Disable notifications invitations to games on Facebook

Disable notifications invitations to games on Facebook

Hi friends, today tutorial we will see how we can disable / block notifications for invitations to games in our Facebook account. Probably not seldom has happened to be irritated by all kinds of invitations to games, received from your friends who play games using your Facebook account. Perhaps those who follow me on Facebook already know that playing games. Neither the phone nor the PC or laptop, tablet or console that simply do not like the games regardless of their category. To find easy method presented in this tutorial, to disable notifications with invitations to hundreds of games, I sat locked manually each game separately every time I received a notice of invitation to play the game X. Thus I got a list of over blocked 300 games one by one, every day. I have confided about the fact that I blocked many manual to emphasize how hard annoy me notifications received invitations to games on Facebook. On the day I think stranded at least 15 game manual. Precisely for this reason I decided to share with you this method. I know how annoying and irritating games such notifications are received even from those who do not even know his real or which have not been asked to invite you to a game.
ATTENTION: Be aware that applying the second step "Turn of Platform" you will not be able to use sites or applications that have integration with your Facebook account. To be clear, if you log in with your Facebook account to use an app or site or web service, you will no longer be able to do so by disabling "Turn off Platform"
For me one worth to make that sacrifice because I always chose to use an application, website or web service using an e-mail. And if the app, website or web service provides the option of not using an email account, rid me and seek an alternative.

Video Tutorial - Disable Facebook game invitation notifications

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  1. But this setting does not block access to all platforms? What I did not know you can play games on FB or open web pages that appear in different posts. Wrong?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I explained in the clip what is the matter with disabling "Turn off Platform" Also, in the text above the tutorial I explained even more clearly, with examples. Write big to see everyone "ATTENTION"
      I invite you to read the text. I already explained this in the text of the article!

  2. Hello.
    Although it's off topic, I think it would be nice for many a tutorial entitled: the best camera as a replacement for GoPro. (cheap but to approach the quality of a GoPro). Cristi commemorated once a tutorial about it.

    Thank you!

    • Yes right. and ip cameras with connection on nvr. with poe switch power supply or direct nvr with poe. voltages, amperage, long distance voltage stabilizers (go with 40v - 20A and take out only 12v, to have where to decrease the voltage and amperage…)… cctv power supplies, varifocal lenses, storage settings. active, passive video balun. how many are not to be presented.
      this with facebook games setting… no upset yes .. in 20 seconds you can find on the net how to do it if you are interested in facebook….

    • Sjcam 4000 is ok in terms of price and quality. You can buy in Romania with 450 lei. It has everything in the package and you should.

  3. or if you want someone just for specific games / applications to disable notifications can do so: click on notice (Globu earth) and x on notice and stop notice from jocu respectively (, putting a stop notification for jocu x) is valid only on desktop but you will not be bothered any US phone tablet application x

  4. Hello,
    In facebook chat by name appears in front of a green ball before the ball appear as web or phone can be set to reappear web or by phone case
    Thank you

  5. I would also like, if possible a tutorial about downloading, installing and 2016.Multumesc Office's presentation!

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