Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power

Video editing is absolutely necessary when we have long footage, which often are boring. Although video editing is required, many shun it because it takes a long final rendering, and most often kneels any computer.

Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power

Today I have for you a trick you can do basic editing, namely soldering, cutting and overlap without transcoding to wait too long. It is not took more than 2 minutes to stick and to cut some files 4K (13 GB) in a single film (after cutting 11 GB). Same files in other video editors, would have been to render hours.
Magic SVRT technology works because of Cyberlink Power Director 4, a video editor very good and extremely affordable.
Power Manager can do a lot more stuff, but today will show only smart rendering made by SVRT 4.
How it works fast rendering with SVRT 4?
Everything to go smoothly, we need to keep in mind a few things. If we do not follow these mandatory requirements, SVRT 4 will operate partially or not at all.
1. Put files in the timeline just coated the same room at the same resolution and quality.
2. Do not alter at all the pieces of the video timeline (without contrast, color, NR, etc.)
Even if, let's say you have files at resolutions mixed SVRT 4 will only work partially, that if the final export is similar to most pieces of video timeline.
If you are only interested in sticking videos, watch tutorial videos quick bonding.
If you are only interested in cutting (extracting) video super fast watch tutorial video sequences of cutting the large file.
Cyberlink Power Director Ultra (Trial)

Video Tutorial - Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 from Power Director

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  1. Romulus Dorin Albichei said

    Dear Cristi, are increasingly excited about your videotutorialele!

  2. Ionica Popescu said

    Mr. Cristian, you make very useful video tutorials not only for the advanced ones, but also for us who are less initiated in PC. We can do a bit with the tips in the tutorials. Please advise me what to do if my optical drive no longer works ( DVD) in windows 10, because before with win.anterior (win.7 ultimate) it worked very well. as well as vlc or bsplayer, the MRL'dvd display does not open. It may be a minor issue but I have a lot of DVDs with family pictures and movies that I can't watch. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Change sample optical drive. If you found another operating boil. If another optical drive does not work, try to change all of the sample source. I happened exactly the same with 4 optical drives and ultimately was the source. Good luck.

  3. Thank you for Cristi kept his promise and started to enter into the mysteries of Cyberlink Power Director.
    Congratulations and we (be sure there are other willing even if not expressed) Cyberlink Power Director following episodes.

  4. I didn't manage to do anything, I loaded them and then it locked and closed on its own… was it due to the size of almost 80GB? I mention that all the files were from the same camera at full hd resolution. Where did I go wrong? THX!

  5. the problem is that if you do the same thing with avi files and goes mp4 not have to wait long

  6. Hello Cristian,
    It is time to do serious cleaning the site VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO
    Many are old videotutoriale expired because the programs submitted in the past at the moment have advanced graphics and software or other programs have been replaced by much better. Be deleted.
    Likewise, many of videotutorialelor comments (comments of argument (that the Romanian, no slum can not), comments with unanswered questions, comments without interest, etc.).
    Be deleted.
    For example: some videotutoriale they kept saying the site on the same theme, when you could be one videotutorial about the operating system to move rapidly to include while Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista and XP (Uninstalling Windows we do not need).
    Same videotutorialele advice about purchasing computer components. Some are no longer current.
    In my opinion, it is to eliminate massive and resume some of them videotutoriale past but updated / made to date.
    And more………..

  7. Hmh, how about giving DaVinci Resolve version free?
    True, you need a more powerful computer but my opinion is the best NLE on the market.
    And you have to know a little bit of a job because it's not really simple. Sure, the Prime Minister does more but it costs…

  8. Cristian T. said

    The easiest editor, just cut and paste, the same format and codec input and Esir. I mean not to make rendering, only to cut and stick identical files, as typ .. Something kind of player VLC copier. It thousand is enough. Thank you in advance.

  9. mts wrong?

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