Spring cleaning on PC, bulk software uninstallation and registry cleaning - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will show you how to clean the PC, I do not mean to clean dust, although it would not be bad to do and that, I mean software that keep the charity by PC, we use Absolute Uninstaller uninstall and CCleaner to remove debris.
I know that many times you can think to uninstall old programs you no longer use, those thoughts quickly vanish when we include laziness, these software are too many and it would take a long time uninstalling all. Fortunately we have an alternative, a software program that uninstalls all at once, you just need to tick the software and follow the wizard, the wonderful programs uninstall more software in a row is called Absolute Uninstaller, wow, it could not a better name ..
After uninstalling the programs, of course, it is still a mess, it was too nice to finish so quickly, to clean the registry after uninstalled applications we will use the "cup" CCleaner, it does its job like a professional, rather it is a professional.
And so stressful finished spring cleaning the computer, now it will move about at first, software will be raised if overnight, Windows will have more blast, another life for our PC. You should know that those programs that you no longer use impedes PCs, especially the oldest where we have enough resources.

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Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru



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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. Very good tutorial Cristi! Right now I wanted to ask if you do not make such a tutorial! You are the best! Nobody does tutorials so good as you!

  2. Sal Cristi.Daca see Lord Pruteanu this title, you say?
    Spring cleaning in PC software and curarare dezinsatalarea bulk of the registry - video tutorial
    Otherwise do the job very buna.Bafta

    • Mircea2301 said

      Sal Cristi.Daca see Lord Pruteanu this title, you say?
      Spring cleaning in PC software and curarare dezinsatalarea bulk of the registry - video tutorial
      Otherwise do the job very buna.Bafta

      Pruteanu turned the "corner" that's it!

  3. valentin said

    what software the capture with Camtasia 7 so clear?
    Very simple tutorial.

  4. Very practical! Thanks a lot!

  5. That nus I still I am me =))

  6. is better than revounistaller uninstall this software?

  7. I reviewed the video and yes I understand now revounistaller recoamnd I like that soft and still leave some traces cclenr pc to uninstall and conclusion revounistaller dezinstaleza better and clean after a soft almost all of then are reachable cclenr use :)

  8. First, I wish you all fericte holidays. I read up a comm bound by Title tuturialului and give and give no right to the truth is that few of us spell Romanian language atop yes that's true :)) I'm no exception, I sometimes wonder what blunders. It perhaps the rush to get out a tutorial to make a mistake, odd problem can be remedied asta.Orice mistake can fix (I mean here) so let's appreciate and criticize people's work to be done with common sense that these guys really deserve respect.

  9. How do you set the software to capture the (comma) the mouse cursor to move so smoothly?

  10. Csabaxb said

    Good article. I use Revo Uninstaller and Advenced System Care free, do good job. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  11. Cristi, well if that's how we normally delete programs remain left in program files by application date, all files hidden windows and best help out all Revo schedule remains as he seeks one and only stand us to e each one looking if 50 delete programs (especially games), you grab 2012 to delete them manually you. And CCleaner is very good if we set the stage 35 Gutteman-ptr is excellent if we give and cleaning PC entirely and registry. That I absolutely do not find very useful ptr throughout my stay I turn to look at each one manually remains. REVO stand and CCleaner.

  12. Augustin said

    Honestly I prefer Revo Uninstaller + Glary Utilities.

  13. Hello! I have a problem: when I want to see a tutorial it gives me the error "Server not found: rtmpe: // /". I use Google Chrome.

  14. SideBySide said

    offtopic: Cristi, please give me some advice. I use Google Chrome browser does, and all the while I appear in a new tab without giving me some website somewhere. I did not ever click on them and do not know why they closed the deal for me soon but I'm getting annoyed every 10 20-min or even more rarely, only when navigating. Mention that are just 2 websites that appear and reappear. Please give me some advice if you know what it is that I've never heard of DHW sites to promote themselves opening up in Bowser client.

  15. Hello Cristi! 10 years and I want to join voua.Se can?

  16. If you delete the file saved after making a backup is happening?

  17. METRONIC said

    Sall Admin, I have a question please, when I activate "hide-ip" why does my net work so hard when I'm looking you wonder what !! ??

  18. I think it's ok and RevoUninstaller + CCleaner

  19. Make a tutorial on how to install only programs esetntiale a PC or do a tutorial Destra ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE 4

  20. thank you

  21. Acronis 10 minutes

  22. I want to know if absolute uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller is the best!

    • nicu:
      I want to know if absolute uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller is the best!

      Not so the question I have chosen for the position of Bulk Absolute Uninstaller Uninstaller to uninstall once more.
      Anyway we then cleaning with CCleaner, RevoUninstaller is recommended for stubborn software (antivirus, firewall, Adobe Software).

  23. Bravo but it was the best defragmentation

    • Bogdan:
      braVOdar was something better defragmentation

      That is something else, defragmentation can be done at the end but 7 windows defragmentation automatically, no user intervention is required.

  24. I Sall cristi t ask more experienced

    • Andrew:
      I Sall cristi t ask more experienced

      I would prefer to collaborate with adults "over 18 years", do not hurry, you have enough time, you will work enough in your life, now enjoy the most beautiful years. It's not bad to do what you like but I think now you have to absorb knowledge of any kind, the more the better.
      You think you have enough experience but I do not think the world is ready to hear a young 10 years, people have many misconceptions.
      Still made me curious, post something on youtube (voice tutorial) and send me the link on the contact box.

  25. I would suggest a tutorial about "windows install cleanup utility" which is a useful tool when trying to reinstall a program and the computer knows it has already been installed, and you would like to believe what you are installing for the first time! I think it's also a cleaning tool because the application will show all the things ever installed, even if they were uninstalled, then it starts and deletes everything from the registers that are related to that application.

  26. ms Cristi!

  27. But I have a suggestion I create a private server non hamachi metin2 to be called United Metin2 if you create a forum to chat and chat site with the rest, I'll handle this addresses only if I can not make you.

  28. I can not see the video tells me something is not mp4 not found something like .. what can I do to see the video?

  29. I have windows 7… but it doesn't show me all the programs that are installed on my pc…. Could you help me with something ???

  30. I love the beginning :))

  31. It's the same thing if you uninstall programs with CCleaner?
    Does this optiune.Multumesc for what you do.

  32. I use Ccleaner, AML Tools and Advanced System Care but I would be interested in a program that when performing a system cleanup, to remove the directories of uninstalled programs but also a complete cleaning of the registers and I refer here to trial programs that I test and I find that whatever program you use for cleaning, there are still "traces".

  33. What do these registers come from? I don't know where they came from all of a sudden… I googled but found nothing related to these registers… HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ BCD00000000, and this key is followed by 10 more subkeys containing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ BCD00000000 \ Object0 \ Object -e4991b6-3b4-b16c-23e5d0e9250d5} \ Elements \ 9, and some even have a binary code, for example: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ BCD16000020 \ Objects \ {00000000dea9c-862cdd-5e4-acc70-f1b32d .. I have no idea what these registry keys are…

  34. Adrian Gudus said

    Coming from these regiştri.Nu know where it came suddenly ... I Googled but could not find anything related about these registry ... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ BCD00000000, and after this key is still 10 subkey containing some even anda eg binary code which is about .. I have no idea what these registry keys ...

    Most likely you have Windows Vista and there are some legitimate keys that are used to boot the operating system.

    • Thank you very much for the reply… I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit… It is original image, unmodified, or other stuff like that! But who knows, or what is possible!

  35. Cristian Hello! Watch your tutorials for many years and I have been helpful every time .From Unfortunately the problem that we currently have not found it, leafed through tutorials or did not know to look for it!

  36. Dear friends,
    I have a lap with Vista installed and 75 Gb partition C.
    I am in the extreme situation in which I have about 6 Gb Liberia to partition C.
    I did spring cleaning cfm tutorial
    Everything was ok and I released in the first phase about 7 Gb.
    But after a few days stupor. I went red again.
    What I noticed when I used Ccleaner. I checked after I cleaned including the registry in place tools / disk analyzer and found no less than 12 Gb type GMP busy cache files (pictures) with thousands of images that repeat.
    I am convinced that we must get rid of them but fail.
    Please, dear Cristi, give me a solution


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