How to translate and pronounce English correctly - HD video tutorial

This video tutorial is a little unusual because it shows an interesting software or any thing that makes a program or another, we present two web pages that help us better understand and pronounce English.

The first web page presented is Google Translate which can translate anything from English - Romanian, Romanian - English and not only, Google Translate has support for a lot of foreign languages.

The second solution is a web page that shows us how to correctly pronounce every word in English, it is (as you say, how pronounce), this website has some audio files for each word in the English language that when are run shows us how to pronounce these words correctly in English.

This video tutorial comes to help those who are not very familiar with English and pronunciation of words in this international language.

We wish you a pleasant and hope to find interesting these two websites.

Cristian Cismaru

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. I look forward to your tutorials I love that you do this tutorial but a little simplistic educational Completing this as a tutorial for those who want to translate something up quickly and opens web page gogle translate instrument column goes where write Romanian language and Romanian language by click left and put the post up and you want to translate a web page just click on the Romanian and the page will be translated automatically and quickly, please excuse me if I'm wrong with this Assembly and do not mind Christ will want as many tutorials and how many more visitors on the site.

  2. Irinel said

    I tried warning you earlier Google translator .. and no agreements do not translate every time as it should.

  3. Irinel said

    Bv for tutorial ~ :)

  4. haosss said

    indeed “[…] this tutorial is a bit simplistic but educational […] by Eugen
    But Irinel is also right…. it's not good if you put bigger texts…. or fall 2,3 sentences… simply change the meaning by 30% to the sentence …….
    bft further

  5. Irinel said

    to see how to pronounce some words in English there are other solutions… eg:
    “Control Panel” -> “Speech” -> “Use the following text to preview the voice” -> Write the desired word -> Click On “Preview voice”. and below we select the speed with which to pronounce! :)

  6. haosss said

    @ IRINEL:
    poi pe c tip de windows… are aia cu ”[…]“ Control Panel ”->“ Speech ”->“ Use the following text to preview the voice ”-> Scriem cuvantul dorit -> Click Pe“ Preview voice ”…. and below we select the speed with which to pronounce! :) […] ”

    I looked at a windows vista home premium… does not have. !!: ((..
    I looked on another windws 7!: D
    does not have…
    What type d win??

  7. Cornel said

    Congratulations videotutorial is very interesting but I come with a supplement on the page where you write the words you want to hear how to pronounce in English there is a link at the bottom where you can find the same trick and other limbi.Sper do not mind that I came up with this supplement but some reviews say it's good to unite other Hardware omit certain information when either are known or not. I noticed this after I watched your videotutorialul Not that I'm omniscient.

  8. Adrian said

    @Cornel: No one minds if you come with some notes about the tutorial! Everyone's welcome, that's the role of comments, which is to complement the tutorial, and Christ said Tutorial + Commentary = Perfect! Do not worry that it does not upset anyone on the contrary, that's the spirit that we want here on the site, each with something to come in and stop expecting completare.Iti Thank you!

  9. seagulls said

    Yes very good this videotutorial you put on the head so bravo to you is many do not know English or at least some terms tinetio so also expect your next videotutorial

  10. Irinel said

    @ Haosss
    in win xp

  11. Cristi250 said

    yeah… this tutorial is very interesting for those who can't speak English I do it quite well but it's never too late to learn something! congratulations for the tutorial!

    You are the best!.


  13. Sal min ajutatima on that please, I want to open myself fil a is archived and not seeing apples to the Playeru bs, tell me and me a good player dvd DSCH plsssss

  14. Adrian said

    @ionut: If the film is archived be extracted, for that you can use WinRAR, if you can not see that we use winrar tutorial, write up the search winrar you enter and you will find the tutorial!

  15. I like this site enormously, Miami and I did a blog with video tutorials
    if you click on this link to visit mil

  16. Comment left on my site please

  17. Fanibu said

    Dear Paul… everything would be OK with what you posted on your blog, if you had written and correctly in Romanian.
    Above you wrote like this… "I really like this site, I also made a blog with video tutorials if you want to visit visit this link"
    If you wrote like this, I think it sounds more correct… ”I really like this site. I also made a blog on which I posted some video tutorials. If you want to watch these video tutorials, click here…!
    These are available at your site.

  18. Adrian said

    @Paul: Friend, I give you some advice, if you want someone to visit your site, do the tutorials with sound, speak into the microphone to hear you, explain, I came out in the second 3 after I played when I saw you open my notebook I realized what a cloak job you are doing and I came out immediately… this is not how tutorials are done!

  19. happyday said

    Congratulations Paul! Your initiative is commendable, but I think you missed some small details (insignificant, by the way, genre, sound, image quality, etc.). Personally, for the time being, I prefer to follow the tutorials on this site, but only until you develop your mastery in terms of tutorials (I promise to have all the patience when I retire). Otherwise, maybe you put a file on the teacher of Romanian and takes you to the liman with grammar (it is not necessarily necessary… some even understand what you say there…).
    Best regards!

  20. super… Thanksgiving

    = Cristi =

  21. sal I read what you said yes to the dezarhives appears to me not as I know it, I know as I want to open a program of films on DVD. ms can help me and mn

  22. Adrian said

    @ionut: I do not understand what you want, detailing what you want to do? as isncer not understand anything! the film to a PC or to DVD? give more details!

  23. Fanibu said

    @ionut: install Micro DVD Player Soft from Softpedia… and you're done

  24. Irinel said

    @ionut: take your's also a tutorial..and right-click on the movie and EXTRACT HERE… and put it in BSPlayer :)

  25. Cristi give the guy talks focus on British or Canadian site

  26. NUMA gossip KNOW ::::::::::

  27. razvanstyle said

    ptr to automatically translate an English film on the computer I realized that I need to use google language but how can automatically convert spoken words into English with words printed in English?
    PS I can't find the subtitle of the movie and I would like to do it… Thank you

  28. I have a custom that I can install Windows XP from head to tail without pay no clicking, my problem is I can not install it on a virtual machine so I can try it to see how good I did, instead lam instaleazaun xp installed as normal and go, my question is, why can not install it on a machine virtuala.Mi've done a USB stick with XP but invalid virtual machine sees as being bootable, and can not try it.
    Can I respond to me or someone I posted wrong if so please forgive me for the mistake

  29. Adrian said

    @eugen: Virtual car pops a lot of resources !!! When you start the virtual machine and you want to work with it, close everything and leave only the virtual machine !!! Close mess, browser and what else do you have open because the virtual machine needs resources… Give enough ram to the virtual machine at least 512 I don't know what to say… maybe you don't have a high-performance system… because the virtual box doesn't work on any pc … You have to have at least 1G ram a good processor… you didn't tell us anything… why it doesn't work… what message does the virtual car give you when you want to start it, give me more details!

  30. I 2G ram intel procesoru e7400 2,8gh, can be installed on the virtual machine to install xp or vista or what, but I can not install when customized with nLite, do not go on a virtual machine, start the normal installation is the draivere and it reaches the stage when you need to enter to boot the stops and so but if you install in your PC normally go

  31. know best Romina and English phonetic pronunciation is

  32. Good ziua.Inainte to launch a request ptr to thank you all are doing a great help to those like me who know less about this area, and now the request: can you do a tutorial on a software virtual stilyst hair? ie put the image of your face and see how you'd look with certain hairstyles, I found a program but I could no way to use it so I could put the picture face mele.In hope you will not be misogynistic wait forward this program to enjoy more doamne.Va thank tuturor.Sa name be loved.

  33. @lacra: An interest us and we promise we'll do, and so, until further notice and tell us what new software you've found, to see what it is about.
    Super cool idea!

  34. MAGGI-Hairstyles & Cosmetics Software

    on: - 54k I'm sorry I don't really know what I have to send you, I wrote you what his name is and where I got it from. Thank you very much, you're nice.

  35. Wolfyz said

    grammar is shit

  36. @Wolfyz: Maybe you want to develop a little sentence
    What is kale?

  37. waaaaaw! Lacra, what wonderful as I am sure many ladies would like ceva.Si so I looked for it, but to no avail: (
    And if all I entered to comments, wish to will thanks again pt. you do, perfect baieti.Invat more from you.

  38. I really like this tutorial. It was very useful to me drept it's true that I didn't know that it can be so easy to translate a pretty big material from English to Romanian. It is true that not all sentences fit but it helps you a lot… you change a few words and… ready…. Is there a technical dictionary?… I work with technical terms and I would be interested if it do you know them on all… I'm waiting for an answer… .if you have time…
    You are very talented :). :)

  39. Felicitatari
    a simple but excellent tutorial!

  40. cristi-admin you put rules on the site

  41. Cristi-admin said

    Normally there would need rules if people would be people, unfortunately most are visitors who do not respect any rule.
    We've changed the look and ergonomics of the site and must make a regulation nice to everyone love him.
    A restore rules (I'll rephrase it) and post it have written some explicit rules because I received all kinds of emails from people who told me they did not understand the rules and why they were violated.
    I believe that man generally lives to break rules, yet we hope that one day there will be no need for any rule, I hope I do not die thinking of that day.
    Just 5 minutes ago I banned about 2 visitors who did not do their job, maybe you will ask me "What do you mean they did not do their job?" .
    A visitor comes to follow tutorials, normally a man can not track the more than one tutorial at the same time, those users would open more tutorials at the same time and speed track was much more than speed loading.
    What did you think those users?

  42. I think dawnloadau tutorials on

    • Cristi-admin said

      Have you seen that you know should not be expert in managing a server to figure out the simple stuff, just go to your head.
      I do not understand why some want to download when I can access these tutorials at any time without paying a dime.
      If you want to do something is simple, follow the tutorial, you take notes about milestones that we've seen in the tutorial and go to work.
      When you watch a tutorial, you already understand how to do that thing, why must it and download it?
      Many people do not realize that we upload new monthly bill for internet on the server we use.
      Internet connections are extremely expensive server on any severe traffic is metered and paid any Mega consumed in addition, we have limited terabytes 5 that I eat in 2-3 days, the remaining days 28 pay how consume, any hosting company there are limits, not only to us but to everyone netul from our server netul does not compare to your home, we need constant speed. On a normal day we have constant traffic of about 70-80 Megabites per second, understand well 80 of Mb In each second, you realize what pressure is subject to this server, we 400 visitors per hour who want to follow video tutorials , you try to open two movies to your PC and then try to do something, I assure you that you will be quite hard and then Think 400 like the movies.
      There were months when the bill for the server approached and euro 450 Who pays the money?
      So nobody has anything free in Romania, to do something of quality, cost a lot (see the resolution and quality of our tutorials), nobody does anything major, all have websites with text and some pictures and want to more money out of it, those who prefer video sites to put VIDEOS on youtube or other sites, here of course I do not mean serious sites, and some sites are powerful video and in Romania , those paying huge bills every month to give quality service.
      It's hard for everyone during this period, it's very difficult for the IT sector, however people don't care, they say "what the hell did I put you to make your site", obviously not, but if not we do, don't do that, then who should do it.
      I do not want the Romans to look only sites out what the hell we are not able to do what I do that???
      Let c I took plowing!
      You were waiting for us with love.

      • Hello Cristi I have a Lenovo phone signal continues S850c and I can do but I subscription digi signal and I can not speak to discontinue all but Orenge I can go do something settings thanks mult..Va follow all the tutorials are strong tinetio and so on.

  43. Gabriel Calin said

    sincere??????? to such a presentation of the situation ……………… I am referring to what was said by cristi-admin (vb about those posted on August 4), I will try in the coming months to be able to make a donation too! thank you very much for what you do!

  44. Windows format can I?

  45. I found a little program that can make your life much easier. It's called click dex and after you install you simply hold down CTRL and right click on a word for. have shown explicatiile.E true if you are inside a document or mozilla. Applies to words in English and for the Romanian. Mic and efficiently, test it.

  46. As RAM… He does not translate abbreviations… RAM is deciphered Random-access memory

  47. not receive offline messages on yahoo messenger, how can I fix this?

  48. anonymous said

    Google is a great facatura.Nu Translete has nothing to do with the enegleza translation from Romanian, French, German and other invers.La lb. I have no idea, but it definitely is not fair!
    It's best to learn and use dictionary!

  49. Why I appears a triangle with an exclamation mark in middle, in centr-ul window player acquis when I click on play?
    I tried several times and in several tutorials and so my triangle with an exclamation mark appears in the middle and not start the player.

  50. Appeared Google Translate and pronunciation

  51. Radu Florin said

    Very folositor.Felicitari!

  52. We recommend to visit the You get the translation, pronunciation and online correction in major international languages. The tool uses Google Translate and Microsoft technologies Bing Translator. It is a native application online worth trying!

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