Two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same phone

Two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same phone
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Two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same phone

Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how we can use two accounts WhatsApp or two Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same phone or tablet.
As you probably already know, WhatsApp enables a single phone number per device (smartphone or tablet). If we have a dual SIM smartphone, we can not use both numbers on both cards in WhatsApp using the same phone. Bit creepy if you think about it, right? Facebook also does not allow us to logam app with more than one account. It enables us to already logged out of your account and we login with one another but that we are not at all useful when you want to use 2 Facebook accounts simultaneously.
Well to overcome these shortcomings, our app is available Parallel Space. This helps us to clone applications already installed but when you first open the app cloned, it will behave like has not been installed on the device, we will be able to log in with another account Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram , depending on the application we chose to clone.
Parallel Space app can be used by those who use the accounts in games or they want to start from scratch with a certain game but do not want to lose the accumulated score of the account that started the original game.
One thing that I missed the tutorial but I noticed then that, fortunately, the Password is still functional after setting the pattern lock, however, shall come into operation only after blocking the screen or put it into standby, which I missed the tutorial and I said wrong about it not working.
parallel Space (Play Store)
Video Tutorial - Two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same phone

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  1. Now recently during the leave not having signal at tel. (Digi) entered into roaming voda. but without the net, I bought a sim card included net (voda.) I moved on sim2 digi simulations and simulations from voda. on sim1 and what to see me went smoothly and without whatsapp I register with another number.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      It is normal to your work here has approached another situation! The need to use two accounts on one phone WhatsApp. There was nothing unusual in your case.

  2. marius said:

    Iphone good but can not find anything like this application is

  3. yes it's good app there are others like. and even only one application and login to fb, etc in one single washapp

  4. LucianGL said:
  5. finally doing a tutorial and additional ...

  6. Andrew said:

    I gave sound to MAXIM to watch videotutorialui! Do we want to hear something in the future !!!

  7. salutare.un tutorial about OnePlus 3 while?

  8. marian Galu said:

    adrian or crystals, can you help me, give the laptop the power button but the laptop does not start

  9. Adrian Marin said:

    May is a great way for those with Samsung phones, namely Knox. I have two applications in a note 4 WhatsUp (single sim). A simul phone account and an account knox but with acknowledgment from another phone.

  10. Ralu M said:

    Hi! I have two SIMs with the same number functional. And two phones. Can I use the same account for whats app on both phones simultaneously?

  11. Iphone that would be similar application for 2 fb accounts simultaneously?

  12. Apetri said:

    WhatsApp for iPhone clone on how to proceed?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      iPhone's "trinket" Unfortunately you can not do such tricks on the device's Apple. Apple iPhone dictates, not you.

  13. Hello!
    I have two facebook accounts, I downloaded the software ... but the surprise does not work, I've read that for Iphone Iphone does not work ... I do not understand what the hell worthless policy of the Apple?
    The most expensive and most reliable phone on the market, do not say anything ... I change remains an android telefonu, thank you!

  14. Ionut said:

    I have a question if you can help me ...... how can i have the same account of whatsapp on 2 phones? ...... I tried but when I log on one delegates me from the other ....... An application that could hold a single active account on 2 phones! ... Thank you Anticipated!

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Write up in the search box at the top right: "How do you get into someone else's account of WhatsApp to read your conversations?" Press the Enter key and find a video tutorial about an app that helps you do what you want

  15. Catherine said:

    Interesting tutorial but you did not show ... practically, .. PRACTICALLY. step by step. How to get my original whatsapp into the clone actually does not come in and I do not know how to do ... so push on it. It changes its color from gray to white ... but .. but .. but NOT YOU AND MORE ... does not give me any option to take it away .. I stay with the old one and so much .. When I go in .. Into the old one . As if nothing had happened. : ((

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      We've shown everything step by step, even what you have to do to put the icon of the cloned application on the main screen. Your phone may not work. Which version of Android you have and what phone model. As far as I know, you need to have Android from 4.0.3 up to work.

  16. Thank you boil!

  17. Thank you ! Can you help me transfer the contacts into the "clone" as easily and quickly as possible?

  18. How can you use a wp phone number on my phone number and on the same phone number when I try to call the phone is closed. The person uses the same number that sounds closed on wp and is always connected. I did not get stuck. Is there any explanation I do not understand?

  19. Adrian Dami an easy suggestion of tracking a phone number that's out of the country, how can I check my phone for calls and calls? Thanks for your time !

  20. How can I see what other facebook / messenger accounts have been accessed by the same device (samsung s7)?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You can not, each account has this information in its account. You can not see it in other accounts. Unless you know the login data for each account you are interested in, you log in and see if they were these and where. There is already a tutorial on this topic, you can find it using the search box at the top right

  21. Hi. I have a question. Why does my message appear on whatsapp as read though the person I sent has blocked me?

  22. Valentin said:

    Question by 10 points!
    How to install a dual-application (e.g. Candy Crush) from google play and Candy Crush from unknown sources?
    So you have two games installed from different sources .. Not cloned?

  23. florin said:

    very useful, I just broke my phone and I had to use my wife, WhatApp is nonsense, there are groups in the kindergarten, in the school, the school, the football, the work, et. Etc.
    Thank you !

  24. Simona said:

    I'd like to ask how you can find out who's the second account, if it's a different name?



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