Simple clean in the notification area on Android - simpler Android

Simple clean in the notification area on Android

Simple clean in the notification area on Android

Simple clean in the notification area on Android
As a result of installing apps, Android can create quite a lot of chaos in the notification area. That's why Google has made our notification settings available, which unfortunately the world does not really use.
At a given moment, notifications from an information tool become a source of stress after we are bombarding endlessly with notifications from all parties and from all applications.

Who's afraid of notifications?

This is not about the fear, but about the fact that a clean screen space is preferable to someone with a pile of pending notifications that seem to keep you from opening the phone.

Phone notifications - a new form of spam!

It has reached the point where almost every installed application wants to take it into account at least once every two days.
They have something to sell, but have unlocked a new level, every time it's the same thing. You can not stay quiet without receiving notifications.
Maybe that's the price of free apps - They'll be careful

But maybe these notifications are good too.

In my case, I found that "unsolicited" notifications even use something - I remember forgetting to uninstall these applications.

Android notification settings

In the settings of any android app we'll find "Notifications". We have the "Block all notifications" option here.
With the "Block all notifications" option, we stop displaying notifications.

Apps work normally, only notifications stop.

For Chrome, for example, I do not want to see the active incognito notification now. That means I will block notifications, BUT, all notifications, including browser downloads, will be blocked. Do not worry, downloading works in the background, just because you will no longer have notifications and download progress.

How to stop notifications

1. Press and hold the notification / press "Block all notifications"
2. From the application settings / Settings / Apps "your application" / Notifications / tick "Block all notifications"

How to start notifications

1. From the application settings / Settings / Apps "Your Application" / Notifications / Uncheck "Block All Notifications"

Simple clean in the notification area on Android - video tutorial

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