Why are new pictures, weird phone

Hi friends, tutorial today to find out what time we wake up from a smartphone or tablet with photos. Photos that you might know but I deleted them in the past and yet again they are downloading our phone or tablet.

Why do new pictures, weird phone?

The answer is simple. That are automatically downloaded to your phone or photos you know we once had is due Facebook Messenger app. This application has recently received an update that activates the Save Photos Settings option which means that our phone or tablet will be downloaded automatically all images received from people we chatted over time on the Facebook Messenger. To stop automatic downloading these images, you should go to Facebook Messenger app settings and disable the Save Photos. Save Photos option of disabling Facebook Messenger app settings, henceforth photos received will not be automatically saved in the phone. If we want to save photos received will have to give tap (to achieve) the cover photograph menu then tap the button (or the 3 points right photo) and choose Save Image (Save image)
After disabling this option you must know that the pictures have started to be unloaded until you uncheck automatic download them (Save Photos) must be deleted manually by you.

Video tutorial - Why new pictures appear in vain on the phone

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  1. Dean Winchester said

    If any of your after-option disabled, the settings Save Photos app Facebook Messenger,
    pictures will continue to discharge itself again in your phone or tablet,
    Emergency devices can go to a professional exorcist.
    Do not worry too much! Having trouble metaphysical [ie the device you possessed].
    Otherwise the settings are OK, it works!

  2. Hello. It would be a miracle to make a tutorial how to block advertising websites you visit Windows. I make a thousand nerves and demons that appear in ads and crap browser

  3. Interestingly this little tutorial! And I want to know what widget (one clock and weather) and use as wallpaper called.

  4. If I remove the card from your camera phone photos on facebook. bag in the phone when you appear on Viber. where photos appear on Facebook if I do not have the card in your phone? card in the phone and when I disappear pictures from facebook.

  5. this I wonder but I walked in I turned off the settings and I'm thinking it's time to fb application or the mess.

  6. I am aware that done. But I vroebam simplest to counter the idea that disagree. You can not, on the basis of hope, to give foot to a place of munca.Eu I did that! Not to be misunderstood (pt are somewhat guild). But if you look a little behind, I think I've been lucky enough that I could seriously go wrong. I think if I would take back the decision (would take, obviously, no doubt) I would calculate much better to avoid risks. Cause-s big

  7. Why could occur phone among my pictures don messenger, a picture that I did not see her again? S actually a gif with 2 people who have sex, I did not see niciodaya gif's that, and did not I received anyone, how could explain this?

  8. Question. Is there a way that photos posted on facebook can not be downloaded? I have someone who downloads and repossesses them. I do not really like the idea

  9. The worse is that the phone numbers on the calendar are multiplying. One for Whatapps, one for Facebook, etc. How do we get rid of them?

  10. I don't have the messenger settings option. I would like to disable automatic photo saving… how do I do?

    • you have it, but it is not expelled, and on the understanding of the least connoisseurs.
      open messenger and click on your picture in the top right corner and you're done entering the settings. Scroll down and you will see PHOTO & MEDIA a little below.

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