Hi Adrian, you know that I want to know how to download torrent files on my iPad, I tried several times but went mia or unzip do not know, I just iPad, I have a computer or laptop, and I need to download files from the torrent, I would be grateful if you show me, or somehow make a tutorial about that

  11. Stefania said

    Thankyou beautiful

  12. Hi.
    The mop can email account where contacts are synchronized, without losing contacts ???
    Thanks for help

  13. I greet you, I want to know what are the odds on an iPhone 4 recovered from sites that have been deleted sms intentionat.multumesc.

  14. Change the date on January 01 19 .. and you can delete all the contacts!

  15. Hello. I doersc I delete my contacts 4s di iphone. Can be done with you can help me? I cleaned up the phone but I did not find this function. Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Well just about this is what the video tutorial! Left click the Play button in the video clip and watch it!

  16. giorgiana Constantin said

    Hello, Adrian! Please enlighten me and me, because they are not in step with technology. Everything goes out of style in my house is mine, so I capaataat an iphone 5 from my husband but if I want to delete phone numbers already available in wipe on his new phone. What to do? Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You must enter Setup, iCloud, and disable sync for contacts (that button next to the Contacts or Calendar, to be white and not green) can then delete delete contacts as shown in this tutorial. Disabling iCloud syncing contacts section, deletion will not be reflected in your spouse (assuming husband uses the same iCloud account from your phone, his new phone [if it's still an iPhone])

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Recommended as the husband to remove iCloud account from your phone and make one for you. One can directly phone after removing his account.

  17. Talpalariu Mihaela said

    Hi! I deleted the contacts according to your instructions and it writes in my contacts that they no longer exist but on the search I find them all…. I'm waiting for the explanation !!

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