Reactivate old Chrome tabs - update with new method

Reactivate old Chrome tabs
Reactivate old Chrome tabs

What is the video tutorial about Reactivating Old Chrome Tabs?

In this video tutorial (Reactivating old tabs in Chrome) I will show you how to activate old tabs in Google Chrome Android.

This is the second tutorial on this topic and is more of an update to last tutorial.

What do the new tabs in Chrome Android look like and why don't I like them?

The basic idea is good, with tabs that are in the form of a grid, which theoretically would display more information on the screen.

The problem is that any change, although basically a good idea, needs time to be absorbed by people.

Personally, I find the new tabs ugly and uncomfortable.

The muscle of the mind is hard to get used to the old stuff in a new presentation.

It's called the brain muscle, but of course there's no muscle in the brain. Rather, they are neurons trying to make new connections.

Wondering, what new connections?

For example, changing the format under which tabs work in Chrome.

Against the background of fatigue, people no longer feel like learning new things, just because "that's what you want". If something goes well, why change it?

We needed a button in the settings, where we could change the look of the tabs when we want, not when others want.

Hey Google, Why isn't there a button in the settings?

In the settings I needed a button where I could easily change the look of the tabs whenever I felt like it.

For the convenience of users, you must also take into account what users say. If we ask users now, I am convinced that most do not want to see the new tab structure.

They fit more on the screen, but can create chaos very quickly

It took time for users to get used to the format of the tabs, and once the world got used to it, you would also start tab groups.

Now, with this grid-type arrangement to which is added the grouping of several tabs, it is very easy to lose count, what, where, how and when.

The phones will get harder and the batteries will run out faster.

I predict that a lot of users will leave tabs open in groups, without realizing it.

The side effect will be that the phones will move much worse and the batteries will run out faster.

Why do things that work well always change?

This does not show an "improvement of the experience". It looks more like a rush of perceived / planned moral aging of devices.

Apple has updated to reduce the performance of the battery and implicitly the devices, for which it has paid a fine of 25 million Euros, which it has paid out of the several billion profits, coming from those whose aifons were moving badly.

Do you think Google does the same thing? Comments!

How do we reactivate old Chrome tabs?

In chrome :/ / flags disable the following 4 settings:

  1. Tab grid layout
  2. Tab groups
  3. Tab groups continued
  4. Tab groups UI improvement

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Video tutorial - Reactivating old tabs in Chrome update

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