Email temporarily to avoid spam

Email temporarily to avoid spam

Temporary Email, permanent email saver

Anyone using an email address knows that at some point, after a while of use, the email box is filled with spam (unsolicited email) with all kinds of offers or who knows what products.

We come to this situation because, over time, we've used our email address too lightly and left it on all sites, and now the email box sinks into spam.

Why is spam coming to our email address?

Even if you left your email address on just a few sites, apparently trusted, after a while you notice that spam comes from many more sources.

Spam has several causes:

  1. Sites exchange email addresses between them.
  2. Sites sell email addresses to marketing companies
  3. Sites can be broken by hackers who steal email addresses
  4. Apps installed on phones that have access to contacts

Temporary Email, the best weapon in the fight against spam

A temporary email is the best solution when you need an email address quickly but you will not use it in the future.

We find a lot of services on the web that provide us with the temporary email address. I will recommend a service that I actually used and that worked very well. is one of the good temporary email services

All you have to do is visit the address and you will notice that an email address is generated automatically, and below you will see the email box where the emails you receive will arrive.

At the bottom you will notice a few options:

  1. Copy - copy the email address to the clipboard
  2. refresh - refresh your message list
  3. Change - from here you personalize a new email address
  4. Delete - from here you delete the current email address with messages

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Temporary email to avoid spam - video tutorial


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