PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC
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PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

This morning, I received an error when starting the PC, it remained in a boot loop, displaying messages load: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC or Attempting Repairs.
The night before the flow stopped for a few seconds and your PC suddenly closed, and remains closed after power recovery, since so I set the bios, to remain stopped if a power stops unexpectedly.
When I started I found the problem and wanted to fix it somehow. Unfortunately all trying, it was nothing. I searched the net and solving most of the advice sent me to reinstall your operating system; An operation quite time consuming nerves. I have several applications installed, each with its settings, I did not want to lose them all.
Dissatisfied, I began to try somehow recovery, especially as it seemed a problem easily resolved. After a few hours I managed to restore deleted files from corrupted boot with a stick that I put Windows 10.
These problems can occur when:
When restarts suddenly and unexpectedly PC
It stops feeding,
When an update is interrupted suddenly,
When you connect to a PC hard drive with another operating system,
When we set incorrectly dual boot configurations,
When we Matrix RAID drives defects.
When different hardware change
When we have a silly BIOS settings
In the tutorial I showed everything from how they look nasty messages, to boot successfully. In addition we covered a few options in the recovery menu, to see that the problem can not be solved with the recovery menu on the disk are absolutely necessary to use a stick or DVD with Windows 10 from which it will repair the problem .
For those who do not know to make a disk or stick with Windows 10:
You will only interested how to make the USB stick with Windows 10
10 Tutorial Windows installation from A to Z
In some cases, it is likely to be bigger problems. You can have physical hard disk problems or problems with the SATA controller.
1. Do stick or DVD with Windows 10
2. Boot from the stick or DVD
3. Choose: Computer Repair (no installation).
4. The blue window choose "Troubleshooting / Advanced Options / Startup Repair.
Video Tutorial - PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC


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  1. Karolin said:

    I saw you at the iconic World of Tanks. How many battles have, what nickname you, you are part of a clan? I play this game are intensely passionate about it and I invested a lot of money in this game. Il Open Beta game when it was over 5 years to say so, not the other but maybe we could do a platoon. Thanks and good luck to tutorials.

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  2. Very good tutorial. For now you have topics for tutorials on how many windows have this problem, but it's a bone countless fantastic, you're busy and want and not :)))))) Use Windows 10 with confidence, sarcasm :)))) )

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    • Marius said:

      Win10 is an OS for power-users or people with the capacity to adapt, in any event for amateurs or the faint of heart.

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      • Seriously! see next, next, then finish! Microcost is made ptr MONEY! So and nothing more! Live OPEN FREE!

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      • Where'd you fulfill that "genius" :))))))))))))))))))? The rest we do, we use Android? as you only instal windows and the next next next ... .No'm against Android. You prefer to watch a movie then fix windowsu Iara 3 days then a movie, read something :))))) Do not think you hate windowsu but to say that only those countries use when everybody does as just that ios heard or if they can afford, you understand what I mean

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  3. Do go on a mini PC with the win 10., or a tablet.?

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  4. Meru's windows problems. As I have said and I repeat switch to linux you have not already facuto. And let's win only when a dual boot Musa's idea. linux intampani not so many problems that win. Some will say yes no mer go well or do not know what games programs. used only win then. although the steam is over 300 games for linux. plus not to vb emulation etc.

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  5. nicolae said:

    Thanks for. tutorial. You do not lose any data?

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  6. katalin said:

    Brother, why do not you get that idea a month ago? ... you spared me a day's work: installed Windows + driver + software + games (to download on origin game over 60 giga means hours, unless you subscription gigabit) ... anyway ptr certainly a .multumesc happen to me again, and thanks to you ... I scos.o good evening.

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  7. Marius Tut said:

    Hello. I'll try to be brief, but I do not think to succeed, because you have to details.
    I dualboot on an SSD: Windows and Windows 8.1 10. Mergin this option for several years, beginning August last year making updates from Windows to Windows 7 10.
    For several days no longer starteaza normal none of OS, making exactly that tutorial: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC, then not start carrying - perhaps - reboot, and after selecting any OS, displaying the logo with blue window and then ... .ecran black.
    If I have patience, leaving him so it was possible several times to take the place after 5-1-15 minutes.
    I mention that during this system seems to work in the background as the HDD LED blinks, or if you insert a CD or stick
    It crossed my mind not to be tied to the video driver, so the two of loads successful, I installed another driver (last) on both OS, but the phenomenon persists.
    Solving my (absolutely annoying and that will not accept indefinitely) is - just a moment - File Restore Acronis Reseved with a previously made backup with it.
    My question, if you know more that phenomenon, what happens to this File Reserved for 100MB ?! Alters, or what ?! The system, after this Reserved File Restore load ... but only until the first restart. Not hardly boot from the other OS goes, until the same Restore.
    What to do?! I tried once, about a month ago (in the same case) total Restore each OS separately from previous backups, but not resolved. At one time he could walk normally, but only until a few days ago. So ?!

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    • Why dual boot Windows and Windows? "So ?!"

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      • Marius Tut said:

        To use PC-fecioru me and my 14 years.
        I do video processing and I want to keep my system as clean (especially partition with OS Win 8.1) and he wants to clamp on 10 Win (100% games).

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        • Yes, in this case yes, I have nothing against crazy complicated but if you just have 2 windows at many sites has problems ... plus it's virtually a bone box or a hard one another although this cost

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  8. I had the same problem a few days ago, we solved quite simply. I turned off the PC 5 minutes after I lit it worked perfectly.

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  9. daniel said:

    Question: You gave a check disk?
    if you gave in writing tutorial thing I'm sorry I missed
    a good day

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You can not apologize for things you do on purpose. Your problem is that you have undertaken and as a logical consequence, you lose when you said exactly what you're asking.
      With intent to do an act whose consequence is deduced by simple logic and then apologize, is called hypocrisy
      I take less time to follow tutorial tail head than to write a comment

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  10. a tutorial please illuminated keyboards and that's about the difference in mechanical keyboard is a light and one nonmecanica

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  11. Daniel Radu said:

    Cristi, you play Minecraft? If you play many FPS you have?

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  12. zame77 said:

    Hello ! And good useful tutorial. It can do a tutorial on how to switch back to Windows after 7 30 days?

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  13. Hello Cristi, I sent an e-mail, await your answer.

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  14. Very util.Felicitari!

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  15. I thank you for response Cristi but from what I heard after the date of June 29 no longer can upgrade free windows 10.Este true or I am wrong?

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  16. adrian said:

    Hello I leptop ACER (one year 2015) I broke hdd, I went to the service and said that hdd can not be repaired and bought another hdd (not new, has 3 years, hdd is good without an error) .I in mullion hdd and I gave leptop start, restart to install Windwos site and every time I wrote <<< NO BOOTABLE DEVICE appears HIT ANY KEY <<<. I have a leptop of 2012 ( has Windwos installed on smoothly) and I changed hdd sites, so HHD not have windows I installed in leptop of 2012 and the first time I gave the start I could install Windows without any problem. (both hDD works on leptop of 2012) .I installed several times on both hdd leptop ACER din2015 and every time I wrote <<< NO BOOTABLE DEVICE appears HIT ANY KEY <<<. you could make a tutorial about this problem, give me an answer

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    • There's "a problem", enter recognize or see bioss set to recognize a restart bios something probably not boot from DVD / stick and hard drive is empty and he boots ... it's the first tutorial on the site explanations bios

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  17. Daniel Radu said:

    "Fitze Windows 10"

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  18. Julian said:

    Hello. I have a fault which appears to me after I reinstalled Windows on a Toshiba laptop.

    "The hardware configurationfieldis empty.
    Please check the date and write correct SMBIOS value "

    My friend's laptop like hers to increcat gave to format and reset the windows.
    I installed win and I 10 above error occurs ... If you press any button enters the windows, if not, it remains black background and massage ...

    Please da.mi advice how to get rid of it or at least guide me to any website, software to solve the problem ...
    It's hard annoying situation ... Thanks in advance

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  19. Where is the tutorial disk 10 windows?

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  20. Cristi Hello!
    A few days ago I had the same problem on my case did not work laptop.In repair method with stick bootable (Windows 10 Pro), even in DOS method Bootrec.exe; command sfc / scannow made scanning, ptr finding corrupted files, but told me he could not repare.DiskPart told me that HDD is okay, I initially thought it was a problem I solved HDD.Cum: I used a USB stick bootable USB Tehnicians with Macrium Reflect; the laptop I have the same software installed on tracing and who had done the last month a full backup of the drive that is the system (including partitions small hidden) I booted from the stick, I chose restore from image and finished in 16 min.Dupa restart Windows has booted normally and without probleme.Ca because I guess it's time for an update installed defective or incomplete test update of Microsoft, or variant 2: I guess we broke any activity data collection by Microsoft in tracing my ptr problem appeared to me after I gave restart forced ptr my HDD appear in task manager that is used 100%.
    That is the method that worked ptr me perfect.Totul works perfectly now, we have not lost installed programs, settings, etc.

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  21. iodorin said:

    How can I reinstall microsoft edge thank you to reinstall Windows without

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  22. Alexandra said:

    I have a problem with your computer, if anyone can help. When it stops SMBIOS start and there will no longer charge.

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  23. George Ionita said:

    Me everything I do not go, do exactly as you do but after giving me that could not be reparat.Ce to do? I've seen videos and I tried other alternatives but still not mers.Va Please reply as quickly and evicient.Multumesc I anticipated.

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  24. Cristian hello, how can I solve this problem https://postimg.org/image/qbq8lqzmv/

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  25. alberto aby said:

    Hello Christ. I have a problem I tried sami reset windows and 10 thousand light pc crashed, and when not working lights and everything is blue and the name is nothing as I appear before you know profile and you can help me?

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  26. Sorin Tanasa said:

    I am Sorin, help me please, about a phone E-boda, writes me on the phone: "unfortunately system tool stopped", you have to say that in the past I still install it yourself different applications and one he said to my root-ez phone, did not say how, just told me that rootarea serves two applications that I have now installed on your phone, so you do not get to make root. I did not know to do that I just downloaded applications, a Superuser and Frame ... do not know how. Okay. If you can help me. The phone is a dual sim E-boda Eruption V200, quad core. Thank you.

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  27. W10.Am hate 7 passed on and go right now there is no joc.w10 tends to confuse drivers greu.Cred video I'll go back 7.Am w8.1 understand that would be the best operating system to license today but I did not so ... Maybe Cristi explains why w10 "disturbing" video drivers like this and if microsoft do something about it.

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  28. how do I get rid of this error Error Code 0xc0000225

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  29. Call me starts

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