Disable autoplay video on Facebook

Facebook disable autoplay video

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can disable the automatic playback of videos on the Facebook news feed. Probably all you can find in the News Feed of your Facebook all kinds of videos that you like or not. The annoying and annoying part, for me at least, is that they play automatically without me pressing the Play button. This probably doesn't bother everyone, but one of them really irritates me. Not to mention that this "feature" makes it very difficult for the browser, its resource consumption and even affects the fluidity with which I scroll in the News Feed to view other posts. This automatic playback of videos is to your disadvantage and if you probably have an older computer or laptop because, to play them automatically, the browser will use serious resources to play them.
Without longer talk, Facebook now offers the ability to disable auto play videos displayed in your Facebook News Feed or enables us if you still want to keep active, to set the quality to be what they played. How and where modify these settings, shown in video tutorial which I invite you to watch.
Disable Facebook video autoplay - video tutorial

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  1. what settings can be made for facebook, mobile version, or messenger not defend well when you're online or when you were last time on line. thank you. esteem for what you do.

  2. Bogdan Ionut said

    Hello. I also want to know how to do so that if you make friends with someone on Facebook, friends of my list do not see that mother befriended X Y say?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Type up in the search box on the top right "How to hide with whom we became friends on Facebook" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial

  3. wow. welcome back with adrian videotutorial so interesting. at more.

  4. don't bother to answer questions.
    busy… .or bored?

    • are busy. especially adrian. make a video tutorial. how to change the temperature scale in facebook. how to change from fahrenheit to celsius. in a month I think it's over. he says about 30 times "YES…?" in video. :))

      • Adrian Gudus said

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        • Yes. I looked . I said, "Watch a new video, we're learning something new today."
          it would be good a video tutorial how to send video stream from pc to tv. in windows 10 this thing is integrated. I didn't do the subtitle test but a simple video works ok with the "cast to device" option. well wired. now 1G I don't think it has a network card tv but it's ok and 100 on full hd stream.
          windows must be on something like this from the 7 10. that I would rather go back to 7

          • Adrian Gudus said

            See we have some tutorials on DLNA. You find the search box at the top right. If it's a Smart TV, DLNA has most likely. In that tutorial using Windows 7!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      mugurel, tell us what hurts?
      Unless we destroy questions 2 reasons.
      1 or not you looked at the tail head tutorial and that's your problem if you scroll, we know that you answer there.
      2 be the answer you from other users on the comments box but you do not bother to read them and perhaps post the same question that has been answered already at least 4-5 times. If you think that is too much effort, which is to read the comments, why I make the effort to answer a question that has been answered at least 4-5 times?
      There would be a reason 3 century. That answer for you is too complex and is not subject to the comments box but rather we stop and turn it in for a new tutorial topic. In fact so many tutorials even arose. Someone came by inquiring and we did a tutorial on solving. Thus, rather than receiving one man of that answer will benefit everyone, now and in the future.

  5. Adrian where the video appears to me not only texturing tutorial tutorial ???

  6. God, how stupid I am in this world ……… ..if you are an idiot first do a search and then comment …….

  7. Adrian I do not see Chrome and Mozilla video content and have installed flash player: everything and nothing. http://s3.postimg.org/cdnoufd5f/untitled.jpg

  8. I have not installed any flash block any adblock, sees desktop phone null vede.Cum can solve this problem.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I put the latest version of Google Chrome on a Windows XP (make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome) and fortunately I don't have your problem. Who knows what tricks of "how to make google chrome faster" you applied and what settings you altered in the browser if your video player is not displayed. Uninstall Chrome using Revo Uninstaller or IObit Uninstaller (we have a tutorial about Revo, you can find it using the search box on the top right) and then reinstall the Chrome browser.

  9. Hello
    I apologize if I bothered… but I asked a question a few days ago and I was not answered maybe you're right I missed the answer or I do not know where to get it.
    I asked why it is harder for me to start windows after upgrading from 7 to 10 for about 2,30 minutes… maybe because I didn't delete the old windows? (I have ssd on my laptop)
    Once again I apologize but I am also ignorant… like me. I don't think you do the tutorials for specialists and when I open the laptop I think that VIDEOTUTORIAL is among the first open pages.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You probably have many programs that start with Windows. Here on the site there are over 1100 video tutorials that you can find using the categories at the top of the site (see Archives category TIPS) or using the search box top right.
      Right now my colleague recently did a tutorial on after deleting old Windows update to Windows 10. There are also tutorials on how to disable programs that start with Windows to increase start time.
      No one was upset that you asked! All I did was answer the question "why don't you stop commenting"
      Let me understand that if you didn't receive an answer to the question "why don't you stop commenting" you wouldn't have considered that you upset us? If we answer you, it's not good because you somehow think (I don't know how) that you upset us, if we don't answer you, and it's not good that we don't answer you. How do we do it? 🙂

  10. thanks for the answer but before I switch to windows 10… in 7 it started in about 20… 25 seconds and now in 2,30 minutes and I didn't install anything extra I still deactivated some of them I was asking if the cause is the old windows and this one I didn't delete it because maybe I'll go back to 7 again… I wasn't really convinced by the new operating system.

  11. Return to Windows mugurel 7, 10 windows is commonplace.
    I tested it too: in fact what windows I didn't test, everything went better less well: but like the banal and tired windows 10 NONE. I hope someone doesn't scream that I didn't walk through the settings to make it consume as few resources as possible "I walked, I definitely did my best" unfortunately that in windows 10 my cooler never worked closing it at full speed


    • I was not working at a video game, the game switched to 7 original.Am of mature drivers will be nou.Când video 10 can announces Cristi.

  12. Hi Adrian, come here with me you can rugaminte ajuta.Am in an SSD PC Win 8.1 / 64 installed on HDD and I want to install a win 7 / 32 will to solve subsequent installation of dual bootul.Porneste but I disconnect the mouse and neither walks of arrows on the keyboard to selectez..Ce wrong? Do not go in a dual boot SSD and a HDD? Thanks!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Use a mouse and a keyboard with a round plug (PS2) or check in the BIOS to have USB Keyboard enabled. If you can't handle it, see my colleague Cristi's tutorial on "Some brief explanations about the BIOS" that you can find using the search box on the top right.

      • Thanks, you're a gentleman.

      • Hi Adrian. I'm back with my problem, partially solved (go win 8). I entered the bios but to my knowledge everything is ok there. I only have a plug (PS2) where I connected the keyboard. I wanted to uninstall win 8.1 and install 7 after which 8.1 but surprise…., It only works to install 8 and 10 respectively, what is below 8 does not work. I have 8 .1 and if I want I can do dual boot also with 8.1 (it works), no problem appears. I put a "new" formatted hdd and disconnected the rest of the HDDs and I tried to install win 7, xp and it didn't work either (I mention that I had 7 installed before), it only works 8. Believe me if I I understood more I would not have "crazy" you. With respect!

  13. How do disabling of android?
    Here consume net…. Mobile data…
    A solution please!…
    On the computer it consumes net only from home… And the connection is unlimited.

  14. albastru.1979 said

    Eu [email protected] opera, and 2 the option is not just the quality of video, but no car in facebook I play the video

  15. Adrian problem that I can be the driver to install another more actual network after the manufacturer's website, but do not know which of these drivers is at the net. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M2NE/HelpDesk_Download/

  16. I forgot to have specific Windows XP x86

  17. Adrian.Cred Hello again, my problem is still exposed above the BIOS (UEFI) Basic .Placa is from Asus and has new type of BIOS (Win optimized for 8) and from what I understood to be walked in on the net Settings for dual boot accepted 32 / 64.Poate in future make you a tutorial on it you helped me and think, many who are in the situation mea.Cu esteem!

  18. Okas thanks
    I returned to windows 7 and things went back to normal, ie it starts in… 20… 25 sec. and my opinion is the same A TRUMPET. the new system

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Never update the system (regardless of what operating system talk) will not be as a clean install (clean install)
      When you're ready to reinstall your favorite applications, to restore the settings of Windows 10 give him a chance and install it on clean, formatting the partition C.

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