Ditto, clipboard manager, helps us copy and paste more efficiently - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present an application that gives us a better clipboard, our software today is called Ditto, and is open source.
Why not know exactly, clipboard is the function of the operating system that allows us to copy and Paste (glue) or text files from side to side, you take to copy a text, it will be stored in the clipboard unfortunately does not allow us clipboard to copy only one entry, only text, only one file, etc.
To resolve this issue we turned to clipboard Ditto's help, it allows us to copy several things that clipboard to use them when we need a database very simple to use application that await us.
Another advantage of Ditto is that not empty the clipboard after refresh, as we know clipboard Windows empties every time you refresh, some use excessive amounts of this function, became a kind of tic nervous.
An application appears super simple help us get rid of a lot of problems, even in the tutorial you will see how fast I worked with Ditto compared to classical copy-paste method.
Ditto monitors the clipboard and insert in its database all children and keep them for when we need those inputs (text) do not think that you can copy any 5 movies at once, Ditto is created essentially for working with text.
Ditto can be brought in front, on the desktop by apasarera simultama keys Ctrl + `(back-quote) key back quote is below the Esc key or above the Tab key, pressing this combination Ditto comes exactly where we need it, you will see and in this video tutorial how come the right place.
The interface is simple but the setting is quite complex, fortunately Ditto allows us to install in Romanian translation is very good and should not pose a problem in interpreting setting, a setting that I caught your eye provides opportunity use a clipboard from another computer, this simply by entering its IP address.
I hope you enjoy the app, those who work with text will definitely find very valuable, I no longer one I never break up with her, Ditto is a treasure for me!
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Daniel said

    cristi you got the wrong tutorial cre… .e that about remote

  2. That has tied up with the tutorial is a new feature of the entry of comments:
    Clips on youtube which runs directly here.
    [Youtube yai2u3nVlN4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yai2u3nVlN4 youtube]

  3. robert said

    useful program. thank you

  4. No it is not related to the tutorial, it is a test demonstration video for new comments.
    Who has "time", can also leave video comments.
    Please be good faith, otherwise I will be forced to delete them.
    [seesmic lBZffvATEg | Http: //t.seesmic.tv/thumbnail/BV2ILI7Vwy_th1.jpg " target = "_ blank">http://|http://t.seesmic.tv/thumbnail/BV2ILI7Vwy_th1.jpg” target=”_blank”>|http://t.seesmic.tv/thumbnail/BV2ILI7Vwy_th1.jpg http://www.seesmic.com/video/lBZffvATEg Seesmic]

    • Comments video, whoever puts Who dares?
      No need to make a big deal, just you allow to access your camera flash and ready, you should not do your account.
      Do your drills, take your sunglasses (not that the HI5) and leave video comments.

  5. Augustin said

    Very interesting tutorial! And interesting and this… .download manager or how to tell.

    • It clipboard manager is pretty big difference between clipboard and download.
      I am convinced that you hurry when you left comment.

      • Augustin said

        Yes, that's right, I wanted to write a comment manager or I don't know how to call this service from intensedebate, it's probably a plugin for wordpress…

  6. ZeroCool said

    Cristi also goes to copy movies, pictures…. I tried and I see that it works 😀 Congratulations for the tutorial: D

  7. Hello

    I have a problem :

    When I maximize the video player window in the browser
    Mozilla Firefox displays a white screen (nothing visible - only white).

    When I minimize image recovers. This happens all
    even the type web sites You Tube.

    The sound goes in both cases.

    I mention that I have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox,
    the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, operating system
    licienta (Dell with XP update to date).

    Interestingly, Internet Explorer works fine.

    If anyone has encountered this problem I would be grateful
    if I would give me a tip or suggestion.

    Thank you all.

  8. Andreidcn said

    WoW… Super and tutorial and new comments section 🙂

  9. traian said

    good tutorial
    imiu like

  10. traian said

    why miai comment deleted?

  11. ciprian said

    Hello! I have a intrebare.Inainte made boby.Dar tutorials and now there is boby lam May vazt demult.Unde? sia resigned? Please tell me

  12. Cristi M. said

    To copy all those texts can select CTRL + A and then Ctrl + C then give Paste (CTRL + V) where you want.

    But the manager is very good at large and can only copy text specific pieces of text.

    Congratulations Tutorial

  13. cristiiiii please give me your id mesengerr

  14. Cristi give me your email address please

    • If you have to send us a message or an idea, you can do it by clicking on the "Contact" button at the top on the black border.

  15. Very interesting tutorial, but this section of comenatrii.Bravo, looks like work.

  16. dc id's all I ask. vil do you think will? if you have questions or concerns post here as has been said in some tutorials and as you would need to know that for sure will respond. super tutorial and useful d

  17. Hello. Anyone know how I set the explorer medium icones to see all folders and subfolders?

  18. Bravo… Tineteo all the same! Are you trying to do a tutorial every day? If it works very well, it's hard to keep it that way! Bravo!

  19. related to "installing and optimizing windows vista operating system" where did you get the iso with vista image? please tell me from the bottom of my heart

  20. Hello ! All the respect and respect for the work you put into making these special tutorials. I have a request from you… If it is possible to make a tutorial about a server operating system, be it Server 2003 or 2008. So far, exceptional tutorials have been made about client operating systems, but about server type not much talked about. I would be interested in the facilities that this OS offers, especially those in Administrative Tools which are very complex. Thank you again… Only good.

  21. hello guys! I have a problem unit to my PC sounds awful tare.Barnaie as if a tractor when louder when May incet.Ce can I do for you no longer hear so much. you say it's a plane :))

    • Mircea buy another cooler times of the CPU times cooleru cooleru the video card or if you have or can source it suplimentasra ventilation. Loosen casing and listen and change sounds cooler where you hear the sound and I happened coleru so I had to change the video card and the processor. yes nus so expensive

    • For starters you should change a better source, preferably have larger fan, or 12 14, then you should think and a cover, a walk, and the CPU cooler with a larger fan, fans are large low speed, low speed = less noise, intel stock cooler has a fan 4000 rpm, I have a cooler with fan works constantly to 12 500 rpm, you can remove unnecessary fans (if you have it) .
      There is also the "carpeal" version, there are some anti-noise kits, I don't agree with them, you don't get who knows what results if you don't eliminate the noise generating sources in the first place.
      Success in fighting the "crickets"

    • Bill Gates said

      For a few days, too, for me ". Barnaie as if it were a tractor when louder and slower" to know the noise comes from the cooler, you probably have in the room with at least 3-4 degrees Celsius extra

      • Marvel not so, it's hot outside, if it's hot outside you realize like in your computer's and warmer, cooler needs air, if air cold enough, will have to increase the volume passed through the cooler, as to cool the beast.
        Phase-Change = cooler should cool the processor, it has some revving instructions from the computer when the CPU heats up, the computer fan shout de4 the cooler to run faster, the side effect is noise.
        Buy your cooling systems (coolers) performing or wait to go warmth.

        • Daniel said

          Cristi I azut some PCs with 4 Greek coolare right side and co blue light that if I would like to ask myself what should ever vac to pierce the casing

  22. egasus08 said

    Mircea, and my unit was making a noise like a crawler… unfortunately I couldn't solve it 😐 but my motherboard broke because I opened it to clean it and I touched something to break it. the one who repaired it told me that it is not only my fault but also because of the motherboard which was bad (ecs or as it was called). But it is certain that after I changed it, that noise was no longer heard. (this happened to me)…

  23. Spread Mircea cooler unit and see which sounds like it's from one of the coolers and that supliemntare ventiloaterele inlocuiestel or one of the housing if you. cle or see is not the source

  24. hi I have a question I have a windows 7 and Windows side appears windows.old.Ala for what?

    • It creates Windows old. Most likely you have reinstalled Windows and instead you format the C partition and you gave directly install Windows on which you installed the last time you installed next to the old one and that's why you and Windows old and the new

  25. nene112 said

    Cristi :)) yes it is not easy to crtl + select all! ctrl + v paste, and you need not soft! and you can use and files! . yes it's loud and softu is also good cava can

  26. I wrote again, I write once, zicetimi brothers how to do to see my videoinregistrarile COMTASIA they make, with the same clarity of image, we can see the blog after you upload?
    So I do video recording with comtasia after I make uploading is seeing the same site, spunetimi plz how to do .and im sorry I have not posted icer place! PLZ ajutatima

    • Anarchic said

      Oky… I see that you only got butt sutures on your question .. "A butt kick one step ahead" 😀… Here's a little help to figure out where you need to button in Camtasia Studio .. .http://img2.pict.com/b4/13/70/3671140/0/productionwizard.gif

    • Oky… .I see that you only received butt sutures to your question 😀, although a well-placed butt shot is sometimes necessary in life… Here is a little help to figure out where to button ..Click on Link http://img2.pict.com/b4/13/70/3671140/0/productionwizard.gif

      • See that's good not post links, another time you will not rush.
        I spotted me, your bill will come to your address, if you want invoice please contact us.
        Mini sympathetic HowTo

    • Sorry, but our method of posting tutorials is a professional secret. Use google, search the forums and you will find an answer very easily. Camtasia records in what format you want MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. What use is Camtasia if you don't know how to use it? Why not use Camstudio? What's the use of having the coolest capture software if you don't know how to use it and begging others to tell you what and how to help you? Fale MP4, I can't tell you more than that…

      • f appreciated your work much, just do me ptr is a personal blog, do not enter than acquaintances, if you wanted to help me really could even send me a pm if all them so secret, anyway mc ptr rsp

        • A secret is a secret for everyone, that is, it means the same for you! If I told you no to others, it wouldn't be a secret! It would be a favor, it would mean favoring you and I have no reason… even more, you don't want anything processional, I don't see why you bother so much? A tutorial was posted in which this was shown with the softness I told you about in the previous comment. go to Home and then to the category: Latest tutorials, you have the tutorial related to YouTube and CamStudio

  27. is a simple method ctrl + A select all give and give copies
    and give EASTER
    and that's it

    • software3g said

      and if you copieat 10 words from one place ,, and others 12 from another, how you doing? with ctr + to?

  28. to be honest did not seem too soft commodity this.
    orcum me I do not use this software.

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