Two games simultaneously on the split screen

Two games simultaneously on the split screen
Two games simultaneously on the split screen
Split screen is nothing new, manufacturers like Samsung, LG and others have been offering this feature for a long time.
New is the fact that Android, through a simple and elegant split screen function, lets you through the developer options run two games in the split screen, or a game and another app.

What is a split screen?

Split screen allows us to run two apps at the same time.
This split screen feature is encountered on multiple devices, but only the native Android feature can be used to run two games simultaneously.

How do I activate the split screen?

Split Android native screen is only from Android Nugget up, or on custom gyms that have ported the split screen; This is already enabled.

Enable "Force resize tasks"

Split screen fault is enabled by default, but the "Force resize tasks" function is not, so it must be enabled in "Developer Options", otherwise the games will not be able to run in split screen.

Why would I want to play two games at the same time?

1. Maybe you want to make bigger scores
2. You might want to run an app and a game on screen
3. Maybe you want to watch a movie while playing
4. Maybe you want to listen to music in time to play
5. Find your reasons, it's important that you can run two games on the screen

1. Even if two games run at the same time on the screen, only one of them can take precedence. That is, you can not play a game with one hand and another game with the other.
2. However, if you are engaged in a game, you can start a movie with it and it will run in the background just as you play.
3. The native Android native split screen has only been introduced to Android Nougat, but you can also find it on the custom (ported) gyms.

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