Download YouTube channel with all the original files

Download YouTube channel with all the original files

Why download video sites YouTube?

Backup for digital data is compulsory, whether we speak about the files on your phone, PC, or underlying our files in the cloud, Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

What can happen?

1. Without backup, YouTube for example, the account can be closed if you have serious violations of the rules, and you can remain without your shooting
2. If some hacker will steal your password and log into your account can delete all footage there remain no data. In which case any original files can not be downloaded.
3. Coming end of the world, flood, zombie apocalypse, nuclear war, etc., and you will remain without shooting. Eeee, not that, but you understand the idea.

How to download a video from your YouTube account

Old school variant aka. "Whack". This variant is the simplest, but it is the variant that It will not only offer a transcoded version of the official video, which is available for download at a lower resolution. Log in to your youtube account: My Channel / Video Manager and here you have all your videos and next to each video you have a drop-down menu where you will find the option "Download in MP4 format".

Download YouTube channel with all the original files

Google allows us to download any data from YouTube, from emails to files on the drive or videos on Youtube. Download Service Account data is called Google Takeout.

How to download YouTube video channel full original sites

Option that I recommend to backup your entire YouTube account with your original video is: Enter your Google account: My Account / Privacy Settings / Control your own content / Create Archive - here deselect everything and just select YouTube and go "Înainte".

What archive size to choose?

If you download an NTFS formatted hard disk, cache size does not matter, if you download a stick FAT32, you should choose portioning in archives 2GB or 4GB.

Be careful How Download archives

I had 13 downloaded archives, which had total 621 GB. The first time I got to download all as balalaika, then I realized that the hard disk is flooded with data and it can not handle writing.
The download speed of the YouTube servers reached 800 Mbps (amazing) and my external hard drive Seagate Backup Plus 8 TB USB3.0 barely cope. As we understand well, it was not but write speed IO / s that for hard drives is disaster.

How long you can download 621 GB on Google servers?

When I put all the archives pile to download, I had to wait hours to download 28 = suck. When I put one archive at a time, I downloaded the whole, that is, in 621 3,5 hours GB. Thanks Google for speed.

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Download YouTube channel with all ORIGINAL files - Video Tutorial

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  1. Cristi settings to prepare opereare SSD system in this tutorial applies to older Windows 10.Ai Could you kindly to update this tutorial!

  2. Adrian, do not have to stop system restore, disk defragmenter, indexsarea, SuperFetch, Windows prefetch 10!

  3. You know that there are many external servers that give high speeds. As if you were in the country. And I knew about this method. Only those who do, you see space on disk or ssd: d

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    • If you want to stop the system restore, you can do it, but it does not hurt to have a quick way out if the going thing.

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