Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones

What is the Fraud Microphone and Camera Use Detector tutorial about?

In this video tutorial I present a detector for fraudulent use of microphone and camera, ie an application that detects and notes when the camera and microphone are used on Android phones.

Why would we want to know when the camera and microphone on the phone are used?

There is talk at the fair that many famous services use the microphone and camera in our phone even without our knowledge.

Some would say that it is not true, but periodically there are more and more scandals related to the fraudulent or immoral use of personal data collected from users.

It has happened to me countless times to talk to someone about certain products that I had not talked about before when I had my phone in my pocket. After I finished the dialogue and did a search on the net, related to something else, boom, advertisements for the products I had talked about with that person. Coincidence?

On another occasion, I was talking on the phone about a certain car brand, and after I finished the conversation, boom, ads for that car brand everywhere on the net. Coincidence?

Why they want the internet to use your data as they please - Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera

The first area where data is used is advertising, where each user has a profile that includes age, place of residence, gender, circle of friends, and more intimate things like browsing history, YouTube searches, Facebook, the content of phone calls, text messages and much more.

What else is your data used for?

After the data is collected from as many directions, sensors, etc. as possible, they are sold to third parties for profiling / targeting or services are made for profiling / targeting. But things don't stop there.

We also have an AI (artificial intelligence) to train, and this needs data from as many sources as possible and as varied as possible, data that will be used to "educate" the AI.

In the queue for our data are also the authorities, who are interested in how much money you spend, on what, if you paid taxes on that money, who you are in contact with, what is your universe of contacts, what you read, why you are interested, etc, etc.

1984 is happening right before our eyes.

Even though many things are normalized and man no longer sees them as weirdos, we notice that the future predicted by George Orwell is now here.

I would even say that things are more Orwellian than the author of the 1984 novel imagined. He only thought of the TV that was a kind of TV start, but it seems that the internet and the phone in anyone's pocket, he did not think.

How can we tell if some applications use our camera and microphone.

This could be done by the Android development team…

In the Play Store we find an application called access dots and which not only shows us when the microphone and camera are used by a witness, but can note in a log how many times the microphone and camera were used in the background, at what times and the applications that accessed them.

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Detector fraudulent use microphone and camera - Video Tutorial

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  1. octavian said

    Yes, and with our hand we give unlimited access to the Access Dots application, which will do what it wants with our camera and microphone…

  2. What do you recommend for iOS?
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  1. […] Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones […]

  2. […] Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones […]

  3. […] Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones […]

  4. […] Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones […]

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