Disable Metro interface Start button and installation in Windws 8 and 8.1

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can disable the Metro interface of Windows operating systems and Windows 8 8.1 and how install a Start button that will bring back the Start button in Windows functionality 7 or Vista.
To do that we decided we use two applications: Skip Metro Suite and IObit Start Menu 8. Skip Metro Suite is an application that does not require installation and will allow us to disable these functions of the Metro interface: the App Switcher, Drag to close, Charm Bar, Start Button. Using Skip Metro Suite we are able to setup the operating system at startup to enter directly into the interface Desktop and no longer be displayed Metro interface.
If you want to reactivate the Metro interface together with its functionalities, all you have to do is run the "SkipMetroSuiteUI.exe" executable and then uncheck the "Enable Skip Metro Suite" box and then click on Save Settings. Personally, I recommend that you restart your computer after enabling or disabling the Metro interface.
In the end there can only say that IObit Start Menu and Skip Metro Suite 8 are two very uitle for Windows applications and Windows 8 8.1 and are extremely easy to use.


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  1. Daniel (Jr.) said

    See the website is IObit application for Windows Start Menu 8 8 that includes the amandoua.Aplicatiile vechi.Probabil your are, you're wandering through PC.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I expected you to deduce that there are "start menus" that do not disable Metro UI.
      This is precisely why we wanted to introduce and Skip Metro Suite application. Maybe you want to use a simpler and Classic Start Menu ViStart Shell or tutorials which I did in the past.

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    I forgot to tell you that IObit Start Menu 8 is freshly downloaded today (27.10.2013), proof here: cl.ly/SB3j (before you put the link http)

  3. Costelina said

    for who can come off the old menu has been presented yes it's useful
    (Me one bothers me new start button and no corners)
    I'm open to new things and new functions are intuitive anyway even if their location has changed a bit.
    Adrian I want to tell you that I tried everything w8.1 w8 but now I use for several applications
    in store you can install better in this version of Windows
    As I mentioned Ubuntu to see that anyway do not discriminate Win and Linux is one is different
    W8.1 say so and he did crash out of the blue without any software to install dubious
    I do not know or did not integrate well with my PC or as said Cristi has integrated all of the drivers
    or simply runs better in my w8.1
    oful me what I said to you that you know and imartasiti of your knowledge and with us
    thank you

  4. Daniel (Jr.) said

    I was talking to Skip Metro Suite application that is older, you've installed it for nothing because everything was picked Start 8.Mai considering making the latter Start 8 from the one that you explained a few months ago in I saw Videotutorial.Eu Start menu is V1.3.0 but I understood what you were doing with Ceala aplicatie.Le amestecat.Asta about it, it happens!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I've just explained above. There are applications that bring you home menu but do not have the option to disable the Metro interface. Skip Metro Suite is useful here! You may not necessarily want to use IObit but another application to the Start menu but with no option to disable Metro (as do IObit) Now I hope you understand.

  5. Daniel (Jr.) said

    Leave it as Macan because you do not pricepi.Ai bathed her and ready recunoaste.Eu said that ACES application from IObit does it all for show altceva.Tu toti.Nu insist that you come with 2 applications that includes only one of them that is both 8.Ce Start Menu's so hard inteles.Adica installed on it and I am ready all you have to return to the Start button with its menus in addition disable applications 4 windows8.Setezi the corners of the shortcut Win key to return to the metro or right-click the start button, switch to metro and gata.Subiect closed! Pa, and more atentie.Doar good night's constructive atat.Critica I appreciate your work and of Christ and a respect but also to make a correction is beneficial .Nimeni is perfect!

    • I do not understand why all about charity. That's tutorial and ready.
      What are we talking about ?
      It was good with that, with that, with one software, with two software….
      The tutorial is made, posted solve a problem that some users have. They'll be 1001 methods to solve the same problem, that's another thing.
      Adrian's recommendations are those who would follow them or not!

    • Costelina said

      Adrian even if it forgot something (from over 1000 tutorials that woke us up many)
      That's vocabulary Daniele?

  6. Costelina said

    I propose to make great tutorial on software which is called radiosure
    (I'm very pleased for him as I used it and still use it)
    I'm addicted to good music
    apropos is a radio station that goes directly from the browser but at a certain time you have to press and play for they know not cause stops
    but with this software goes non stop without interruption.
    I Romans has changed dozen music (mothers and listen to something else)
    I highly encourage ======== Radio simply write up in the search box the name of the country
    Spain eg appear in the list of hundreds of stations
    all the best

  7. Constantin said

    Daniel (Jr.).
    Adrian presented two programs that are free and what you say is that the trial version that is home 8 30 days after should you buy.

  8. Constantin said

    A and say something if you have not noticed here videotutorial.ro this great team of guys do not encourage piracy.

  9. I am pleasantly surprised by the answers courtesy of Adrian.
    He usually gave answers like "look, well, the whole tutorial, don't run it anymore, and don't bother me with your stupid beginner questions, that you're pissing me off" - or something along the same lines…
    Glad has matured. Bravos!

  10. Hello! I installed "ClassicShellSetup_4_0_0" for the start button and menu, and to deactivate the metro interface I right-clicked on the bar, properties, navigation and on the start screen I checked the first option and ready, it boots directly to the desktop. Simple. A good day to all!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In this mode you have not disabled and functionality Metro: App Switcher, Drag to close, Charm Bar.
      The fact that you can boot directly into the Desktop interface with the option for such a thing even in the operating system, without additional software I showed in the tutorial about "what's new in windows 8.1" and I reminded that there is this option in this tutorial

  11. First I want to thank you for all the tutorials that I have been very helpful!

    If you use dropbox recommend intalarea software before. METRO returned after installation.

  12. Super! Look now and I have to install Windows 8! Thank you!

  13. Excuse me! Can you give me a download link for Windows XP Professional (or any other original version). I need it fast. (If you could not be in the torrent, virus free version). Thanks anyway!

  14. I don't want to sound critical or anything… but all this stuff is windows 8 .. basically that's all the charm. those who do not want all these functions can stay with windows 7!

    Good evening!

    • Costelina said

      These settings are best for the future, I hope you heard that Windows XP will not support May Aiva
      the next year comes, so everyone will move to newer versions of Windows and not have to adjust somehow?

  15. It would be interesting tutorial about multitasking in windows 8.1

  16. Hey if you can help me I have a game server LFS (live for speed) if you get on the cloud's my open 24 / 24
    and if not how can I keep the server 24 / min 24 but not in pc thx thanks

  17. Through the program can virtualize Windows 8.1?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      With VMWare Player or VirtualBox. About two we already have video tutorials. You can find the search box in the top right.

  18. Also test "START MENU REVIVER" (you can find it with a google search), it is very interesting.
    Look a screenshot to see what I mean: i.imgur.com / 1bXBDqs.png

  19. Alexandru said

    cristi me crazy that I i8 windowsu 5 and moves very hard in my computer folders Opening the replay moves hardly thinking appears to me not responding in windows 7 went perfectly without little lag in folders type I disabled because I am trying to understand the identify the types of files but still hard work if listening to music on youtube and get into my computer music goes discontinue frame. (I left this comment but no one answered me)

    • Costelina said

      sure of original windows?
      if so means that your PC has something do not you?
      you laptop or desktop?
      i25 you can have and if your PC does not have enough RAM (2gb least) minimum 256 mb video card
      check somehow not heat up too much CPU (if Heat Safety lock dust and clean it and put thermal compound
      8 know that Windows has many video effects that require a little pc

      • Costelina said

        Why do I say this?
        Well to me when I open a video on youtube 1,20gb salt RAM
        I have another application open without (that I saw in task manager)
        but this is so is he 8 windows designed to be beautiful and spry
        have not seen that any theme that 7 Classic win has not (has only chameleon themes)
        who wants a nice and fast gladly uses windows8
        PCs who are a little weak remains 7 windows that also is very good

  20. Alexandru said

    if you have problems mean it's not the pc, but I find it strange that I download from torrent, to have 20 of tabs open in Firefox, to watch the video on YouTube 1080 and watch a movie full hd all this while without little lag but when I open a folder fucking stand-20 30 seconds. loading that green stripe when you search, as if searching for something that's why I ask can we disable it.

    • Costelina said

      poi when I recommend something else
      PC scan with Windows Defender but see it first must disable antivirus (if you have)
      then activate it back

    • Alexandru said

      Laptop and windowsu is not original (now give money to a Windows instance must be out of your mind) and there was no 7 windows do not think this is a problem to install on the PC when I have time and I downloaded from their site and if you go all the original image so it means that I wipe down the windows

  21. Hi Adrian
    Super tutorial Adrian, note 10
    I think as we amaze and other tutorials. We.

    the best Adrian.

  22. very hard tutorialul.De much wanted to get rid of dull Metro interface. Let us live!

  23. Hi Adrian Sorry I sidetracked but I have a problem with 8 win any version of win 8, 8.1 I installed all have the same problem when I open laptop give normal open until the dot should appear ecranu dekstop to me is black, to return to normal butonu push the opening / closing laptop that makes me go into standby and after return from standby works normal.multumesc

  24. Beseech you, a tutorial on how and what is logged on windows account 8.1 with Microsoft, and why not keep the settings after I log out and what is and what is this about logging in Windows 8.1. I removed the login password, but when I open pc see that all it asks password if give the log of the windows and then rejoin it asks password, do not get it! Can you help me with a tutorial? Why can not I install firewall applications installed by me? Why should we open the windows firewall plus updates to install applications in metro? Please if you can make a tutorial about what happens when I login to my account on windows microsoft 8.1 and how to save on sky drive backup of Windows and what does the nation do not understand this function! :)) It is better to leave the windows open 8.1 back-checker? They do the job?

    • Logging in Micosoft account allows obtaining data from your computer, Siceram recomand.Merge not install without microsoft account.

  25. Daniel said

    Super! A videotutorial helpful! In fact, I see here you have quality tutorials!

  26. Cristian Toma said

    Super tutorial! It worked perfectly but more give change made to streamline WIN 8.1.
    I recently bought a notebook from Italy with Win 8.1 preinstalled and confess that in the beginning seems to Win 7 crap, I mean the interface and functionality.
    First of all, it crashes very often so that I can't even open End Task, let alone commands… .. it moves so slowly that I prefer to close it.
    I tried to uninstall everything I thought it was useless preinstalled by the manufacturer but still appear some weird stuff, for example Startiminent that I deleted from the browser start page reappears and ingreuneza opening page.

  27. To me it did not work. I did exactly as a tutorial! restart and give it to fel.Doar application of mers.am Windows Startmenu 8.1 PRO x32

  28. To me after installing Skip Metro Suite, restart only after I give my open windows laptopul.Tin to mention that use the 8.1 64 bit.Oricum is much better windows ultimate 7 not deserve nor any 8 10.

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