Clear space clearing WINDOWS duplicate deletion

Clear space clearing WINDOWS duplicate deletion

Clear space clearing WINDOWS duplicate deletion
Everyone already knows that on Windows you have to do some maintenance from time to time, so we do not have problems or slow down the operating system.

Windows has some "broomsticks" and "rags", but it is not enough.
An operating system, to work perfectly, needs free space, a fast disk, removing unnecessary or duplicate files.
A fast disk must have at least 20% free space. It still needs to have defragmentation (HDD) or optimization (SSD) done; but these operations are only after cleaning. Optimization and defragmentation are done at the end because they are like "internal orders".

Aid for cleaning and space clearance.
When we take care of ourselves, of course, we also need some hopeful helpers. We need a team of cleaning tools and efficient solutions. Dirt must be removed and the order restored. Surprisingly, how clean is the cleanliness in the house with the computer.

1. CCleaner, it no longer requires any introduction. It's the application you can rely on to clean your windows, applications, registry, and remove your duplicates.

2. WinDirStat, which we presented on another occasion, is a software that shows us at a glance, visually, everything on the disk and what size it has. So you have a "satellite" view of all files that consume space, regardless of the dangers they have hidden.

Also with WinDirStat we found two files that occupy a lot of space.
"Hiberfil.sys" and "Pagefile.sys"
To disable hibernation, which is responsible for the existence of the hiberfil.sys file, use the command:

Powercfg.exe / hibernate off (to stop hibernation)
Powercfg.exe / hibernate on (to start hibernation

Download applications used in the tutorial:

CCleaner (the free version is very good)

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    1. keri mircea said

      When using windows, we use Privazer a very good program in my opinion, but it was annoying with so many recent updates. WinDirStat as if you were presenting some 10 years ago, from the first tutorials we learned very much from you, from Adrian I learned and then worship Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) every day I open to see what news you show to everyone when you can ask Adrian with the new Ubuntu LTS to make a videotutorial and his opinion about going to Gnome, Thanks

    2. Cristi, I knew that SSD does not need to defragment it because the data is stored on those memory chips, it's not like HDDs where the read head has to move on the platters from one side in another to read the necessary data.

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