Download install and set cyberlink powerdvd a very good dvd player - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a very good dvd player, it is the power dvd which is produced by company Cyberlink.

This company also produces other applications for audio and video content but PowerDVD remains the most successful product of their own.

In this video tutorial we will open and view HD content online, some time this tutorial we will test you and to receive your views on the quality of this tutorial HD.

This tutorial is made with a resolution of 1280 / 720 which corresponds to an entry quality HD, if your views are good about running this type of content and whether some weaker systems will'll be able to play the content, then we do tutorials only in HD.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Buna.necomentand anything this year started ptr wish I wish you a good year to be healthy, happy and be iubiti.Multumesc ptr all emails sent to that me know when you post something new, all your tutorials are interesting and thank you the soul and I appreciate the effort ptr help us and us of those less skilled in your calculatoarelor.Datorita I learned many new things that I'm the folos.MULTUMESC.Sa be loved.

  2. very nice it looks great only I have a 15 inch LCD (that's when I took the pc 3 years ago I had no money to get a bigger one then they were very expensive) and I have a resolution of 1024 × 768 so it looks bigger than maybe my lcd: ((super anyway

  3. From my point of view and my computer (GS NVIDIA GE FORCE 8400 512 MB Intel Dual Core CPU D925), Km player is conceptually superior to the PowerDVD both video and tutorials with great interest audio.Asteptam with video editing software (Power Director, After Effects, and others). Thank you very much!

  4. super bravo tutorial only do not really like power dvd prefer other similar programs it has a lower quality video and audio still others good luck to tutorials

  5. marius radu said

    Thank you first for. for the work they submit. new and then I want to tell you that I have a Pentium 440Mhz and 128 ram. So now if you let it load in cache, better sound could be heard, even if the images came afterward, but now sounds jerky, but the picture is great. Yet I lean pt. entryHD.

  6. CORLEONE said

    Hello, very nice indeed, Cristi know that we managed to introduce the subtitle to DVD format and even more I was able to put DVD movies 2 3 or DVD, I did what I wanted the menu to disk with pictures of children, the subtitle menu to see writing that is like, the color to have the song that is heard as the disc sits in dvdplayer in the main menu, and all with: VSOConvertXtoDVD3. can make a movie about him because I think many want to make their memories coated in something as beautiful and as placut.Defapt vrroiam you please just make a video tutorial about SubtitleWorkshop251 is a subtitle editing program, I did not because the English mother ditch after turn the corner, yes even there, otherwise all good, Sunday placuta.Multumesc.

  7. First congratulations (again) for what you do! If I prefer PowerDVD too much, I don't have to say it because I don't know it yet. Sounds pretty good…

    - Cristi, I don't know how it sounds to others, but on your tutorials it sounds a bit "nasty" to me. Bobby's sounds good.
    As for HD… it looks great, even if a little jerky (probably due to the capture) but I think you should postpone the presentation in this format a bit. I have a 17 ′ nonWide LCD, so I have to move the st-dr image so I can see everything. I don't know which browser has the 16: 9 format… If you know… 🙂

    How is the "chief commentator" Adrian missing from here ?! 😀

    I don't take movies from torrents too often. I take them from a site, I'm not saying I'm not "accused" of advertising… at very good speeds, with good f subtitles. Ask a question about nea gogu (

  8. CORLEONE said

    Remus: Your problems may be many more reasons: speed net in draiverul your sound settings, or the number of people accessing the same file (tutorial) at the same time, I say this because the same happened to me a period of long.

  9. Sorry…. it looks good in HD, but it's a little different. must be given fullscreen 😀… until we get used to… 🙂

  10. beb3_mykk said

    it's ok and in hd it looks great but not many people have such a bigger screen and trb given in fullscreen to see the whole screen…. it's ok it also works in super clear HD the image is super okay;)

  11. Forte sees good and very interensant cometariu.

  12. It seems very well now, it is seen that the other quality imaginea.Din can do my part to come in this format, but I'm not a selfish person and altii.Daca think will be more people who will have to lose, then to postpone the transition to this entry HD quality.

  13. Bravo! We are waiting for tutorials in HD quality even if "only" 720p. It looks great. My Samsung 2032 wide monitor also benefits me.

  14. Cristi to know that he sees super HD and it would be better to leave everything so it sees clearly 100 times
    tinetio to it
    about PowerDVD is a very useful.

  15. Salut.Vreau to FEICA for new HD foramt very much!
    About PowerDVD very nice tutorial I use plain hard this player and it seems pretty good! Bft still as many tutorials.

  16. adrian_iasi said

    I know they stole it in the terms of computer but I have a question: what's with the HD's that? When I click on the image, it opens another window (in Firefox) and both total black. Thank you!

  17. @adrian_iasi: if you read the last 3 comments above you will see the answer as it is with this HD…. the browser will throw you on a black page then wait even up to 5 minutes and an image with a button will appear in the middle of the page on that black background play in the middle !!! click on it and wait another 1 minute or so and the video starts !! HD is a good and high resolution that's why it works so hard! it loads so hard… maybe it's good that the video tutorial took the step and switched to HD format but many can't view this content…. it loads ft hard… it loads video faster you ft a lot of your netu and your processor! Anyway, my opinion is that it's too early to switch to HD !!! Many have a bad net, most… and those who have a good net have bad PCs or let's say poor, Romania is not ready for HD content I don't think it's worth it especially because everything is free !!

  18. boby_admin said

    And you have to wait a little more now and depending on your netul

    Because traffic has grown considerably and increase the quality of video tutorials unfortunately the server load is quite high and the waiting time increases
    Hopefully in a few weeks not to depend on others and have their own severe and then the quality will be superior Service Visioning offered

  19. @boby_admin:
    People 100% problem is your connection because you do not have minimum guaranteed band.
    I have a trivial net that Ron 50 pay per month and upload HD videos with a delay of seconds 5 8-traffic hours.
    I know that I am near Bucharest and website is on some servers in Cluj Napoca.
    Try not to download anything when watching a tutorial.
    I would like to know if there are interruptions in tutorials or if you are having problems running high definition content.
    Above all you have to admit that it is seen in a way… ..!
    We'll do a poll and if you have more votes to return to the old format definitely will.
    And you must understand that this is the direction you will go from now on, we enter the HD era.

  20. adrian_iasi said

    Boby hope you're not upset, but the man really did not know what's up with the black page. Thanks for clarifying! Keep up the good work!

  21. help me too… it doesn't work at all nero startsmart… I uninstalled the old one, I downloaded another one but it still doesn't work… I don't know what else to do… help me !!!

  22. @ionut:
    Not given us any details.
    Where did you get nero?
    What version of XP do you have?
    What do you mean not working?
    What is wrong?
    Have you tried different versions?

  23. I stayed behind to PowerDVD5 is also quite good, but after your tutorial more convinced to go to 8.Multumiri pt.tot way you do and go and see your great tutorials.

  24. Indeed, CyberLink makes some exceptional software, and with Power DVD the movies can be seen at a much higher quality than other programs like bs player gom player etc…

  25. Tanase Florentin said


  26. Saki Dennis said

    I tried and tried 8 Power DVD and Power DVD 9 seem to me about as I managed to take it from head to tail 9 give them very small at first ii difference.
    Oriucm both are very good

  27. I also have a question, which version of dvd power is suitable for windows 7?… ..Or do they all work?

  28. I have a question about a blueray powerdvd9.Am a documentary called Home which is franceza.Nu know if the track is in English, and can not add subtitle simply 2 are the tracks of mate can you help?

  29. Ioan Igna said

    can increase the subtitle font CyberLink Power DVD Ultra 10????????????? I want to increase the font (handwriting is too small on the LCD 94cm)

  30. Unable to put the ArcSoft software we chose ptr power dvd 7 that it had licensed.
    I have a Ideapad mention.

    Now if you guys see my comment I ask cheerfully tells how ami can see and those who speak on weak DVD tutorial from ARCSOFT.
    Otherwise all good.

  31. hello guys please if you can make a nice tutorial about AutoCorrect, how to correct subtitles in Romanian and how to save in below or srt.multumersc

  32. Welcome. I'd like to tell me how I can see 10 CyberLink Power DVD HD movies with subtitles lb iso format. Romanian. Do not know why, but this program can not read subritrare file type. Srt or. Below. Waiting for an answer on my email. Goodbye!

  33. I do not know if you answer a question above, I have not seen, but I'd also like to know if it can increase the subtitle font and if possible, how? expect an answer. Thanks a lot

  34. please make a tutorial on 13 version of PowerDVD, namely how to put subtitles to a movie 3D ISO manually, when there are not many movies have subtitles in Romanian movie menu, and then it must be made manually but can not put that in any player with drag and drop or upload example of player

    I tried many versions but does not work

    unless you mount the image in daemon tools and then navigate to the video file that is the whole movie, we open with PowerDVD and it works even with drag and drop besides the fact that we can add the player but the keeper is not seeing 3D

  35. Dilemăăăăăă said

    I have a dilemma: I want to do a vlog on youtube. I cyperlink power 12 director. I have made many videos and tried to put them on youtube, but it's not going to a supported format, it's more of a "project". If you could tell me how to change the format from CyberLink would be really great! Thanks in advance.


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