PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

This morning, I received an error when starting the PC, it remained in a boot loop, displaying messages load: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC or Attempting Repairs.
The night before the flow stopped for a few seconds and your PC suddenly closed, and remains closed after power recovery, since so I set the bios, to remain stopped if a power stops unexpectedly.
When I started I found the problem and wanted to fix it somehow. Unfortunately all trying, it was nothing. I searched the net and solving most of the advice sent me to reinstall your operating system; An operation quite time consuming nerves. I have several applications installed, each with its settings, I did not want to lose them all.
Dissatisfied, I began to try somehow recovery, especially as it seemed a problem easily resolved. After a few hours I managed to restore deleted files from corrupted boot with a stick that I put Windows 10.
These problems can occur when:
When restarts suddenly and unexpectedly PC
It stops feeding,
When an update is interrupted suddenly,
When you connect to a PC hard drive with another operating system,
When we set incorrectly dual boot configurations,
When we Matrix RAID drives defects.
When different hardware change
When we have a silly BIOS settings
In the tutorial I showed everything from how they look nasty messages, to boot successfully. In addition we covered a few options in the recovery menu, to see that the problem can not be solved with the recovery menu on the disk are absolutely necessary to use a stick or DVD with Windows 10 from which it will repair the problem .
For those who do not know to make a disk or stick with Windows 10:
You will only interested how to make the USB stick with Windows 10
10 Tutorial Windows installation from A to Z
In some cases, it is likely to be bigger problems. You can have physical hard disk problems or problems with the SATA controller.
1. Do stick or DVD with Windows 10
2. Boot from the stick or DVD
3. Choose: Computer Repair (no installation).
4. In the blue window we choose “Troubleshooting / Complex Options / Repair at startup.
Video tutorial - PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

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  1. Karolin said

    I saw you at the iconic World of Tanks. How many battles have, what nickname you, you are part of a clan? I play this game are intensely passionate about it and I invested a lot of money in this game. Il Open Beta game when it was over 5 years to say so, not the other but maybe we could do a platoon. Thanks and good luck to tutorials.

  2. Very good tutorial. For now you have topics for tutorials on how many windows have this problem, but it's a bone countless fantastic, you're busy and want and not :)))))) Use Windows 10 with confidence, sarcasm :)))) )

    • Marius said

      Win10 is an OS for power-users or people with the capacity to adapt, in any event for amateurs or the faint of heart.

      • Seriously! see next, next, then finish! Microcost is made ptr MONEY! So and nothing more! Live OPEN FREE!

      • Where did you get this “brilliant” indie :)))))))))))))))))))? The rest of what we do, do we use Android? that you just install again on windows next next next… .I'm not against Android. You prefer to watch a movie then repair windowsu 3 days then again a movie, read something :))))) Don't think I hate windowsu but say that only the strong use it when everyone does just that heard or ios if they can afford it, you understand what I'm saying

  3. Do go on a mini PC with the win 10., or a tablet.?

  4. Meru's windows problems. As I have said and I repeat switch to linux you have not already facuto. And let's win only when a dual boot Musa's idea. linux intampani not so many problems that win. Some will say yes no mer go well or do not know what games programs. used only win then. although the steam is over 300 games for linux. plus not to vb emulation etc.

  5. nicolae said

    Thanks for. tutorial. You do not lose any data?

  6. katalin said

    brother, why didn't you come up with this idea a month ago?… you saved me from a day's work: installed Windows + drivers + programs + games (to download from the origin game over 60 giga means hours, if you don't have gigabit subscription)… .thanks anyway because for sure it will happen to me again, and thanks to you… I went out.a good evening.

  7. Marius Tut said

    Hello. I'll try to be brief, but I do not think to succeed, because you have to details.
    I dualboot on an SSD: Windows and Windows 8.1 10. Mergin this option for several years, beginning August last year making updates from Windows to Windows 7 10.
    For several days it does not start normally on any of the OS, doing exactly as in the tutorial: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC, after which it does not start, loading - maybe - restart, and after selecting any OS, displaying the logo with the blue window and then … .Black screen.
    If I have patience, leaving him so it was possible several times to take the place after 5-1-15 minutes.
    I mention that during this system seems to work in the background as the HDD LED blinks, or if you insert a CD or stick
    It crossed my mind not to be tied to the video driver, so the two of loads successful, I installed another driver (last) on both OS, but the phenomenon persists.
    My solution (absolutely annoying and which I do not accept indefinitely) is - just for the moment - Restore File Reseved with Acronis from a previous backup made with it.
    My question, if you know more, what phenomenon, what happens to this 100MB File Reserved ?! It is altered, or what ?! The system, after this File Reserved Restore, loads only primul until the first Restart. Even if I try booting from the other OS, it doesn't work, except after the same Restore.
    What to do?! I tried once, about a month ago (in the same case) total Restore each OS separately from previous backups, but not resolved. At one time he could walk normally, but only until a few days ago. So ?!

    • Why dual boot windows and windows? "So ?!" 🙂

      • Marius Tut said

        To use PC-fecioru me and my 14 years.
        I do video processing and I want to keep my system as clean (especially partition with OS Win 8.1) and he wants to clamp on 10 Win (100% games).

        • YES, in this case yes, I have nothing to comment in vain but if you just got complicated to have 2 windows how many problems does it have… plus it's a virtual box or a bone on one hard on each other even though it costs

  8. I had the same problem a few days ago, we solved quite simply. I turned off the PC 5 minutes after I lit it worked perfectly.

  9. Hello
    Question: You gave a check disk?
    if you gave in writing tutorial thing I'm sorry I missed
    a good day

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not apologize for things you do on purpose. Your problem is that you have undertaken and as a logical consequence, you lose when you said exactly what you're asking.
      With intent to do an act whose consequence is deduced by simple logic and then apologize, is called hypocrisy
      I take less time to follow tutorial tail head than to write a comment

  10. a tutorial please illuminated keyboards and that's about the difference in mechanical keyboard is a light and one nonmecanica

  11. Daniel Radu said

    Cristi, you play Minecraft? If you play many FPS you have?

  12. Hello ! And good useful tutorial. It can do a tutorial on how to switch back to Windows after 7 30 days?

  13. Hello Cristi, I sent an e-mail, await your answer.

  14. Very util.Felicitari!

  15. I thank you for response Cristi but from what I heard after the date of June 29 no longer can upgrade free windows 10.Este true or I am wrong?

  16. adrian said

    Hi I have an ACER laptop (for a year 2015) my hdd broke, I took it to the service and it said that the hdd can't be repaired anymore and I bought another hdd (it's not new, it's 3 years old, the hdd is good without any an error). I mounted the hdd in the laptop and I started it, restarted to install the windwos and every time I see it written <<

    • It's not a "problem", enter the bios see recognize it or set to recognize it, a restart of the bios something, you probably don't even boot from the dvd / stick and the hard drive is empty and it boots the first e .e tutorial on the site with explanations about bios

  17. Daniel Radu said

    “Fitze de Windows 10”

  18. Hello. I have a fault which appears to me after I reinstalled Windows on a Toshiba laptop.

    ”The hardware configurationfieldis empty.
    Please check SMBIOS data and write correct value ”

    My friend's laptop like hers to increcat gave to format and reset the windows.
    I installed win 10 and I get the above error… if I press any key it enters windows, if not, there is a black background and the massage…

    Please give me some advice on how to get rid of this or at least direct me to a site, software that solves the problem…
    The situation is very annoying… Thanks in advance

  19. Where is the tutorial disk 10 windows?

  20. Cristi Hello!
    A few days ago I had the same problem on my case did not work laptop.In repair method with stick bootable (Windows 10 Pro), even in DOS method Bootrec.exe; command sfc / scannow made scanning, ptr finding corrupted files, but told me he could not repare.DiskPart told me that HDD is okay, I initially thought it was a problem I solved HDD.Cum: I used a USB stick bootable USB Tehnicians with Macrium Reflect; the laptop I have the same software installed on tracing and who had done the last month a full backup of the drive that is the system (including partitions small hidden) I booted from the stick, I chose restore from image and finished in 16 min.Dupa restart Windows has booted normally and without probleme.Ca because I guess it's time for an update installed defective or incomplete test update of Microsoft, or variant 2: I guess we broke any activity data collection by Microsoft in tracing my ptr problem appeared to me after I gave restart forced ptr my HDD appear in task manager that is used 100%.
    That is the method that worked ptr me perfect.Totul works perfectly now, we have not lost installed programs, settings, etc.

  21. How can I reinstall microsoft edge thank you to reinstall Windows without

  22. I have a problem with your computer, if anyone can help. When it stops SMBIOS start and there will no longer charge.

  23. George Ionita said

    Me everything I do not go, do exactly as you do but after giving me that could not be reparat.Ce to do? I've seen videos and I tried other alternatives but still not mers.Va Please reply as quickly and evicient.Multumesc I anticipated.

  24. Cristian hello, how can I solve this problem https://postimg.org/image/qbq8lqzmv/

  25. alberto aby said

    Hello Christ. I have a problem I tried sami reset windows and 10 thousand light pc crashed, and when not working lights and everything is blue and the name is nothing as I appear before you know profile and you can help me?

  26. Sorin Tanasa said

    I'm Sorin, please help me, in connection with an E-boda phone, he writes to me on the phone screen: "unfortunately the tool system has stopped", I must also tell you that in the past I have been installing different applications myself and someone he told me to root my phone, he didn't tell me how, he just told me that rooting is done with two applications that I still have installed on my phone, so I didn't have time to root. I didn't even know how to do that, I just downloaded the applications, a Superuser and Frama… I don't know how. Okay. If you can help me. The phone is an E-boda dual sim Eruption V200, quad core. Thank you.

  27. I hate w10. I switched from 7 and now no game is working properly. W10 tends to confuse video drivers hard. I think I will switch back to 7. I understand that w8.1 would be the best system operation at the moment but I don't have a license so… Maybe Cristi explains why w10 "disturbs" video drivers like this and if microsoft does something about it.

  28. how do I get rid of this error Error Code 0xc0000225

  29. Call me starts

  30. Gabriela said

    If only a blue screen appears with the restart, shut down, restart and update options, what options do I have? Also tells me no nework, that's because I configured it wrong, so I get it. ideas? soultii? thanks

  31. I recently hit a problem I can not solve. I win.10 and when I want to start the PC, error 0xc00000e9 appears. I did a disk repair and I do not recognize it. What are you advising me?

  32. I forgot to say that I tried to rejoin win.10, but without success, does not boot either on the DVD or on the stick. I have a clinker pc with a central unit, the old 12 years. I await suggestions, thank you.

  33. Mr. Cristi very good tutorial, as well as all the others for which you deserve the congratulations and pleats
    ours, of the least or no good in IT
    But I have two suggestions for your tutorials
    1 - the method or methods that work, about uninstalling or repairing deep freeze installed with the frozen C, which does not open with (shift + double-click the icon) so they can thaw it out. I can not uninstall it anymore, I went to 2 for years and now I do not want to open any color. That's on the base PC because I installed the same deep frees and that's where it goes.
    How can the problem be solved differently, except reinstallation.
    2-a detailed installation tutorial (what to accept and what not the questions asked), setting up and
    using BlueStacks.
    .Thanks in advance.

  34. Poor chances, or more likely, only 25% of cases.
    Installation is the most likely event, if you get into this situation.

  35. I've been reinstalling the windows and not holding 2 for hours, and this problem is happening again. I have reinstalled him since I do not know how many times and all this is happening to me; What's the problem with?
    Please, I quickly want a safe answer, because of which component these figures make! I've searched and think because of the hard drive but I'm not sure!

  36. Explain extremely stupid!

  37. When I try to boot I get Recovery Your pc / device needs to be repared, what can I do?

  38. Hello Cristi!
    I have a problem with the PC, namely it does not boot

  39. Hello.
    I had a computer that I shared with my wife and daughter .PC did not allow me to install Win x64
    I had 3 HDD with Win 10 Pro x32, 2 hdd Sata old 2 and HDD satin 3 by 1 tera.
    On the old PC they went smoothly and we checked them with F8. For the old PC I had Video integrated in the Board
    base but I used a gt8600 Video Card and I had 4 GB Ram.
    We took a PC today with UEFI, 8 GB Ram, and integrated video that go with being better than the old GT 8600.
    This is the historian.
    I moved only the 3 HDD with their systems to the new PC. It saw them and adapted to the new PC immediately.
    smoothly . In this mode I walked about 2 months without incident.
    After 2 months I got an 128 M2 Sata SSD on which I installed Win 10 X64.
    All good a few days after the trouble began. Without having problems with feeding appears
    notification with "Scan drive error" or nothing appears but when restarting it enters the bubble mentioned by you
    Sometimes a long text appears at the bottom of the screen to repair drive x and finally I woke up to find a
    3 HDD partition on either one, either primary, logical or System Restore,
    I blamed the SSD and dropped it.
    Last days I installed the XDUMX Win 3 Pro x 10 from the MS on the HDD.
    Towards "My Joy" the same troubles began. So it was not the SSD that was to blame, but Win 10 pro x64.
    The trouble is that it does not scan the OS partition that has X64 win but hits in another HDD which sometimes
    even delete it.
    Now I'm afraid to use x64 again. Lucky I had clones and solved faster.
    It's twilight.
    Does anyone have any idea.
    Cristi, after you solve with the Win Disk the moment is solved or the problem reappears?
    PS. If anyone resisted to read my POMELNICUL and especially to understand… ..I give a beer
    big .
    Long and prosperous life.

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