Error 0x80070422 Windows Update or other services - TUTORIAL VIDEO

Error 0x80070422 Windows Update or other services - TUTORIAL VIDEO
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Error 0x80070422
0x80070422 error resolution on Windows Update or other services - TUTORIAL VIDEO
The error (0x80070422) appears if changes have been made to certain settings in Windows.

What is the error (0x80070422)?

In my case, this error occurred on Windows Update, and no update can be made to Windows.
The "0x80070422" error can also occur in connection with other services or even when installing certain Windows update packages.

Error Resolution 0x80070422.

We get rid of this error if we start the service that is stopped; In my case, Windows Update is no longer working, and when the Windows Update service starts, the error has gone away and Windows Update has started to work.

How Do We Start a Stopped Service on Windows?

On the Desktop / right click on "This PC" / Manage / Services and Apps / Services / "Service" Windows Update / double click / on the General tab choose "Startup type" Automatic / Apply

0x80070422 error on Windows Update or other video tutorial services

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  1. Alexandru Enache said

    The error "Update for windows 10 version 1709 for x64-based systems (kb4041994) - error 0x80070643" you have an idea how to fix it? I mentioned that I tried a lot of the methods on the net and I did not succeed. I've only partially solved this update, but it's not a long-term fix. I'm waiting for the answer from who else has this error and if she could solve it somehow. Thank you

    • Try the right click: C, properties, dick cleaning, select all and clean the system files, pour them again once you check them check and erase or ok.
      I have had that error because I did not let my pc update until the end and I closed it with the japan.

  2. Good Cristi.
    If you want to stop an update in windows 10, I use "wushowhide" and you can block what you do not want to update.

  3. Thanks a lot for these tutorials. Regarding today's article, I get the following error:
    Oxc1900200 and Oxc1900201. I also made a separate partition but it still appears! Can someone help me ?
    Thank you .

  4. I get that error when I want to make a bootable stick with windows. on 2 different stickers



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