Download maps offline Google Maps + Navigation tip

Google maps allows us a few days to download extra maps and update them regularly offered. Good news for those who use the Google Maps intense (Google Maps) and want to make savings for mobile traffic.
Downloading Google maps can be done for a long time, download google maps offline and more "download google maps interventions".

Download maps offline Google Maps + Navigation tip

This time it is very easy to download Google Maps and also, very importantly, Google will update our maps downloaded when changes are detected in the map.
Google Maps Navigation (google maps) offline!
Official Google Maps does not support offline navigation (without net), but it can do something and I respect that.
How we can surf the net without Google Maps?
Before you leave home or at work / school, where you have WiFi, open the route in Google maps and navigation (lower right button). The route will be downloaded together with voice data (take a right, to the left, etc.). From now on, if you follow the trail made by Google, everything will be ok. Instead if you think of anything and change the route, taking it on any shortcut, then Google will be lost and reconfiguring route will not work.
Anyway, this method of creating route home before you leave, saving is good for net mobile traffic.
Video tutorial - Download Google Maps maps + offline navigation tip

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  1. Bravo Mr. Cristi for tutorial, it's good to know and useful for those who travel. This stage was good to me some time ago good result, I now use an application on all android offline Google Play unfortunately the money but are very multtumit it.

  2. Tell me please if any difference between black ac66u router assus rt us've recommended this router .. for answer… I would like to buy it ..

  3. I use the "HERE Maps" application that I am happy with. It also works offline.

  4. Thanks Cristi.Am noticed that USB modem has ..Port 3G

  5. Me say that I have not enough space. It seems that just wants the phone's memory. Do you know if it works on the card? I wonder if Google reinstall the card will map and the map still there?

  6. I use a Samsung Galaxy S6, and access Google Map and access an option only appears loacatie I [SAVE] and [show].

  7. Interesting! Even I did not know this and I tested all kinds of navigation applications offline. Anyway I think the google maps app is the best. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Watch website when we used Windows XP computer and learned many interesting things here. Congratulations and as many tutorials from now!

  8. Zeno şerban said

    I would be interested in a tutorial about Garmin Bse Camp program. I am a lover of hiking and us know that there are maps for GPS too. I want to purchase a GPS GARMIN ETREX 30x and I would like to know how to exploit it better.

  9. Aurel Mironescu said

    First of all, thanks for the helpful tips shared by these tutorials. Linked to this, discharge hati Google-Maps on Android, I have a problem and do not know if you can do something about it. I bought a Samsung tablet with Android, recently, for performance environment that I put a SD card 32 G, storage for memory expansion. I am happy with it in general, but started having problems after downloading a few apps, as far as it is necessary that interested me, not games or other large files. SD card is much empty seat at least 15 G. Fail to move most of the applications downloaded to the SD card, because the defaults know that they can not move, the move card Settings button is inactive in these applications. This is the case maps on Google Maps, which, besides the default application could sit very well card. So lately tablet I still give message that there is no room for updating default applications, such as editing program that replaces Office on your PC, Hancom Office, with many sub-applications I tried vain to disable. They are up-dated automatically adding other subaplicatii from time to time and can not be moved to SD card anymore. I uninstalled some of downloadable applications, but do not want to give up the other. There is a solution to power applications on internal memory to be moved to SD card and thus somewhat relieving internal memory? I look forward answer.

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