Two easy methods to make desktop capture (print screen) on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, today a tutorial to learn how we can do a print screen using two methods. We all know that when we need help and go on forums or other sites where you post your question / issue our administrators or users of that forum, we ask often a print screen with the message erroare to know exactly what happens to your computer. Besides this screenshot else should you give details about the operating system used, what I did before appearing erroarea, I installed, I uninstalled, as I uninstalled, what we tried to do to fix the problem, which is more very necessary if you ask for help on a site where no one has to know what operating system used. For such situations help us come 2 applications. The first application should be Snipping Tool tool that comes with Windows 7. This allows us to print the selection screen in any shape we desire freedom allows us to make prints rectangular or just a window or the entire desktop. Then print your save in PNG, GIF, JPEG, HTML. We can after I did the prince to edit circling items that we want to highlight or emphasize a specific color a piece of text or a button on an application which is in print screen that site. Snipping Tool Tool downside would be that we go up automatically on the screen print a photo sharing site to give the link to it with friends or on sites where we ask for help. We'll have to do manually load print site later to get the link to our print screen.
A second application requires no installation is very simple, and unlike Snipping Tool, after the establishment's print screen will automatically load your print made on the application server offering us a link to share. Practical application will put us in clipboard mouse link to print we just need to shepherd link in the conversation window of Yahoo Messenger when we want to show a friend whom we ask for help or box comments on forums. The application allows us to use our own FTP account if we own it.
These two applications are useful and we where working on a project for someone and want to show them what stage we project. Hoping that we have sparked curiosity, I invite you to watch the video tutorial.

NOTE: To use the application you must have installed ScreenSnapr. NET Framework if you use Windows XP

Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu....

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  1. FastStone Capture has several options V5.3

  2. Adrian, no application for windows XP Snipping Tool? What capture software you've used this tutorial?

  3. Nice tutorial
    Drawing you've done snipping tool resembles a dog, made with blue ala

    • Adrian admin said

      ALEXANDRU: Beautiful tutorial ...
      Drawing you've done snipping tool resembles a dog, made with blue ala  

      How observant you nene

      • Adrian admin:
        What nene observant you really have not been paying attention to that drawing, I drew some lines at random and came out looking like the silhouette of a dog. Very cool   

        very nice tutorial Adrian! I use a lot and which is very good (actually is a page) .What do you think Adrian? not so simple?

  4. Robert Ionel said

    Good tutorial and helpful, good enough snipping tool in Windows and is also free;)). Much continued success to the whole team!
    ps: Dj gicu if silent, philosopher stay!

  5. Good tutorial… Well if there are other busier free capture software (ie with more options), do about 2 if you want… There is no upset

    • BGD: Good tutorial ... Well, if there are other free software capture more layered (ie multiple-choice), are you VRO 2 if you want ... There is anger nico   

      I have forgotten to say something to the utility from the Windows 7 can use a shortcut (keyboard shortcut) to make a soft catch that first introduced?

  6. what email address I can contact?

  7. It is not simple to printscree button on the keyboard and then open it in Windows Paint and ctrl + v and there you choose and you cut away what you want to save the picture and edit in another sheet Print?

  8. Hello, I would like to ask you when you can make to do with a videotutorial
    Inkscape .Multumesc anticipated.
    Regards Coco

  9. Very useful is complex and PHOTO SCAPE [is in Romanian] + that is totally free. It has many options for photo editing.

  10. I find it easier to press the Print Screen key, then open paint and press Ctrl + V Picture (capture desktop), I can save that extension but usually I just use .jpeg

  11. Very good tutorial Adrian !!!
    I would suggest if you want to do a tutorial on software professional:
    Ashampoo Snap 4 I honestly got used to the software from Ashampoo.
    This software is much better.
    And I heard many people you have to make a CD with something everyone is despair and search on google NERO, NERO NERO and again so I suggest a tutorial and about
    Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 which is free (so never expire) is multifunctional and my opinion is the 1000 times better than nero and if you do not believe me incercatil and zicetimi me what can do NERO and can not make Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 FREE. Performances are also versions is better but unfortunately are 40 days and requires Trial Serial example and I still use Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 BY gepeto_5 (10.0.4) is DETO and pancakes :))

  12. I have a problem, I took the icon from Snipping Tool on the desktop and then I deleted it unintentionally. Now I can't find the program in Start-> All Programs-> Accesories. I simply pulled the icon to bring it to the desktop. Did I delete the program? Can I still find him somewhere?

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