Spy microphone detector GPS trackers and tracking devices

Spy GPS tracker microphone detector
Spy GPS tracker microphone detector

What does a GPS tracker spy microphone detector use?

If you are an important man or you simply have a paranoid life partner, you may be tracked through a spy microphone or GPS tracker, and therefore you need a spy microphone detector and GPS trackers.

On what principle does a device that detects microphones and GPS trackers work?

These devices are basically scanners that detect any radio frequency from 1 to 8000 Mhz. As soon as he has heard a radio signal, it starts to sound hysterical and bright. Thus we realize that he has discovered a powerful radio signal.

However, detecting spy microphones is not that simple.

Since this scanner detects ALL wireless signals, it may be difficult for us to find a hidden microphone if we do not understand how the device works.

Understanding the radio spectrum.

There are all kinds of radio signals around us. Basically we are bathed all the time in a stream of radio waves. From simple FM receivers, to DECT phones, Bluetooth gadgets, routers and WIFI clients (laptop, TV, IP cameras, etc.). Even the microwave oven, also based on radio waves, works.

If we understand that around us, through the house, on the street or in the car, there are other radio signals, we will realize that the discovery of a hidden microphone or GPS trackers must be done with great care.

Temporarily switch off all nearby radio signal sources.

If you want to find a microphone, you think it is hidden through the house, then it is necessary to turn off any radio signal source through the house. This will allow you to go with the microphone detector at a higher sensitivity, to allow you to isolate / find it faster.

If it's a microphone, you suspect it might be hidden in the car, then it is good to drive in a less "polluted" area with radio signals.

Where can we buy the microphone and GPS tracker detection device?


Professional portable camera detector, microphones, phones and GPS locator G318


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  1. Very good tutorial. Very loud and the machine. Worth the money When you have a suspicion or more a device from it is the best solution, so see if you are spy or not.

  2. Unfortunately, 98% of women in Romania are paranoid, like I think "all men are the same", making your life an ordeal. I'm not saying that their PRIDE is so great that I never admit when I'm wrong or APOLOGIZE. That is why we men need additional knowledge such as this device. By the way, you can also use the phone as a device to "capture" the microphones or gps devices around.

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