Power cable net with PoE or Power Over Ethernet

Power cable net with PoE or Power Over Ethernet

PoE or Power Over Ethernet is a technology through which we can carry electricity through the net cables for powering devices like: surveillance cameras, Wireless access points, phones VoIP and more. The technology is relatively young, but in the future it may be the basis for connecting devices directly to each other, in the great network called the "Internet of Things".

Why is good PoE?

Any device that connects to the network requires data connection and power supply. PoE or Power Over Ethernet and data help us and to transport electricity over a single cable at the net.

How can I use PoE?

First, we need PoE receivers, such as: surveillance cameras, Wireless APs, etc.
If you have capable devices PoE, PoE injectors automatically we need that will put current through wires. These can be switches

PoE deployment types.

PoE 802.3af - with a maximum power of 15W per port
PoE 802.3at (PoE Max) - with a maximum power of 30W per port
It should be noted that any PoE device PoE going on at instead af PoE only works on devices with maximum consumption 15W.

Port PoE devices in normal?

There is no problem, non PoE devices can connect to the ports of PoE switch. If you switch a PoE device feels a cable, current will not start on that port.

On PoE go the distance?

Cable Quality (CAT5e and over) can achieve and 100 meters, provided that the device does not consume much energy. With current through wires, amps and losses are proportional distance.
Solution cameras and APs with PoE support.
If your device does not support PoE, PoE can use a kit consisting of two parts, an injector and a splitter. Splitter will be installed next to the camera; it will take over from current injection and data via a single UTP cable, then will break up and flow data, which will connect the camera. Although this solution is not the most elegant works!

Power cable net with PoE or Power Over Ethernet

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  1. it does not matter the camera powered on and how current network provider for modem etc yes? If so kind less than the required room?

    • The camera draws as needed, and voltage and amperage. The injector can provide up to 48 volts and amps request provided they do not exceed 15W on af PoE and PoE at 30W on. For example a room at 12V, can shoot up to 2.5 amps. One of 5V can shoot 6 amps.

      • Dear Cristi, they all surveillance cameras draw POE voltage as needed? I have a room POE Aevision, work and POE to 12 V but I had the courage to bag an injector POE of 48 V, therefore we have chosen method with cable splitter, eh, I can try connecting directly to the injector ? Thank you !

  2. virus2009 said

    Cornel @

    The 2 unrelated to each other, one another's signals and voltage.

  3. Hello
    What model is room in the tutorial?

  4. Razvan S said

    Hello. I studied a little thing for an NVR Annke 8 rooms with full kit including cables poe cat5
    I purchased separately as cat6si cables 7pentru greater distances and outdoor use in frost and sun cables that came with the system were already seemed extremely thin and brittle outer shell
    Everything is ok so far. Care should be taken that although theoretically comply with ONVIF standard rooms do not meet all the producers and the POE.
    As NVR system I recommend Annke

  5. Papyllon said

    Thanks for the accept !!! Videotutorial.ro you are super !!!! Cristi (I know you first), I am 61 years old and from you I learned how to use a PC and… what about this Windows… In the '80s - '82 at "schools" I studied "Fortran" and to solve "1 + 1 = 2", I was typing a few dozen… cards (joke). My son works in IT, but he doesn't have the patience to explain to me, how are you !!! Congratulations "Videotutorial.ro" and that word, which sounds something like this: "GIVE BIRTH WITH TUPEU !!!" Good health and patience with… retirees !!! [I'm not at my age but my nickname (with a small change) I have from high school, when I read Henri Charrière…] Va PA !!!!

  6. good quality cable matter? ie I have seen it 7 I have one quality cables Belkin

  7. Grigor Danut said

    Very interesting and helpful tutorial. I really want to mount cameras and I have problems with electricity supply for the electrical system is a little long and I did not predict and food for those cameras. With this tutorial we solved the problem largely June.
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial.

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