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Hi friends, today we have a free program that helps us charts. The software is called Diagram Designer is super light and the system has only 2 MB executable. In addition the program runs perfectly on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.
Programs for creating diagrams are useful to those who have a school project (student or teacher), employees of companies that make presentations and need to be understood better. Even electronistii who design circuits, the collection will be delighted with templates and electronic symbols.
Besides the basic functions, Diagram Designer can load and additional templates that offer user a rich library of graphic objects.
Diagram Designer and could easily find its place in the PC of any user who uses your PC for anything other than Facebook, and Youtube Gaming.
Download Diagram Designer
Diagram Designer Templates

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  1. Anderson said

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    • I HDD now. I have no problem with it.
      Issues (in any media) appear when you put him corrupt files: incomplete, corrupted download, forced restart, crack games). Generally it is human error.

      • Anderson said

        Thanks Cristi response. I want to tell the store SIGMANET that now I bought another name SensoDays is a big fake, I was hard Hitachi 1TB unchanged as say those in service that was bought on June 2012 and they renamed the store (rebranded) after July 1 2012 so they say. I mean rather stuck with a faulty component with Badura and take money 380 lei and that disappeared without a trace and you where not on SIGMANET. Daia is best to buy from Emag, Evomag and PcGarage that not even that went bankrupt rest Flamingo MarioSoft and now SIGMANET. Some of us would mouthed "What are you show us Emag ..." but here it is a little expensive if you change it or gives money 3 movements, while the other must wait for days. The new store SENSODAYS AVOID !!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hello Cristi,
    You are the best!
    The software is great, but how can we create templates?
    I want to make my a template.
    Waiting for your answer!

  4. Thank Cristi and this useful program!

  5. How can separate a video collage dintrun songs (ex- if 5mel united to separate them one by one) can someone help me ???

  6. http://dia-installer.de/ ass beats him to empty this

  7. Cristi tell me please, can I find electrical symbols in this program?
    Thanks for the reply

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