Download the installation and setup faster and smarter work-browser video tutorial

In the following video tutorial you will have the opportunity to see how it downloads, how to set and how to use in the end the fastest and smartest web browser that exist on the market today.

Many will not agree with me at first, but after they see the tutorial and try the browser are convinced that they will change your mind.

What is special about this browser? First, you need to know that the work was a commercial browser (with money) until recently and it came out first in many benchmarks rendering web pages.

Opera has an integrated email client and a download client that can also manage torrents and thus do not need to install other applications for these things.

It has a voice control module (untested by, it has the option of mouse gestures that allows us to control the browser only with a mouse movement and it has an interesting thing that saves us from extra work when we paste a link in the address bar, namely the "paste n go" option.

I use Firefox for work does not satisfy me but because mozilla firefox enable a website owner's job to ease through plugins that work does not have, but if you would need to run a website and I just want to surf the net work would certainly be the first choice because it is fast and safe.

Opera is also very popular in the world of browsers for mobile phones and smart phones through the opera mini browser which has proven its reliability and functionality within a few years.

I invite you to watch this video tutorial and I apologize for the long life that has it, although I tried to make it short, I could not because of the multitude of options that this amazing browser has.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Yeah..pretty interesting..but I will stay with Firefox..I have speed dial and mozilla + fast dial..I don't know I got very used to rest, which are more advanced … Can install their work.

  2. So what can I say is a good browser but a bit rigid like that at least that's how it seems to me, it's not as flexible as firefox, it has some plugins but it doesn't surpass the ones for firefox! what's interesting is the thing with the download engine for torrents, otherwise I honestly don't like it and I can contradict you from my own experience that it's not faster than firefox! your page loads me much faster with firefox than with opera! consumes much more resources than firefox and is more voluminous than firefox due to the mail client and the torrent "downloader". Mouse gesture knows and firefox has an add-on drag to the right jump to the next page, without using the "buttons" of the browser. And let's not forget that until recently the work was for sale! it wasn't a free browser. I honestly love firefox, it's much more developed than it works well… by default it comes with the basic tools of a browser but the fact that it's customizable is appreciated, you practically do it the way you want, to do what you want, when you want, where you want. It probably runs better on better systems but I can honestly tell you mine and I have no reason to lie or go crazy without experimenting, it's slower in speed than firefox!

  3. I used it a few times and I do not say no, but the only way for tests of curiosity and frankly I'm not satisfied, comes already loaded in default about a thousand buttons and texts that do the same thing, I find ft weird tulbalurile who has it, and too many

  4. And related to the question with which browser we would like to do a tutorial from now on… I don't care because I can handle everything and google chrom, firefox, opera, explorer. For ease of use, I suggest you use Firefox. IN MY OPINION!!

  5. Ok Adriane.
    Then firefox will be boowserul basic website

  6. Know that a browser shows its real face only after several days of use, and believe me they work surpasses all speed, even on safari.

  7. I contradict you .. 😀 the truth is that everyone praises the browser they have… as for "safari" not to hear .. I had it and believe me it was the slowest browser I had 😀

  8. you can use what you put yum bine.acum comes and opera.firefox aveam.e it really interesting now opera.pana mam not thought to take it to see how it goes very e.imi Mozilla when I started my utorentu hard pc go to work I thought not useless work ptr knew everyone uses until a month ago I used internet explorer only old guy I was with put Mozilla windows.cand I was to operate at fel.chiar I like tutorials that faceti.tinetio so on and make a forum like this forum is where you should comment.

  9. Cristi I've had 2 Opera weeks as heavy load and the last day I told you as much as you are concerned to see what programs it is one and to another to test and when I do a test the program does not start it once and that's it! I do not take after that if I do not like the look not good on the contrary I have seen programs with an interface that could make lame but leaves you with your mouth open! Just not liked Opera's behavior is slow for me honestly and same version that you submitted it you had installed it myself! But I pleased.

  10. martzy forum will tell you for sure but you have to be patient as everything will work out, you know: vinegar is produced slowly! I hope not to upset the admins that I got the right forum to inform about or talked about the fact that there will be a forum.PACE!

  11. first cool website
    What I want to know about the work each resource eat? Firefox that I have 2 3 sucks that bad, I take cam70-100MB in task manager
    And another thing that flakes off cristi on the site that I hard apple pc
    a good day keep up the good work

  12. From my vote for Mozilla Firefox! It is a very good browser, simple, easy to use and gives you the possibility to do it your way through add-onuri.Ce to want more from a browser? I like how it moves, it's pretty fast when downloading something I like and how it behaves.
    As for Opera, their slogan is faster and safer internet, please I don't know what they mean when I say safe. Just at that time when I used it I accumulated some "unwanted guests" (adware, spyware) in my pc. My, well now I don't want to blame Opera, because my antivirus at that time wasn't who knows what, but still…. don't make a safe slogan if you can't guarantee for something like that.

  13. MCD page does not go hard because of the flakes that Cristi put! I assure you of this, you have a weaker net or you have too many open, in fact the page loads harder due to the large number of video and audio information tutorials accumulated! nor how the flakes have anything to do with it! if you noticed the quality of the video tutorials is close or even maximum so it is also normal to load harder greu

  14. boby_admin said

    For MCD
    Opera as pluses you'll see loads pages fast
    I have a powerful computer and a net so as not to give my opinion.
    Given that it has many applications included (email client, download manager, RSS feed manager, torrent client) it is worth it even if it "eats more resources."
    Now I do not have a browser to judge by the amount of resources consumed is important to do the job

  15. MCD very bad for not keeping your firefox updated dad! Version 3 is much more stable and improved, you may not see this in its graphics but many things have been added to its engine that make it more stable and safer, many believe that if you update a program it looks different! it's not necessarily like that! upgrade can only be done to its way of running, it works. I have some problems with mozilla 2 because it doesn't load certain pages! adik loads them but loads them in vain. That's because the internet is evolving day by day and the way sites are made differs from day to day, the scripts the same, and as such a new and updated Firefox will always keep up with what will be new !, and you will have no problems loading some pages! it will run much better… now your problem is doing what and how you want but I wanted to clarify as little as I could with my words what is the matter or the difference between firefox 2 and 3, or why the update is good.

  16. boby_admin happy for you if you have a comp plane but when you are on 384RAM and 800Mhz the processor thinks that 1M in addition counts for us more bitter! I even said maybe on better computers it runs better than firefox but mine doesn't satisfy me, it's logical that if it's faster it doesn't have power from it but the pope has more resources from our PC so it moves faster Let's just say that I don't like the fact that he is too "fat"… he has both this and that and the other, why should I be forced to swallow all his addons to the work if I don't need them and I don't use them ? So Firefox I need bag I don't need to remove.

  17. Mozilla 3 interface looks bad where addresses are saved are saved only seems 10 2 it anyway and I upgraded automatically get upgraded to try and work to see what I had and now operate 1 year and then I nice but far from presentation made by Cristi I look good and a weaker pc's have any 3 years old I have a AMD Sempron and 3400gb 2Ghz 1 + of RAM and net RDS 2,5 mb / s download ~ 300 those wondering kb resources

  18. boby_admin said

    I say it is worth trying and I use Mozilla Firefox and Opera
    We here we are to tell which browser is better but present them following you to make a decision
    Of course each has pluses and minuses

  19. …. For me the work is faster and better {I use both}… ..: D

  20. MCD :)) Well you if you said you have upgraded version 2 and make their updates you want to keep automatically upgraded to 3 Dad! this means upgrade, many confused! that if the program upgrade is called as da show altfel.Te wrong, upgrades can be made to a single file, upgrade means stability in the first place and some extra stuff or what went wrong version works better but now antrioara that does not mean it looks different! If you upgraded assure you that everything you have just 3 version interface from 2 likely. The only difference between firefox and firefox 2 3 that aspect I am referring are those given buttons page back and forth to the 3 are somewhat larger and more modern but that's not important! program itself is the same!

  21. but consume fewer resources or mozila.pc my work has 256 64 RAM and you know I must go I think Pc consume less work but are not sigur.astept response.

  22. martzy read the comments, I've already given you an answer to your question! We advise everyone to read the comments of the tutorial sometimes discuss issues that have not been touched in tutorial, and also it is often possible to answer your questions or commenturi already be given in a tutorial!

  23. adrian I 2 version and this version has made some security updates but everything is 2asta's
    PS write comment on Opera Mereg not go well at min and tr yahoo mail is the popul bought (or whatever it's called), it's interesting stuff mouse to turn the page back tr to hold down right click and press left mouse button and the to turn the page forward, reverse
    anyway to use them both and 2 mozilla and opera
    And another thing work consumes fewer resources than mozilla 2

  24. MCD, let's leave it as you say, but until another one, check again once it consumes more resources !! I think you looked where you shouldn't or you did something wrong! even boby_admin said it consumes more opera resources so… check again

  25. Mozilla man came to this site 95 mb and all work on this site come from 70 mb

  26. Brothers.
    If something eats resources, cut into flesh, enter the settings for that application and start off: smoth scroling, email, basic theme, and stuff until you get to use that you want.
    It's easy, just have to make it whatever you want.
    What the hell you're computer is boss or bosses?
    Put it to the point not to eat so as not produce anything!
    Put it to work to remove his money!

  27. The second version of the resource consumption could be using a linux.
    I know some linux sites that feel great with 128 mb DDR memory.
    Fuck him of windows that eats a lot of resources, and each version released eat and more!
    Where are they to go?
    LINUX is the answer for computers older generation!

  28. very successful tutorial..thanks…: D

  29. Cristi very well scored but I don't know how many of us (I know) know how to "cut into the flesh" to go to the settings of a browser, or what is a smoth scrolling only if he looked at the tutorial that you really said and showed smoth scrolling effect! whoever was careful has something to gain

  30. From the information search on Google it seems that Opera is the fastest Web browser, Firefox is better in tests and in practice, but all tests say Google chorme comes hard from behind and is even better as at least theoretically Firefox (in tests), but I noticed that it has some problems with display pages etc.. But the rest is pretty fast, but after my sound still needs some improvements. Maybe who knows Google chorme future versions will take to other web browsers.

  31. Tony.
    If you search Google Chrome is normal to be the best.
    Google chrom is a recently launched browser and if I'm not mistaken it still bears the "beta" label and I don't think it can compete with opera or firefox.
    What improvements do you think I would need the Opera browser?

  32. Tony can not speak a version of Google Chrome! because it is still beta (test phase). Google Chrome wants to be more than a browser, you'll see when you get to the stage trust the Google brand and what they have achieved and what they will achieve now on!

  33. I like firefox and opera are about the same position now depends on your taste and the object of activity!
    I think opera is a browser that comes with a lot of wonders (out of the box) and more convenient for someone is very suitable!
    On the other firefox comes golut empty, but you can do it like a lego!
    The choice is yours!
    I do not have to use all the browser does not know how, but it turned out well in tests but need to research and see which one catches us better!

  34. I use opera since opera was 2004 6 7 or look as if I'm not wrong now reach almost 10, I think opera is the best browser but to each his opinion. . .

  35. I noticed it's still beta, but I think it may soon become the best browser, even so quite quickly, and statistics were indeed in various websites and newspapers that course can be subjective.
    Ooops… was to forget you do a great job with this site and related to video tutorials are very explicit and every day I look to see what's new on the site. Thank you.

  36. Tony.
    Thank you, we are here every day and I look forward to your comments and ideas!

  37. You're right cristi by "" a browser looks real only after a few days of use "). Opera is a very good browser it is clear that it loads pages faster than mozilla I did a little test and saw the results Opera He won. So I put Mozilla aside and went to the Opera

  38. A vote for the opera. I think it's worth trying…. It's true that it eats a lot of resources but it is the best browser…. Thank you… you do a great job… Every day you visit, continued success

  39. I read on here: first must take into account the config computer, then the net speed etc.
    How is the continuous development piatza each browser chooses how knows better. I use firefox but I like it besides I tried safari (it's ok), Avanti (rather unwieldy) netscape (it's ok), firefox and that's not saying I did E2000 calculation proc, ram 3gb, pv 256 nvidia 7600gs. That's about it. Now everyone uses what they want does not mean we can not try anything else.

  40. He forgot, I have a net 2 mb speed, non stop.

  41. 46 minutes: 28 is your mistake, but if you have no idea what format only site is like before please tell me.

  42. boby_admin said

    Because we change our
    You like before?

  43. is more polished, slimmest more gay. Yes I liked much more if cut before the ax and less well understood a lighter color. Thanks for the reply.

  44. Seriously what you do is great for beginners and beyond, and on this occasion I thank you and your colleagues, and will expect us interesting tutorials. Continued success

  45. Hello and congratulations for. tutorials that present. I use Opera browser and this tutorial helped me to make the correct settings. I would be interested and a tutorial on another browser Netscape Navigator. Thank you.

  46. I like how you made the tutorial. It's easy to understand video help mult.Mi has had over a year to learn the most you provide on the Site, experience matters calc, I congratulate you. Deamon tool As you know goes on W7. Exists somewhere on the net a way to turn but I did not understand very well. If you could, and I think you can. towards him explain,
    Thank you so much and I'm glad that in some measure I mean me and acquaintances voice

  47. i want a good Windwos!!

  48. @Costi:
    What do you think he wants everyone, if you want the best windows I think you can find at the store.
    If you want a pirated windows without money finds torrents or hubs, but do not think that will you get Windows installed on, we do not deal with that.
    Search and you like looking around the world look forward to the tutorial utorrent and then go to hunt torrent windows.
    Good luck!

  49. Brethren, why the work Google has historically is an option that I setato me, because I'm looking on google but remember what I searched and have to write again, I can help cineva.MS

  50. @Gabriel:
    It is the setting.
    Tools / Preferences / and here you see and what settings you agree.
    If you need more settings: Tools / Preferances / Advanced.

  51. How do I set Outlook Express

    thank you

  52. @nelutu:
    I do tutorials and Outlook Express and Office Outlook.
    Mozilla Thunderbird you have a tutorial up one another, ezte a very good mail client and customizable.

  53. I have a problem with Google historian. of when using Opera I tried everything I knew but remember reusesc.Nu nimik.Un little help would be binevenit.Multumesc,. Do not know why I appear highlighted in red what I wrote.

  54. @emil:
    You have to set your browser from: Tools / Preferences / Advanced / History and here you can also check "Remember con… .. memory seek to be automatic and otherwise see what suits you, you can change the amount cache cache on manual if not working well on car.

  55. If it was just that, we wouldn't ask, especially since someone above, was hit by the same problem. All options are checked, I tried different options with memory, but in vain. I will try to reinstall it again. One more question. Is there also an interface in Romanian? Thank you.

  56. I reinstalled it and the same thing …………. I don't know what else to do with them. I also tried FireFox and I don't have that problem there.
    I'm upset about this opera ……………

  57. @emil: The opera remembers nothing but passwords !!! that's how this browser is made from the "factory"! You see the writing underlined in red because it has auto-correction of what you type you can deactivate that function, I'm sorry I didn't see your question sooner but last night there were problems with RSS Feeds and I wasn't aware of that anymore I'll take it from Uncle Cristi that he left me without a job and without Feeds :)). So I repeat the work, don't remember anything you write except the addresses at the top of the bar, remember them or the passwords if you want, otherwise it doesn't look like fireox or internet explorer to remember what you write in the search boxes on different sites.

  58. Ok, thank you. And another thing. What do you recommend I use Internet Explorer, or Opera, or Mozilla.? I have a Fujitsu Siemens V5505, Intel core duo T2 5750 2 GHz Memory 3gb 160gb hdd. A move harder than it went with IE? I've seen the kinds of opinions, and I would like to hear an opinion opinion. Thank you.

  59. florinel said

    It's a great tutorial and I'm glad I learned something about the work of a opera.Eu use 3 years and are pleased he can not explain, I had weak computer and all went well with him and I used I think that everyone uses that goes much bine.Este as in cars unite others prefer a different brand but videotutorialul most pleasant is that I discovered I did happen daily as public school program of study for an hour or two for . also learn a ceva.Va Thank you and wishing all the best to the whole team videotutorial and made recommendations to all my friends that are pretty and need also learn something.

  60. radu_admin said

    Very good operator should be used to anything he'll see it's much more complex than Mozilla.
    Very good tutorial

  61. @radu_admin: Please stop posting under the name of admin, put what name you want only without admin after or in front… As a comparison Opera is just the smart car of James Bond while Firefox can be turned into a tank! Firefox is much more flexible than opera! and much more customizable!

  62. hello ETSI work and faierfox interesting to me n da videotutorialele can see him only on internet exploration I 8

  63. @iustin: Go see our tutorials in any browser be it Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or internet explorer, only after you install Firefox or Opera you need to install FlashPlayer so you can see the videos on youtube for example or the tutorials on our site… all browsers need flashplayer! Except for internet explorer which because it comes with ActiveX you no longer need to install Flashplayer… I don't know exactly…

  64. I achieved a lot sal

  65. a tutorial on where nero please ajutatima

  66. @dragos: From what you see the site has filters… on the left of the page of the category written in blue… and in front of each category you have a + click on it to expand the category… or use the search at the top right of the page! write there nero and enter or go to the Playlist category where all the tutorials on this site are in a playlist The Playlist button is located at the top of the page!

  67. b00geyman said

    I use firefox is very good for a long time, supplements are especially note 20 NoScript or Adblock Plus

  68. Dragosh_ said

    because of this problem I installed windows again, so the problem would be: I installed the opera and I didn't put it in the basic browser, but now when I'm looking for something with utorrent, search with opera no longer search with its mozzila IE, and I don't like to download with opera.good, I uninstalled it and now when I start looking for a cv with utorrent it doesn't search anymore.good, I'm trying to open IE… doesn't work.install the opera again, neither now I don't put it k basic browser, but when I search with utorrent the same thing happens + k with the installed work apples to open IE and, yes IE and google don't open anymore (the homepage I put yo), OPERA opens. what do you think k happened… pls help me and on mn k without IE I don't see any match. pls !!!

  69. Dragosh_ said

    … ..More… .I installed it again and now IE has got the opera icon. nush ce are k ma despair /.

  70. @Dragosh_:
    It happened so because when you were not careful installing a checked box that became Opera browser based system.

  71. @Dragosh_:
    You can put the any browser you want at any time, no need to uninstall that.
    Login Forgotten your browser settings carefully is there after that.
    Opera - preferences / advanced / programs - check: Check if opera….
    Firefox- tools / options / advanced / - press down the -check now button
    Iexplorer-tools / internet options / programs-check below: internet explorer shold check….
    After that, give "apply" and "ok" to each browser.
    This is a super simple thing that could deduce it by logic, you should not install uninstall something has to set some stuff.

  72. Hello,

    Indeed, you said that many will not agree with you.

    My guess: the sub 2% users world-wide (Wikipedia) is a browser lead, kept alive only by Opera Mini, found on many phones.

    Indeed, Firefox is the best, thanks to the huge community, which has developed very good plugins. IE8 also wants a lot with extended CSS support and more open to web standards… but it remains to be seen.

    Honestly, I stick to Firefox for personal experience (see FoxMarks) and for web development, and IE for testing. Opera… .just doesn't matter anymore 🙂 sorry

  73. Who knows how to install the ATI video card because I don't have a CD anymore and I don't even know where I can play it, I just know it's ATI… APP do the tutorial about ATI, leave Nvidia !!! 😀

  74. viorelstrumf said

    Super cool folks looking so long.

  75. Dragosh_ said

    I solved the problem with the opera, but nush what IE has for k, if I double click on it the opera opens… .is as if I had two opera programs in the computer. I can't understand that. why the opera came over IE… ..or something like that happened.

  76. Hello: I found the site by accident, and said it was very good, and I'd like to help them with a problema.Mi message has appeared on the desktop (You May be a victim of software counterfeiting) how can I get

  77. @JEAN: Search on youtube or google… to teach you to do this means hack !!! And we don't hack or learn hacking here on the site !!! Don't look where you need to !!

  78. daniel vornicu said

    good tutorial, I installed opera, to see, but I made a mistake that I do not know how to fix it, everything we tried, we put [email protected] I placed it, every minute gives me: authentication failed, try again and I stopped the work (an eror etc.sorry) .Credema I watched the whole tutorial head and tail was not small (Cristi has justly but I guess it's too long he had no choice) .A advice if poate.Multumesc

  79. How do I make Opera not to download it torrents??
    Yo want to uTorrent to download them to the Opera ..

  80. @Logo: Look at all the tutorial that was shown this if rewind what you do??? Beautiful most respected you work done on this site! 've Never even seen you and head-tail and rushed to ask the question! He gives nice tutorial and do not play the run and look at everything to see that such are told and even shown!

  81. Hello!

    Please clarify for me the following mysteries related to this work…

    1. How to make data logging retina specific sites. Explorer indicates a list clues, so not noticed at work .. Is it possible to make a setting that? yes or no?

    2. In connection with the tabs in the top bar. It may be that he who opens his first cover it?

    3. And one more thing… Let's say I see an image and if I hover my mouse over it, in internet explorer there are 3 icons in the upper left save, print and send to email. I do not find these options in the opera, would it be possible to have such a thing here as well?

    Thank ptr attention and look forward to find an answer.

    • From what I know, work when you login for the first time on a site, you see a pop-up that asks you if you want to save your password work for that site, yes you must, if you never, never gonna never ask if you will not now save for that site, here's how it should look like the picture, click on the link (Remeber pasword function for wand called into work, you click above on Tools, Preferences, then click the tab Wand!, And explained in tutorial, you better watch it head-tail before asking questions, for not nothing anyone has worked it out!)
      On the side with the Tabs, I didn't really understand what you want… and what confuses you that the one that opens covers the first one ??? and it does the same and firefox the same, it's not a problem, because the old tab or the page you were on doesn't close, you can with a click to switch between tabs, to be active you want, when you want… to be active on 1 of the 3 tabs you opened, click on the first one and you will be on the first tab, click on the 2nd one and you will be on the 2nd tab and the same, as for pictures, this function does not work from what I see… and I don't know what kind of IE you have you give me to have the functions with send mail, save image, and print I have to right click on the picture and then the context menu will appear, but you say that you just the mouse on the picture and that menu appears… .tell me what version of internet explorer you have, it made me very curious !!!

  82. For Elena:
    At point 1: to add a site to "favorites", then at work enter the "bookmarks" menu and select "bookmark page".
    in point 2: if you want to add or delete menu bars then go to "tools" - >> "appereance" - >> "panels" and from there juggle the menus. Yes taboos can overlap, but that means that always select the selected tab either in front of or behind other tabs if they are present.

    3 point: from what I observed, the work does not have this option at least version mea.Daca want to process a picture you have to click right on the picture, and save it.
    And if you can not handle the English version, then you can put your work with menus in romana.Cum do? look here:
    Go here:, and if you can't download it, then you need to create a softpedia account, easy and simple operation. After you have made your account, then go back to the address mentioned above, and download the archive for windows. After you have downloaded archive, unzip it and enter the work in the menu of "tools" -> "preferences" -> "language [at the bottom]" -> "details" -> then in "choose" look for the location where you just unzipped and search the file “ouw927_ro.lng”. After you have found it, select it, give it and you will operate in Romanian…

    • please be more careful another time, for you are off-topic, helping 3 only point that you set the remaining points 1 2 and have nothing to do with what he asked Elena! did not say anything bokmark Elena sites!

  83. Elena, do as I wrote, and you won't be sorry. Why did I say to bookmark a site? For the fact that: you like a site, you don't feel like always writing its address, or please… you want to keep it and not get lost in case the pc is cleaned of temporary documents. you will access the bookmark with a single click (you save time), plus this helps you to log in more easily. No, you do as you want

  84. I carefully studied "Download the installation and setting of the fastest and smartest browser opera" and I understood perfectly what I have to do. After installing the Opera I wanted to access the DV website. I was not a little surprised when I received a warning restricting access to the site. I mention to you that the restriction only appeared on Opera, but not on Firefox. By the way, the DV regulation. I respect him with common sense and with holiness. Maybe you'll explain to me what's going on.

  85. Andrei (by those who founded video tutorial) said

    To those who founded, everyone wakes up (you don't know a PC like mine) you made some video tutorials… great but maybe if you don't leave I found out that the work is the fastest browser but I can't speed it up at all extraordinary in one second and 28 hundredths opened 5 sites at once.

  86. Cristi, I have a question if you say that the work is so good, why does it have a higher speed than mozilla or… why don't you use the work in video tutorials, please answer me and dear readers, answer me too pls ???

  87. HELLO BOYS ARE VERY STRONG bothered me LENGTH tutorial I found THIS PAGE OF INCIDENTAL not give any data made TUTORIALS

  88. HELLO I have a PROBLEM OPERA 10 I just installed a few hours ago and found a thing I do not like go here Why I can not vote about who will win the match x? AND I EXPECT an answer PLEASE MAIL ADDRESS

  89. whiteboy said

    the fastest? I really do not think you've heard of Chrome any time?

  90. whiteboy: The fastest? I really do not think you've heard of Chrome any time?

    Yes, I also heard about it, we also have a tutorial on it a long time ago, write at the top right in the box "search on…" google chrome yes enter and you will find the tutorial! When you look at the date of this video tutorial, Google Chrome was not invented at that time and was the fastest at that time. Don't rush to make statements and accuse because we are not lying to anyone!

  91. Hello.

    If you want to download the new versions of the opera, and which have not yet appeared on the site, go directly to them in the "fridge": ""… version 1010 is going well…

  92. why not go to see videotutorialele with opera? and deaths seen scrisu stopped? and pictures the same .. raspundetimi please vr to know

  93. Vasil: Why not go to see videotutorialele with opera? and deaths seen scrisu stopped? sipozele the same .. raspundetimi please vr to know

    Because this is the tutorial, it is an older tutorial when we were at the beginning of the road with the site and our tutorials were not HD (hi definition) like the ones we do today… If you look up to the date when it was posted under the title you will see that it is an old tutorial. If you can't watch the tutorial, it's not our fault but the fault of your net, you probably have a weak net and that's why you don't want it to play. Exactly now I looked at it all and it goes without any problem until the end . Here is a better, more expensive net subscription from another provider…

  94. I can not install opera.Ce should I do? I followed the steps in the tutorial when giving legal aid by mistake RAN why? Thank

  95. Children from sites in you please ajutatima. thank you guys are still very good success, luck.

  96. Hi, I have a problem with the work, I still go appoint email goes ancercat null recognize why?

    • draganHi, I have a problem with the work, we all ancercat mail mergenumi go recunoastede null why?  

      You did not give any details, with what email did you synchronize the mail client from the opera? Probably with gmail. You have to log in to the email account in the browser then go to the top right on Settings then click on Forward and POP / IMAP check "Enable POP for all messages (even messages already downloaded)" and click Save changes

  97. So do everything you said but I saw there is a year to write The server responded [SYS / PERM] pop not allowed for user.AM set as it is year tutorial

  98. alexandru said

    hello I recently installed yum 10.10 work and images on any website not see how it would need to see what is done in this case ms expect an answer the email address if possible

    • alexandruHi I recently installed yum 10.10 work and images on any website not see how it would need to see what is done in this case ms expect an answer the email address if possible  

      Most likely you activated without knowing that Turbo mode, and because of that the images are at a bad resolution and clarity, because that makes that Turbo mode, load the images and content of a site at lower resolutions to load your site faster. So stop that turbo mode and the images will be seen properly… recommended to restart the browser after disabling turbo mode. The buttons for activating or deactivating Turbo Mode are on the bottom bar of the browser on the left side (status bar)

  99. alexandru said

    salut.mai I have a problem harder as I move mozilla that could be the problem? ms

  100. hello. I also have a problem with the work, my passwords are not stored on the sites I logged in… adik on any browser. which can be the problem. thank you.

  101. I could make small additions such as:
    -A wonderful and unmatched thing in other browsers is the fact that it has four types of navigation arrows on the page, which is very useful when we enter a site that has many pages with pictures for example, from <<, we go directly to the first page thing considered great for me.
    Opera browser-that is involved in opening so many files, it becomes automatic installation implicit.Ori browser kucru if this bothers us, we can go into windows (7) in particular and we set to be the default browser, which is not thus we can set by selecting only what we want to do (which was open).'s easier because you have to look atataprin PTR calculation of each file type to set the default program for opening.
    Surprisingly or not this tutorial insisted the voice command feature, which I believe is the coolest thing in the browser.
    The Mozilla installation is not required verification e-mailului.E tunderbird ptr enough brawserului starting installation page as and blue top that says gmail can immediately get to it, with which we can import all emails from other accounts .
    in alata news can attach background (image) 9 behind those tabs if your demonstrations and windows can also replicate your favorite pages on the 9 25.
    Altogether REALLY Opera is a browser that worth consideration, only on my 10.50 win7 gave bad chicks tot.Astept version briefing finala.Va thanks for those who want to learn and I wish you continued success.

  102. My favorite browser. I like mouse gestures, which does not meet the other browsers. job often use the right click a link and p nailed down. automatically opens in new tab. very ultil

  103. Ovidiu Zeicu said

    @ Michael
    And other browsers have mouse gestures, Firefox has some 5 ad-ons that I know, Google Chrome any 3. And most are much easier to use than Opera, not to mention their customization. In Opera you a real fight with him to modify your gesture and not conflict with other gestures.
    So, from my point of view, Mouse Gestures in Opera is a big minus.

  104. Good. I followed the tutorial, I read all the comments, but I do not remember having seen writing or if something you said in tutorial, how to bring in Mozilla bookmarks in opera? Do a good job, I wish you well.

  105. I found it, I couldn't wait for an answer to my question, and I searched the net, I wrote this in Google >> How to Import Firefox Bookmarks To Opera, and it gave me an answer to my question . I like the way Opera behaves, it moves faster than Mozila, that's how I feel when I open the net pages, once again thank you for the work done with the tutorials, I respect you, only good.

  106. francisc said

    Announcement fans that appeared Opera browser Opera Web Browser 10.51 3315 Final Build. Update your browser to build Nuoli solve many of the problems faced by the program. Details on the official site.

  107. francisc said

    He appeared Opera Web Browser 10.52 3370 Final Build. Update your browser.

  108. mytzusky said

    I tried to solve in one Opera Voices. I've also sent an email but did not get response. I want to know if anyone has managed or if I can try to make it. I use Opera 10.53. Libraries give those of 10.5 I download mb, loading, reaches 100% but nothing happens.

  109. anton maria said

    Opera 10.53 not able to import your bookmarks from Firefox or IE?
    I tried, but I can not understand me.
    Luminatzi me please.

  110. anton maria said

    I found: the half of A red on the left / top is actually a button that opens a menu… -Setting-Import / Export and you can find all the combinations here.
    Enhanced job

  111. NelTen said

    Super video… .but… .with what you filmed.plzz :) tell me

  112. Hi I also have a problem when I want to install opera… zice this installation package could not be opened.Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer oackage.Ce e to do… please help me

    • GabosHi I have a problem when I install opera ... says this installation package opened.Verify That Could not be there and the package That You Can access it or contact the application vendor to verify That this is a valid Windows Installer oackage.Ce e to do ... please help me more  

      download the program somewhere else and possibly not change name

  113. incognito said

    Regarding the tutorial: congratulations!
    Not bad, but not great. This opera and Adrian's words… I prefer Firefox as the primary browser, and Chrome as the secondary browser - he states in another tutorial.

    Cristi… it's like you were saying here somewhere that you're going to do a tutorial with / about Notepad ++ (I hope my wait will be rewarded!)
    all good!

  114. I prefer Netscape (not working youtube, that I know why I switched to mozilla) and Mozilla Firefox

  115. hello, thank you very much as you guys, it would be if I could tutorials and Downloads

  116. mostwanted said

    excellent browser! most of all I love the work that can open pages. wml and also can set what to do to each file when you download.

  117. ionsiatat said

    Hello super hard videotutorial greatly aid all we need, I have a problem operate as reset settings and how get rid of pop-ups and cookies odd plocheaza give my head all sites who are good with no fraud or wait porn forward a little help from Team videotutorial and who knows how I can solve the problem many thanks

  118. djcostel said

    I want to make a good tutorial if you can put your web site thank you

  119. We are 2016
    How do you feel today about OPERA ?????
    I stayed with him as browser, even if the vs.12
    I ask that the launch of a tutorial to put the release date,
    tutorial resumption date
    I have not counted, but the OPERA go over 12 12 new tab
    It's super. \ Bookmarcs is super. No end.
    many many used OPERA!

  120. It's Brave faster than the rest of their browsers so far, it's over Chrome and you don't get as many ads at all. Keep in mind that it's not a hassle:


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