How we test a hard drive or USB stick

In this video tutorial will present two free programs that will help us to make a decision when looking to purchase either an external hard drive, hard drive or USB stick.
Many times when we want to buy a USB stick or a hard drive product details may be vague or may not fully satisfy us, and then we have to test single components and take the best decision.
What should interest us at the moment when we want to buy a hard drive or USB stick?

-Buffer HDD
-Interface connection
The average time of access,
-Noise level (idle)
-Noise Level (seek)
Following this video tutorial you can learn more about a certain part of the computer such as hard disks.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Congratulations for your very successful tutorials, keep up the good work!
    In connection with the subject totorialului above, I used HD Tach for me to check my hardisckului performance. The law is quite old being among parts kre leam not changed for quite some time

    CPU usage is 20%
    Average read 45Mb / s

    I guess average read k can not be changed as a caracterisitca of hardware, but trying to make a comparison with the tutorial worries me somewhat difference between 2% (in video) and 20% (in my case) and was wondering if there is any way to reduce that percentage by a method that excludes the purchase of new parts. I suppose it's CPU usage statistic depends only on hardware performance and not the motherboard kre is a relatively new dual core processors Gygabyte 3Ghz.

  2. boby_admin said

    No need to worry because I have a fairly powerful processor and why I eat only 2% of matter and hard disk.
    It's normal if you have some old components than thou eat more resources.
    There are several ways to eat fewer resources you
    -Buy your ingredients newest and most advanced course
    -Do your BIOS update
    Maybe hard-disk configuration is not properly set in the BIOS
    Maybe you have a less powerful processor

  3. hmz… .I have to test too… .good program and good tutorial !!

  4. Good tutorial.

  5. boby_admin said

    Radu appreciate that you like our tutorials but if you think with comments 3 words you can get the top you're wrong
    I had someone who was just like you and finally I've decided to delete all comments
    Adrian has over 1000 if comments on the site to know that they made this style
    I hope you understand what I want to address

  6. Sorry that is not my intention but I just watched the tutorial and I gave the opinion. Believe me I did not even get top year all I care is to learn from voi.Daca you can delete All my comments, do not bother me thank can watch tutorials and I hope you'll let me do to thank continuare.Va not to bore you with my comments,.

  7. @radu77: We are not upset that you leave comments but leave a suggestion a problem not 2-3 words… fill in the box unnecessarily !!! what does "good tutorial" mean ???? We also know that it is good, you don't have to confirm it! Everything on is good… you don't have to confirm it anymore… we are looking forward to questions, problems but not 2 words!

  8. I saw that tutorial ii hard.Mie temperature appears to me not occur dc ??? Does anyone help plss

  9. Cosmin: I saw that tutorial hard.Mie temperature appears to me there is not dc?? Does anyone plss help :(

    Does not mean you necessarily a problem hard drive can not have your model temperature sensor.
    Do not worry, does not appear at all hard disks temperature.

  10. alexxx_steaua said

    I installed my hd tach but I am going to open the windows vista it can not work?

  11. alexxx_steaua said

    My hd has 320 gb and has a temperature setpoints 41 degrees is that the tutorial 21 41 degrees is a great temperature to degrees is good????????

  12. I would Frut and I could say something about this tutorial, but unfortunately even after approx. 30 min. I could not see anything. longer work?, or may be guilty of this my computer. All tutorials bune.celelalte you `ve watched are excellent.

  13. okay. Sorry, started tutorial

  14. I have an external hard 640 from packard bell gb can TV.DAR to pair and I have a problem when I want to see a movie I do not get subtitrarea.ce can do?

    • cipanu332: I have an external hard 640 from packard bell gb can TV.DAR to pair and I have a problem when I want to see a movie I do not get subtitrarea.ce can do?  

      To take manual subtitle and throw the player with drag and drop (hold left click on the subtitle and I go ahead in player)

      Please in the future not to post the same question multiple times, you see everywhere you post, posting the same question will not get answered faster!

  15. and I 4gb Maxell USB stick that ditch 2 partitions (one de2mb and the rest of stick). Nor can delete the partition as that of 2mb.daca you could help me somehow.

  16. valentin said

    I like this tutorial and I find it quite useful. yes he needed help. I have a WD1001FALS and everest doesn't tell me how many turntables it has and how many reading heads …………. What do I do?

  17. Hello!
    I installed HD Tune Pro 4.50 trial version, I took one pc. 16 GB USB stick, I formatted it, started the program, gave the Write command from the Benchmark and the message appeared: "Writing is disabled. To enable writing please remove all partitions."
    I was wrong somewhere or not a test trial on Write?

  18. sasha-097 said

    I have a question if you have a second hard as you connect, only the output cable cela that has SATA and connect to PLCA starting and need something else HARD OR MA

  19. ghitza said

    maybe it's not the right column, or maybe I didn't search enough on your site… but I also have a big problem… ..I want to partition an 8G memory stick… .will I want to do that ?. .I look forward to..answer… thanks in advance ..

  20. Interesting and very useful tutorial. Good job :)

  21. Herod anidorin said

    Hello .. I agree with what I've seen here, defrag etc but I have watched all the tutorials. I knew what to say in many and many have learned from here. It's good!

    Thanks for all the information and it's good that there are guys like you ..

    good day good year!

  22. I have an external hdd transcend the ability to store jet25 160 made a mistake and I reversed into laptop USB May functioneaza.ce could happen? 7 have windows on a computer and sees in disk management but it says, not my computer you can not formatez.ce it's more painful is that I have a lot of data that I would like to pierd.nici windows xp it can not anyone help? Many thanks

    • AdrianGudus said

      adi: I have an external hdd transcend the ability to store jet25 160 made a mistake and I reversed into laptop USB May functioneaza.ce could happen? Have windows on a computer and it 7 seen in disk management but it says, not my computer you can not formatez.ce it's more painful is that I very much data I would like to pierd.nici Windows XP does not it can anyone help? Many thanks  

      You can't insert a reverse USB… it doesn't come in, unless you hit it with a hammer… did you do that?

  23. cojocariu said

    As well as all texts in Romanian, to use accents, might more easily read.

  24. good I have a PC with Windows 8.1 and AMD Athlon x4 and when I want to transfer to stick a film I copy the 3-5mb / s on a laptop with a processor less I transfer speed 15-20 mb / s that can I do to increase my speed transfer

  25. Rusoiu Virgil said

    I bought a stik from 1T after ebay and I can not get him to go. I format it in ntfs and does not want to copy everything I try or do not want to open after copying. I copied the movie Pearl Harbor and did not want to open it but the computer copy went smoothly, I opened up with all the movies. Now he does not want to copy anymore, he makes a copy error. I tried to form it in order and I only went up to 78% and did not want it at all. What can I do in this situation?
    Can I recover it or is it faulty at the factory?

  26. David Laurentiu said

    I have the same problem with a Kingston of 256 GB, bought from Aliexpress. Just write what he wants. And read even less. SO sees it all, Disk manager says it's good, Paragon says it's good, ATTO Disk Benchmark the same. Some folders can not be accessed and can only be deleted by reformatting. I format it in all usual ways. A tip would catch me well. Thank you in advance!

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