Disable notifications clips directly to Facebook

Disable notifications clips directly to Facebook

Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how we can turn off notifications for Facebook videos live.
As you may know, Facebook introduced recently, and the new ability to send live (real time) with your smartphone or tablet, which sees the camera / video of them. As TV, go live broadcast live on Facebook or whatever you want. Your friends will be notified when you do your turn and you'll be notified when they will transmit live.

Because everyone is rushing to try this option, we get more and more notifications that "X is streaming a live video." Those who broadcast live are not well-intentioned and very rarely will someone broadcast something really useful.
Fortunately, Facebook gives us the ability to turn off notifications only for "live videos." I decided to do this tutorial because someone asked me on Facebook "how can I disable notification for live broadcasts from all the pages I subscribe to, without going to disable notification on each page?"
The method is very simple but is hidden deep in the thick of Facebook's settings.
To see exactly how we turned off Facebook notifications for "live videos", I invite you to watch the video tutorial!
Video Tutorial - Disable Facebook notifications for live videos

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  1. Congratulations Cristi pt.toate tutorials!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The tutorial is done by Adrian
      Each is presented at the beginning of the tutorial. Not even resemble the voice. If we have sown confusion but I understand it?

  2. It does not matter that someone will confuse important is that while tuoriale do not do good, everything is uninteresting :)) Mr Adrian!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That's it. I do not think you have the right or you can speak for all. Messages received on your personal Facebook, say something! Paradoxically, right? You're not useful to you? Others find it!

      • Even you do not have the same feel at all. Why not present interesting programs? Take only what you are interested in you, some stuff that was interested 5% of regular customers, perhaps.
        I believe that those tutorials (presentations) of various useful programs would still be interesting for most.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          What do you feel at + 40 degrees?
          Always remember that we are people like you, with family chores personal life's summertime, relaxation

      • I understand that you do more tutorials for… people who met for the first time with the internet :))
        Cristi and Adrian, you have to agree with me that you are not weak but very weak lately… I bought products recommended by you and I was not wrong, for that I thank you, but I don't know what is happening to you.? (It will be something from this heat) I hope you come back in force as soon as possible!

  3. Very util.Multumesc!

  4. "Village tramples honeycomb,
    but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. "

  5. Often the tutorials were promised other tutorials (possibly related), but few (of them promised) occurred later!
    Even when there were many requests the comments box to make tutorials suggested, they have not done!
    I think it's a problem.
    Or will occur in the future, I hope !?
    And so the problem will be solved.

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