The lifetime of the laptop battery more advanced settings

How can we get a battery life of your laptop largest?

Battery Life is a constant pain to those who use laptops away from the outlet. In a way, what you use a laptop battery if you do not?

The life of the laptop battery more advanced settings

The life of the laptop battery more advanced settings

On Windows power plans that we can juggle, to squeeze as much battery; Unfortunately, in many cases we have background processes and hardware that we eat battery, without us realizing it.
To find out more about how things work in the field of food must appeal to more advanced tools such as command line. Using a simple command, we can find out who consumes battery that hardware malfunctioning or how healthy is the battery on your laptop or tablet with Windows.
The life of the laptop battery more advanced settings.
Open CMD with administrator rights and give the command:
powercfg -energy
After a few seconds, it will report that it can be found in:
Open the report with a browser!
In the report you will find everything goes wrong. You may then most of the problems in the advanced settings of power plans. If it's hardware, it may be necessary to change or install the correct drivers.
There is always a bigger battery for autonomy vis answer. We do a good job with software settings and power plans.
Power plans are aimed at controlling the hardware, it does not go crazy and not consume.
Of course matters a lot and drivers installed. They must be original and day on the manufacturer's website.
Technologies like Nvidia Optimus They can help a lot. Nvidia Optimus is a technology that uses two graphics chipsets at a time. In games and graphics applications used most powerful image, and desktop and browser used integrated chip, which is less and consuming less.
An important step towards dream autonomy was taken by Intel, by introducing the new Core M processors from the Broadwell family. These are very economical processors, with a TDP of only 4W. These help us stay away from the outlet for about 10-12 hours. Admittedly, the performance is not as impressive… .; But now seriously, not everyone necessarily wants performance. Most users spend most of their free time only on Facebook, YouTube and *, where you do not need super performance.

* Not quite

The lifetime of the battery on your laptop largest, advanced power settings

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  1. Turnea Mihai Cosmin said

    Hello Cristi. Good tutorial for those less experienced. I have a tablet with Windows 8 8.1 Odys Wintab I want to do update to Windows 10, but the problem is that we only 1 16 gb gb free of partition recovery since has. I ask only for minimum 2 gb download. Can you give me some advice as to update. Years tracking your tutorials and helped me many times. You're doing a great job and you and Adrian and I wish you continued success. Thank you in advance.

    • Try to do a cleaning with disk cleanup. If anything, I'm sure you via download or temporary.

      • Turnea Mihai Cosmin said

        The tablet comes with 9,3 gb of available memory, of which 'free' from the factory with about 5 gb and without office suite. After installing the office and all the updates, there are still around 1,5 gb. I think the only solution for such tablets with only 16gb is to back up drivers and a clean installation of windows 10 = ((.

        • Constantin said

          Hi Mihai to recover enough space on your partition you can delete the history and downlaod the temporary updates from Windows. If you stop Windows Update from Services as Adrian stopped it in this tutorial "Disabling Update and Defender from Windows 10", you can enter C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution and here look for the "DataStore" folder and delete all the content inside the "DataStore" folder no you must delete this folder. Then, also in C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution look for the "Download" folder and do the same. After you delete the contents of the folders and not these folders "DataStore" and "Download" I repeat, you will see that you will recover enough space on your Windows partition. Then start Wndows Update. I hope you find it useful. If you do a clean Windows installation you will not receive that activation key from Microsoft.

  2. Cristi Hello! Please if you could do a similar but linux tutorial to guide us in what we could install, uninstall, set in order to extend battery life. Said that Windows keeps me about three four o'clock but on linux battery keeps me one hour and a half.

    Thank you !

  3. anderson said

    Hello Cristi. How do I permanently remove it from your browser Edge who stand always lurking and waiting to be accessed? CCcleaner and not can erase cookies, download, etc. tells omissions. But I do not have access EDGE, than when I wanted to put my Firefox as EDGE is beneath criticism. I deleted manually by AppData I found something I wiped edge, but after a while Iara appears. Something is strange about 10 windows, I see that 10525 appeared's preview build, I think you never reach this final.

    • start - settings - system - default apps and in the web browser I replaced edge with firefox.
      so it no longer sticks to the main browser.
      I gave unpin the bottom bar and I have not seen since.

  4. Bravo! Great tutorial!

  5. Sebastian Remus said

    8 I win and when I paste in C: \ Windows \ system32 \ energy-report.html browser does not give me nimic.Doar "This webpage is not found" .What do better? Thanks a lot

    • George_L said

      I have the same problem in 7 win. I tried to open the report and the C vain, receiving the same message.

  6. Dear Cristi
    Very good your tutorials, congratulations!
    I have a question! What do you recommend from your experience for the "health" of the laptop battery if I am always plugged in with it (I use it as a desktop)? Let it unload or keep it plugged in. Does it have an influence over time on the battery and charging cycles?
    Thank you

    • Marius L. said

      You could even remove the battery, most of the time if the laptop is plugged in. Just check the battery is charged somewhere in 50% of its capacity, before removing the laptop to keep in the best possible conditions.

      • I do not recommend you remove the battery. Anyway laptop has smart power management, and when the battery is incaarcata will be automatically disconnected from the circuit and no longer load or unload.

        • This applies without power driver of the manufacturer or operating system used? Suppose I buy a new laptop now, I can leave it plugged into the outlet, night and day? I noticed that Lenovo has a power driver on Windows to 50% -60% of drivers can stop charging the battery.

  7. Sebastian volleys! and I happened to like you. Open another browser and go!

  8. Hi Cristi! What do you have on this Acer laptop… SSD or HDD…. I saw that you had set to become inactive on the battery after 15 min and on the socket after 20 min… I have on the laptop and I have SSD + HDD instead of optical drive in an adapter Caddy… how do you recommend me to set the HDD deactivation in pawer management after how long… now it is set like yours la but the HDD in Caddy doesn't stop at all… can you help me too please ?!

    • Try one minute hard disk and see how it moves. Probably when you want to access any file on the hard disk that it will wake harder or easier depending on the firmware of and response time. If a minute is too aggressive, you can gradually raise the value and see how it moves.

      • Thanks for Cristi answer! You said to set for HDD one minute… but the setting will be done simultaneously for both (SSD and HDD)?
        If I leave it as it is now without becoming idle there will be problems with the HDD and SSD in the future… they will fail or have performance and reliability issues… I have a Seagate HDD, 7200 rpm ,, 32 buffer and Samsung 840 Evo SSD… both have temperature 34-35 when not in use?

        • SSD is not afestat this setting because it is very fast. The hard disk will be put in sleep just in case that is not accessible. When you have the operating system, hard drive rarely go into sleep because it is used extensively. If you sisitemul SSD and hard drive storage is, the hard drive will enter sleep more often and you will conserve battery.

  9. For those with problems opening the file in the C disk, copy it to the desktop. When I went that way.

  10. Hello Cristian. I have an HP Pavilion processor leptop I7-4500U, 6 GB RAM, and Nvidia GT 740M HDD with Windows 750 8.1 license 10 OEM.Am upgraded to windows and everything went perfect but I have a problem when I wanna anchide laptop does not stop him from .Butonul to Shut Down and a wireless HDD operates year stay on and continue. Can you help me please with advice, setting something. Thank you in advance !!!

  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I already started to win 8.1 !!!!!

  12. cristi welcome
    I work in Belgium and I am accommodated in a building with 5 floors and the router is located on the 2nd floor and I live on the 5th floor… the wifi signal is weak… in the room there is a net cable that works .. I can mount a router to have wifi signal in the conditions in which I do not have access to the main router (user… password) I tried with a tplink and it works 5 min and after that I don't have internet access… maybe I don't do something well you can recommend me a tutorial or another solution.
    this tablet that we have all laptops

  13. hello and sorry… I solved with connectify
    Thanks for the tutorial and keep it such are the best.

  14. He tells me that <>, so in translation. What to do?

  15. Cristi Hello!
    I have an HP Pavilion 15-n073sl laptop. My question is:… does it damage anything if I keep it permanently plugged in, or is it better to respect the loading-unloading cycles.
    Thank you

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