Downloading maps in Google Maps for Android version 7.3

Hi friends, today I will show you how to download maps from Google Maps for Android version of Maps 7.3 up.
Until this version (Maps 7.3) maps download Google Maps for offline use them (you do not have internet) It was pretty simple. Now in version 7.3, the team who worked on Google Maps app for Android, they forgot to put quite visible option.
Do not misunderstand, download maps for offline use is possible, unfortunately method you should use is quite obscure.
For example we want to download the map of Brasov, for this we have to type in the search engine from Google Maps "Brasov" and press enter, after we find Brasov we will have to go to the search engine where we will delete "Brasov" , after that we will notice that the option to download the area has become available in the bottom.
A faster method is to choose the area we want to save and type in the search field "Ok Maps" and press enter. If we receive an error message, we will have to zoom in because the selected area is too large to be downloaded.
If you download maps, we can use them even without internet connection, very useful option for those who do not have a data plan.

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  1. you have nothing to do with the map navigation anyway and you can not use it on your phone gps will not detect where you are from google have the best system of maps but you need internet on your phone

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Esi misinformed. You know what you need internet? As application map to download in the background portion of the map search you or where you are and also used for a more accurate teterminare your location.
      Now knowing all this and assuming that there is some logic and you deduce that:
      If I am offline map, downloaded to my device, what need I net?
      If the weather helps and you have a phone capable with a good GPS, you do not need internet. That is the only reason you want to download a map to have it offline, you can use without having to depend on internet.
      Otherwise what you want if you need to download and net? What's the logic?

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    Also for Alexander. What I said in the comment above is supported by my colleague Cristi. Please read the text above tutorials before you can post comments!

  3. Alexander, can use google maps even without internet, that if you save the map exactly as I showed in the tutorial.
    Navigation is something else, though you can use and navigation offline, that if you route home.
    The only thing that does not go without the internet is recalculating routes when you stray from the road.

    • … Even if you deviate inside the downloaded map?

      • … Or to understand that the offline map is not related to navigation.

        For the whole country it is not possible to download the map in as much detail at once, if you try to give an answer on this topic, it would be useful. And it would be useful to know when Google updates it so that we can download it again.

  4. Bogdan Niculescu said

    Cristian sorry to interfere here, but I sent you several messages, you still did not answer and I need your help big. I've asked some questions here: . Also I contacted you on facebook and email. Waiting for a response from you! Thank you!

  5. I said that it is useful to step navigation using GPS on the phone to me this does not interest me a piece of paper to see When you're stuck at an intersection in a village who did not hear google. Wed gps on the phone I do not go unless you have net him if you download the map and I do not disconnect from the net shows me where I am nush as other phones but I do not l5 2 merge.Acum if people find it useful to me bucur.Cristian understand better what I wanted to zic.Adrian not mind I have to say the tutorial is useless but no offline map navigation step I personally am not helpful.

  6. Hello Cristi for you some time when you own this nexus 4, I would like to ask you what you think of this smartphone on youtube some say it is poor batereia you about 5 hours and photo / room is not a success in terms of quality pictures, but still would like to know your view as well if you found pluses to it while using it?.

  7. In this version it going to download map?

  8. Useful! Too bad that does not unload all over Romania.

  9. Hello Cristi, in short, I have a gps serioux upq500 model has faded map of Europe and can not to remove the nicaerei they do, I say odd id code available.


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