Android battery saving disabling system

Android battery saving disabling system

The battery is consumed (to see!)

Smartphones are an extension of our present time, that begins to occur when there is frustration. I mean freaking us out when ends battery.

Why not make larger batteries?

There are several answers - I will try to list a few below:
1. A large battery makes the phone thicker
2. The larger battery is charging much harder
3. With a big battery phone price increases

You consume more power so quickly?

I do not know if you've noticed, but these smart phones have some very large screens, about how all phone. That is the main consumer, but not the only one.
As criminal apps and services running in the background, such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc. These are client-server applications that need to stay connected to the server all the time, to see what's new.

Android battery saving, disable system services

If some time ago we recommend you do some settings Battery Saver on the Android Dosage (useful advice)Today I'll show you how to stop services and applications Link2SD system (requires root).

Why can not we simply disable services?

Applications and system services can not be disabled, at most only stopped for a brief period. Therefore we need Link2SD for freezing applications.
Option freezing applications is preferred because uninstalling keep the app installed and it can be restarted later (thawed).

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Video Tutorial - Android Battery Saver Disabling System Services

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  1. Good evening, you could help you with a solution to root the LG G-Flex H-2 959, I tried all the methods found on the net but to no avail, I hope to find the answer here, thank you

  2. View Product said

    Salut.Eu all of them rooted my phone with KINGOROOT a net after download, install and give a root goes on most phones

  3. you root it, install Titanium Backup and give “Freeze” from there… and the application does not start, even if it is “trigger-forgotten” by other processes / services. If you have advanced flash-ing knowledge, you can uninstall at bloatware applications, but be careful what you unistall so as not to affect the functionality of the phone. If you have crashed something, you need to resoft the original phone software.

  4. I think it is much better Backap Titanium

  5. Hello, I'm still waiting VPN Raspberry Pi, comes?

  6. Cristi do a tutorial notes as root Xiaomi 3 4 4x not go any method known officially.

  7. greeting gearbest want to order from a TV box and is a price difference between es stock and I stock.stiu as if on command es stock, the package comes to my home, but if I command the stock still my home coming?

    • It comes by courier or post. It depends on how they do. and will come about in 25 days if you do not give that order to expedite fee. in some others it come home from the post office.

  8. Thanks Cristi, know that you were right we thought a few minor applications like consumer and I consume much of the battery, I said to try and helped me a lot.

  9. Cristi Hello, I recently purchased (one week) a phone LENOVO K6 RCS-RDS NEW from and can not do him any form root !!!! You know some kind of root method ????? Marshmallow 6.0.1 has android version. Thank you.

    • kingoroot king or root. if you do not go with them also searching the forums. nor Xiaomi does not go with anything and it's complicated. why I said above if you would make a tutorial to root Xiaomi

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