DSLR Dashboard, control and live view remote for Nikon - video tutorial

Pieteni Hello, in this video tutorial I will present a program for Android devices with which we can control remotely Nikon, it is called Dashboard and is similar to DSLR DSLR Controller that we presented in a previous tutorial, The latter works with Canon cameras.
To use Dashboard DSLR we need a phone with support for USB OTG and of course a cable / adapter. Usually phones and tablets us have OTG support.
DSLR Dashboard application can be found in Google Play Store and is free. After installation you will be required to install and OpenCV, it is a library used by DSLR Dashboard application to achieve a stable connection between the phone / camera Tabeta and Nikon. Android devices with Tegra chipsets is possible to request an extra library, all OpenCV.
The connection between the phone / tablet and the camera is made using the camera's USB cable and the USB OTG adapter. The USB cable comes with the camera in the package and the USB OTG adapter will have to be bought or made by you, if you don't know how to do it, I recommend you to follow the tutorial "How to make a USB OTG adapter".
After installing the application we will have to launch it and then connect the camera, depending on the settings the latter will go directly into live view. We can activate the live view mode from the “Lv” software button.
Once started the application we see that can change a lot of settings right from your phone or tablet, of course with the exception of exposure modes that can be changed only from the wheel's unit.
Focus is very easy, select the focus point and press the "Af" softkey on the phone screen, we can change the settings so as to focus directly on changing the focus point, unfortunately activating this setting, the application becomes unstable, at least on My phone. The focus is of course in contrast detection, because the mirror is raised in live view, which can also use phase detection but we will have to get out of live view and if we do that we will not see what we are posing.
The DSLR Dashboard application settings are quite interesting and useful, they are not unnecessary settings, it is exactly what a photographer would want. Unfortunately when activating some settings (openGL acceleration, focus to touch) the application becomes unstable, at least that's what happens on my rom (cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly). One setting that I would warmly recommend is "return to live view" this helps us to return to live view after each picture, otherwise without this setting activated you will need to activate live view after each picture, if you want to see framing of course.
It would be much to say about how server and connecting to wireless but I can not say because we have not tested server function does not work very well (the rom my) and wireless adapter for the machine but have not, as soon as I have one in I hand back with an update. But that will not leave in the fog I can tell you how server helps us to send it to a second Android device, for example we are on the block with a tablet and the camera is on the ground floor connected to a phone if you activate server mode phone signal we can send to the tablet and it will show exactly what is seen on the phone, a wireless bridge as free wireless adapters fitted to the machine.
Please test your application on devices and comments write to us how you went to and what use (camera, phone, rum, android version), this way we will see if bugs are only a general or isolated.
Download DSRL Dashboard , Remote control software appliances on Android Nikon.

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  1. Speak My Mind said

    I see an improvement of the English language pronunciation. You made English courses?

  2. Aurelian said

    Cristi or Adrian, please make a tutorial about how we can cancel tag that we put one person and one who uploaded a picture where we are and we know very well that arises tag Tagget by X and write that person your name but how to tag cancel one knows who we are no longer in the picture?

  3. Adrian beluga said

    In Romanian, before b and p, m not always put in. Elementary.
    So, you see an "improvement" and not a "great improvement" of the pronunciation in English.
    Improve your Romanian !!!

  4. Costelina said

    interesting, I liked what I saw, I think that would be good method in sea water right?
    because all summer came

  5. Cristi you root the phone Yorkers every day?

  6. I speak my mind said

    Correction to Speak My Mind on My Mind Speaks.
    Delete this message!

  7. Costelina:
    interesting, I liked what I saw, I think that would be good method in sea water right?
    because all summer came :)

    Sea water is more suitable room type such as GoPro cam action.
    Sure, if you're super passionate about photography and are ready to pay any 1500 dollars for underwater case probably will go with the wireless adapter.
    In the meantime I advise you to use Action Cam type rooms for stuff extereme or harsh environments. A DSLR does not hold water or sand without a special housing.

  8. Costelina:
    Cristi you root the phone Yorkers every day? :)

    If it's nice outside root twice a day

  9. Adrian beluga:
    In Romanian, before b and p, m not always put in. Elementary.
    So, you see an "improvement" and not a "great improvement" of the pronunciation in English.
    Improve your Romanian !!!

    Yeah, cool!

  10. Aurelian said

    Make a tutorial on how our labeling delete when somebody put a tag in pictures taken by a particular person. How remove this tag on Facebook?

    • Andrew said

      Open the photo, click on OPTIONS (bottom right), select “Report / Remove Tag”, check the first option: “I want to untag myself” and click Continue… .Voila !!

  11. resumption said

    It does not connect to the camera .. I have a usb cable mini - usb typ a, a d3100 and sgs4 .. I also tried a huawei p6 and a tablet from asus… nothing 🙁

  12. resumption said

    there are other solutions?

  13. Marian said

    I tried to connect my camera (Nikon D5300) the tablet (Samsung SM-T230 with android 4.4.2) and goes. Specific I installed OpenCV Manager.
    I connected the phone (Samsung Galaxy android S2 Plus 4.2.2) without having to install OpenCV Manager and go.
    I would like some help if the tablet because it has a bigger screen and is more ergonomic.
    Thank you in advance!


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