How we see the Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad

How we see the Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad
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How we see the Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad

How we see the Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad

How we see the Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad

Even if mobile phone providers have all kinds of cool mobile TV applications such as Orange TV GO, Vodafone Mobile, Telekom TV web and mobile, these apps do not work outside of the country and that's a problem. I use Orange TV GO and it goes well, but it only goes to Romania, outside it.
Maybe we want to look at some Romanian post when we are out work or we want to watch a match when we are on vacation.

How can we see Romanian TV stations on the phone from abroad.

In fact, we can see all the stations that are being broadcast in Romania, not just the Romanian ones; Because we usually miss our country when we go out to work or on vacation.

The application with which you can watch Romanian TV channels on the phone from abroad.

TV Romania 21 is a free app that is found in the play store and that only keeps the top "sop" links, which it goes on to sopcast or sop to http

The necessary plugins with which we see the Romanian TV channels on the phone from abroad

Besides TV Romania 21 we also need "sopcast" or "sop to http".
I recommend "sop to http" because it works faster and in addition is a play store-controlled application.
The video player with which you open the stream can be "sopcast" if you have installed sopcast or the default "google photo". If you want, you can also use VLC or MX Player


TV Romania 21 (the basic application that keeps the links and the interface)

Streaming apps:
Sop to http (the app that redirects the sop stream onto http)
Sopcast (see that I did tutorial)

One of the players:
MX Player
Google Photos

Ace Stream

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    1. 12 euro and you have an IPTV list .. much simpler and for your pc and phone. Without sopcast and all follies .. my mind ....

    2. So how can we see them?

    3. nick5roo said
    4. What app is with 12 euro? Can I record the programs?

    5. I use SopCast 🙂 in Play is not 🙂 and station links take them off: . I go to TV stations 🙂

    6. There is no TV station in France

    7. Blokada oscillates when active when idle every second. What can it be?

    8. I know what it is like in franchise that I work there. I just go by vpn ... I do not know why but so it is ...
      for Daniel ... looking for iptv ro and you will find a lot of offers ..any names that suits you with 12 euro you have over 1000 of TV stations from all over Europe ... those of you have them in full hd i use that

    9. Cristi see that many do not know about IPTV can you do a tutorial ... .. :)

    10. Do not go on the Android application 6, I have sony z3 and it does not work I do not know how the hell the chinazaria of your application goes.

    11. Hello,
      We want videotutorial about the pc motherboard with bluetooth technology (you can find a low price motherboard)
      In which you talk about the features and performance of the bluetooth motherboard, if the bluetooth motherboard requires a usb2.0 external bluetooth adapter or you do not need ... the bluetooth on the board does everything.
      A beautiful day !

    12. Cristi I'm asking you a video tutorial about the processors from intel and the range of thank you

    13. dumitru razvan said

      Pocket TV and TVRON, cool mobile TV, are the only functional ones

    14. For a few days in Canada sopcast (and with commercials and without) is dead.
      Does anyone have any information?
      Thank you

    15. Was not it easier to say that we needed TV 21 and sopcast or mxplayer?
      Always complicated, always.



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