Capture the interesting sequence from a video and rotate video

Capture the interesting sequence from a video
Capture the interesting sequence from a video

What is the tutorial "Cutting the interesting sequence from a video"?

In this video tutorial (Cutting the interesting sequence in a video) you will see how to cut a sequence in a video, whether it is at the beginning, the end or the middle of the video. You will also see how a video is rotated, in case it was filmed overturned or overturned in the editor.

Why would you want to cut a sequence from a movie?

Most of the time we film with the phone phases that happen unpredictably, and to catch an interesting phase that is going to happen, we start filming early. That's why for a phase of only a few seconds, we get to film a few minutes.

Apart from the interesting phase of the video we have no interesting events, which is why these uninteresting frames can be eliminated.

Capture the interesting sequence from a video.

We can use commercial video editing applications, but they are expensive, more difficult to use and in addition require large disk space when installed.

Avidemux, is a free application, does not collect data and is easy to use.

Avidemux is the kind of "old school" applications that do not invade your privacy by collecting data "to improve products and services", it is free and easy to use.

The Avidemux application is so cool …… but unfortunately no one uses it, because such applications are not promoted.

If I were to make an analogy, I would say that Avidemux is very clever, but nobody wants it.

In addition Avidemux is a cross platform application, which means it runs on Windows, Linux and even MacOS.

Download link Avidemux

Download Avidemux

With these more "old school" applications, you also have small plugs.

The only problem I encountered when cutting the video sequence was that it was rotated, being shot in the portrait, it went into the landscape and forced me to use the settings to fix the situation. In fact, the problem is a minor one, which can be neglected having a quick solution even from the application options.

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Cutting out the interesting sequence from a video - video tutorial

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  1. Hello! I look forward to the tutorials you make, for several years now. If I could, I would like to do a tutorial on an editing program for timelaps made from photos (not video timelaps), which is easy, intuitive, and how it works with that program. Thank you in advance!

  2. Hello and Happy New Year! I follow absolutely all the tutorials posted, they are extremely good and educational. As time goes on, yes, it would be welcome to continue the Avidemux tutorial with the other features of the program. Thank you, and only good!

  3. Michael Sorin said

    Happy Birthday!
    Very interesting tutorials you make, for the sake of all, I watched the last tutorial (I have only used avidemux for a long time) can continue as you said, and with joining video files and especially removing certain areas from video files.
    Thank you and much health

  4. Please continue with what you promised.

  5. Ionel Manea said

    Yes, thank you, I immediately got to work, I had a filming that I only needed two sequences, I cut them out. GOOD LUCK

  6. Thank you for showing us how to do so many things, please continue with Avidemux.


  8. Hi, Cristi and have a great year in all!
    I really like your tutorials, because they have interesting topics, you explain patiently and you have a friendly voice. :)) What I failed to understand in this tutorial was the way you made the selection to Video output and Output Format… which is the selection criterion / correspondence with the initial format.
    Yes, it is great to make tutorials and sticking to the video pieces.
    Thanks and success!

    • At the "output" you can select any type of format, but if you have an mp4 file and you want to remove all mp4 it will take very little time to export. If you switch from an AVI to pm4, it will take longer. In short, you can choose any format for output, but it is more economical to choose the same format.

  9. Hi, Cristi and many years ago! I got covered with a sony camera DCR SR52E-user manual I did not find, nor who to consult! Can you help me somehow! Thanks!

  10. Iuliuovi said

    Camera manual “ AOvVaw4upGvYyZc2qpYZdaTQZZUy "

  11. When making a tutorial to show the battery's charging capacity (how much energy / electricity) it retains the battery of a phone running android. On windows I know.

  12. Thank you very much, Cristi! Happy new year and a new story year!
    More than welcome video tutorial and, YES! We are just waiting for a video sequencing tutorial. And at the welcome end would be a material through with an application, something through which you can make video collages from photos.
    Thank you!

  13. Only the year 2020 is happy to bring you. Thanks for everything you send us.

  14. Thank you very much for the way you know how to simplify and make our technology accessible. Please show us a free and fast editing (cut-and-paste) program for mp3 audio files.
    Happy Birthday with as many useful tutorials!

  15. Manea Ionel said

    Dane, hello, write and search the net for exactly what you wrote here (cut and paste mp3)… sunt ft. many for free. I can't write you here, because I'm not allowed to advertise, I think you understand. BAFTA

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