Battery Saver on the Android doses (Tips)

Battery Saver on the Android Dosage

How am I doing?
Smartphones have advanced greatly in recent years and now 10 do almost everything a PC can do; That in a package smaller and more portable. The problem arises when the battery is over and with it, the magic smartphone.
A recent years, smart phone manufacturers have made many improvements to the autonomy of these portable devices.

Battery Saver on Android with Doses - Autonomy Improvements

Some of the enhancements are:
1. Li-ION batteries (polymer)
2. Anodes more efficient materials (silicon)
3. Expand capacity batteries
4. More efficient processors and radio modules
5. Rules saving operating system
6. OLED and TFT screens more efficient
7. fast loading (See Dash, 64% in 30min)
8. Wireless charging

Battery Saver on Android with Doses - What is it?

Over time, the Android operating system, smartphone manufacturers have implemented all sorts of applications that help save energy by lowering the brightness, stop synchronization, and Bluetooth and wifi off others.
Google has come up with another solution that comes with a more gentle, and not to interfere with the timing and phone features.
Dose-saving battery system Android, which Google launched Android with Marshmallow 6. It has a more elegant approach, by not cut living flesh, systems manufacturers.

Battery Saver on Android with Doses - How Does It Work?

How it works Dosage system Battery Saver Android?
Doses screen constantly monitors and sensors. If it feels like your screen is closed and placed on a stable surface (table, nightstand, etc) start to stop applications in the background so they do not consume resources unnecessarily phone.

Battery Saver on Android with Doses - Settings

In the tutorial we have shown how we can make doses, to behave a little more aggressive, ie to enter into business applications and to stop once I closed the screen without the phone to be placed on the table.
All the tutorial I explained that sometimes small doses can create some problems. Me, for example, stopped Popcorn Time app, when you watch a movie "for free" and the phone screen is off and it is sitting on the table. Fortunately, Android gives us Dose settings, from which we can exempt certain applications from Dose filtering. These "non-optimized" applications will not be stopped by doses.

Battery Saver on Android with Doses - Video Tutorial

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  1. this program is good only if the application or applications shall not auto-start and after an interval. as programu for all applications and give them to fill and start and so, putting consume battery faster as with them in the background. it's like a kind of AutoKill to speak only you can make exclusion. and if nai android 6 not too helpful

    • Dosage is an integrated service system, not a simple program.
      Program is Greenify, to which I referred in the tutorial.
      From the experience of almost 1 year of use, I can say that Dosage really works.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Integrated only to Marshmallow up, improved Android 7 Nougat

        • yes I know I watched. but you watched to see if certain programs do not restart and after gave dozer kill them? as many programs are usually aggressive and get into the background. yes I know it's android vb 6. if the battery drains kinda restart as they come dozer stops and so on. that he not be integrated into the system. modu I'm curious how. as knowing that the newest android is not always better. can you say more detail how programs work or not return if they stopped dozer. I'm curious. I watched again and follow tutorials before commenting

          • Well, the idea is that Doze does not close the applications, but “delays” their usual activity, cuts off their access to the network, etc.
            An analogy made by me:
            Doses is like a bubble that makes the applications that enter it "numb". From time to time the "bubble" is deactivated for short periods of time and allows applications to resume normal activity, connect to the network, etc. Then it goes back into operation. This prolongs battery life.
            Yes, I know likeness of a bubble is not the brightest, but I hope you get the idea at all.

  2. Hello! I have a question: I have a Lenovo laptop Z50-75 and 7500 AMD FX and AMD Radeon video card R7 M260DX and Amj going to make them a SSD.Am bought Intel SSD Series 535 120 gig, but the problem is I do not see him .When you connect the laptop, I see him until the first restart after him did not see any hard disk your BIOS ul.Doar's recunoscut.Pe laptop computer not go impecabil.dar so I made the exchange at the computer (Samsung 840 Evo) I put the laptop, and Intel's in my calculator.Intrebarea is so typically happens when AMD processors with Intel SSDs, or the problem is just me? So Intel SSD is not defective, nor laptop,

  3. I forgot to mention, we did update the BIOS to laptop and vain, and the SSD is the last firmware.Stiu that the update BIOS or firmware brings stability and compatibility, so we made the amndoua, but in vain, it did not work.

  4. Very useful this video on Android battery saver Dosage
    Thanks for this tutorial on Android battery saver Dosage

    Android battery saver recommend the Dosage!
    Oh yes, almost forgot: Big like for saving battery on Android doses !!

    Battery Saver on the Android Dosage

  5. Cristi Hello! I have a question on android 5.1 is compatible doses? Thank you

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