Automatic download of movies from YouTube for wireless viewing on the phone - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial will show you how you can automatically download videos from YouTube for watching them when we have no connection available on your mobile phone.
Until now to download movies from YouTube I had to install various software or extensions in the browser, this on the desktop, on the mobile it was almost impossible to do such a thing. Google made us a pleasant surprise, even very pleasant, they introduced a setting in the YouTube client on Android, the function is called "Preload" or "Preload" in English, it allows us to download the latest movies uploaded to the channels our favorites, they will be downloaded automatically without the need for our acceptance, they will download themselves when youtuber uploads them. Movies thus downloaded can be watched without any internet connection.
Even for those data connection is always a good thing, because as we all know movies on YouTube are large and not only need a couple viewings to finish an entire month traffic.
For now we preload function is available only on devices running Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. Another condition you have to fulfill so we can use the new function would be to keep the phone on charge or be charged enough (I think than 50-60%) and connected to Wi-Fi network, the 3G not go, no on HSDPA, this is a good thing because I think we can finish included traffic fairly quickly if they work.
After the tests that I've done I noticed that the application tries to fit in 600 and 800 MB, so we do not end up with all phone loaded with cache youtube, no matter the number of films and only space, if you fall into 800MB likely 100 can buffering and the videos.
How precharge enable function or Preload (in English):
We enter the settings of the YouTube application, go to Preload and here we have two options, the first allows us to automatically download to your mobile phone the movies posted on our favorite channels (to which we subscribed). The second option allows us to download movies from youtube without being subscribed to a certain channel, we just need to put the desired movie in the "watch later" list.
Preloading YouTube client on Android is the most important feature that was recently added course with function "Traffic" from Google Maps for Romania, are functions that make our lives easier and allow us to be more "mobile".

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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    • if you have a backup of them or just the firmware that came with the phone and you do not lose your warranty will need to consider a few things:
      1. if you root your phone you must remove
      2. you must have a "usb JIG" for reset counter and or a possible Unbrick - download mode

  6. AdrianGudus said

    uind flash telefonu lose the guarantee, no, but if we sistemu operating the phone that I bought telefonu, in case of a sistemu put back on the phone, like in my android fell 2.3.6?

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