Dahua PTZ camera surveillance motorized outdoor

The cameras are of several types. We have interior rooms, rooms baby monitor type, vari-focal lens camerasRooms bulet, fisheye cameras, etc.
Today I will present an IP camera from Dahua, or PTZ Speed ​​Dome type (pan tilt zoom). These rooms are motorized and can be oriented in any direction from a distance. They can zoom when we want to see from afar. PTZ zoom optically, ie not waste any resolution when zooming.
The room we were provided by Skut.roA shop with surveillance (alarms, camera, NVR, etc). On Skut.ro you will find a team of specialists who will advise on acquisitions and will provide support when you need it.
PTZ cameras can be programmed to "patrol" the 360 degrees at intervals for better coverage of a perimeter with one camera.
Model shown is SD3282D-GN Dahua, an outdoor room that withstand weather and very low temperatures; That and the fact that the room is heated at low temperatures.

Dahua PTZ camera surveillance motorized outdoor

Sensor - Sony Exmor 1 / 2.8 Exmor CMOS 2mp
Resolution - 1920 1080-25 × 30 fps @
Bitrate - H.264: 56K - 8192 Kbps
Optics - 3.0mm ~ 9.0mm (3x optical zoom)
Digital Zoom - 16x
Angle visibility - 93 ° - 31 °
Aperture - F1.2 ~ F2.1
Focus - manual or automatic (optional)
Minimum focus distance - 30mm
Card Slot - MicroSD
Power - or POE power supply
Beach PTZ - Pan: 0 350 ° ~ °; Tilt: -2 ° ~ 90 ° auto flip 180
In my opinion
The room has an excellent sensor (Sony Exmor 1 / 2,8 "@ 2mp), who is helped by very good optics. I noticed that the first lens element has an applied treatment. Like DSP processing room is well-balanced; You can remove much of sensor used settings. Basic room comes pretty well set, but it can remove more than slightly reduce the contrast, sharpness and activities WDR. It is important not to overuse of clarity (sharpness
The beach dynamics It is very good, is of course excellent help and WDR technology from Sony. If you put the camera in bright light will not darken the whole image, but will adapt and will selectively lighten or darken certain areas, so as to obtain a good dynamic range image.
Registration can be done on the Micro SD card on an NVROn a FTP server, Or even a NAS.
Recording modes There are multiple. We can continuously record, we can record the signal of an alarm or we can record on Motion Detection. My favorite method is Motion Detection.
Watching your You can make a web interface on your PC or mobile application available for Android and iOS. In addition, we can watch recordings by downloading them from the web interface, then open them smart player from Dahua
The only function of this room is the lack of infrared illumination for night vision. However, we must consider that for a type Outdoor IP Camera PTZ IR is very hard to implement, and simultaneously keep high resistance to weathering / aggression. Outdoor PTZ infrared, are extremely expensive, because they are very hard to do. If in this room, as it is fitted with infrared LEDs a group, we met all sorts of problems with reflections of the lights in the transparent dome. Outdoor PTZ If it was not, it was much simpler.
However, solving the problem with night vision is quite simple. An IR reflector will do a much better job than any integrated LEDs.
Dahua PTZ camera installation
After installing and connecting the camera to your router, we should use the app Dahua Config Tool, To detect the camera and see what allotted IP router. Once learned IP, we enter the interface using a browser, preferably Firefox. Pop-up of the opening page in the browser, install, to have live view. This plugin decodes and displays the camera image in real time.
The room we were provided by Skut.roA shop with surveillance (alarms, camera, NVR, etc). On Skut.ro you will find a team of specialists who will advise on acquisitions and will provide support when you need it.
Price Dahua PTZ camera (speed dome) SD3282D-GN(speed dome)

Video Tutorial - Dahua PTZ surveillance cameras Motorized Outdoor

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  1. Hello. loud room.
    the poets go the distance without any problems?
    I see my car at 50 number of meters? will not be in focus. if I zoom in playback would like to see the number of cars parked in the street are more of course. :)
    if you are able to put it off and do a presentation.

    • POE go to 100 meters, if you have uninterrupted quality cable. Technically, 100 meters to go. If you have poor quality cable, full power will decrease with distance. I tested cable 30 meters (CAT5), injector, and went without any problems.
      If you long distance, it's better to use standard injector or PoE switch with 802.3 if camera supports, to have more power on the cable.
      If it is daytime, you can change the settings. Reduce the aperture and everything will be in focus. Or you can set the focus manually distance. Or you can limit and infinity Focus in 50m.
      Testing was done indoors in low light, for interior sensors have the most work. Outside this room is a dream.
      Perhaps in the future I will make a test on the outside, where I compare to other rooms.

  2. I want to integrate an IP camera images on the blog and do not know how to do a tutorial about that. Thank you.

    • First you should know that these rooms are very smart and can make streaming on multiple pathways simultaneously. We stream of low resolution, high resolution + stream RTSP (real time streaming protocol).
      To put a camera in a blog or anywhere you want, you just need to do port forwarding, IP laws to private and public port 554, which RTSP port
      This stream rtsp one can incorporate him in blog using a player that JWplayer.
      Address stream will be:
      "Rtsp: // user:[Email protected] Your: 554
      You can do tests in VLC player, to see if you set everything right.
      If you want to make a tutorial about this, please let me write more reviews to this request. Not to bore people, not the other.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I'm curious why that wants to stream a room on a blog

        • Adi Hello! you could help us with a Videotutorial in to show us how to install a web server in Ubuntu? I tried today but I've got ears. Thank you!

          • Yes. And the mail server on Linux. And configuration / settings for data transport, routers mikrotica :)).

      • I want certain events occurring at that location, the camera can be traced pursuers blog and do not want to bring more people to click on links to them bored. And if it can predefine a program operating Strim blog.

  3. Cristian Howdy! Look I need a little help with a certificate in computer class 12, some information about snagit9 and other necessary! If you can leave me a message to the email address: [Email protected]

  4. But Auto Video Surveillance Camera, interior windshield, monitored outside at night (fog, rain) etc. Car parking is in there?

    • Deluxe recharge Gps Mio 538 Mivue Dashcam Hd Dvr

    • There are a lot of rooms car that can shoot motion detection or detection of shock. The result, however, do not know what will. Usually thief working night and night cameras are not doing very well, in light of poles.
      It is possible to pay a lot of money on rooms like that and in the end not distinguished from "neighbors" that you scratched bolide.
      We must be aware of the limitations of cameras. Where you see with your eyes at night limit, the camera will see. Of course you can use infrared, but then the thief (zgârietorul car) realizes and not do the deed.

  5. Very cool tutorial and explanation.
    I said it and dem ult. It's by far the best site Videotutorial offering and help users in need in Romania. Undoubtedly
    Cristi Congratulations!

  6. Lazar Stelica said

    If you use infrared frequency of 940 nm, they are nearly invisible. In our country, there are no such LEDs for cameras.

  7. I would like to know which is better NVR or DVR to this model, if not asking too much, Dahua sd22204t-gn
    I have a link to the store where purchased (Italy)
    Thanks for very good tutorial, I already bought a Dahua (mini).

  8. I greet you like an opinion on a problem you are experiencing a system of video supervisor. In one of the 6 13 system minus degrees Celsius infrared does not work. Mention that are "pioneer" in installation and technical explanations. What could be the problem this room?

  9. A tutorial for. streaming IPcam the site would be excellent, Adrian asked why you put the camera on site, I have a travel portal in Italy Ivory Coast and live cameras streming not too ditch for speed is very small (between 5mbs-7mbs) but all visitors to the site will live to see the area so make a subscription-3 4 dedicated IPcam, triples visits (as AdSense) Thank you and continue so on.

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