Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

Pulling or cutting 2 videos in just seconds, the same quality streamclip? Yes it is possible and there is no trick in between.
With Streamclip, which by the way, is free and portable, it can extract any video sequence in any film or video file in just a few seconds, the same quality.
Unlike video editors, Streamclip is extremely fast when it comes to trimming filming; It is truly amazing.
Next time, if I ask this in the comments box to show you how a glue several video sequences, super fast and the same quality. This is useful for those who have video cameras that generate multiple files for a single film.

Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

How to use Streamclip?
1. Determine the sequence that we want to extract
2. We slider at the beginning of the sequence and press the "i" on (in)
3. Now we slider to end the sequence that we want to save and press "a" in (out)
4. Once you've marked sequence, press "Ctrl + T" to (trim), let's take what we need.
5. Finally, we go up to the left on "File" and click "Save As" and ready.
It should be noted that the original file remains the same, is not affected at all, so do not worry.

Extract video sequence streamclip

Extract video sequence streamclip

Download software:
Apple QuickTime download
Streamclip download
Remember, if you have some questions, talk on comments.

Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

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  1. Great tutorial! Bravo !

  2. It's with the "blue pixel"

  3. A question ... .What version of MPC-HC use?

  4. Excellent!

  5. Cristi, I have a problem with my new mouse. Sorry to change the subject.
    I bought Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse Mouse 3600. I have Windows 10 laptop and Bluetooth Mediatek. The problem is that all about 2 days in the mouse simply no longer works. If you give it a restart, Bluetooth does not even appear as if he did not exist. I tried to reinstall the driver Bluwtooth that, but it happened in about 2 lafel days. What can I do? I tried to give an update to the driver in Device Manager, but says he is up to date.

    • If you installed the latest Bluetooth driver and goes, should verify any BIOS update is available. If not, you must wait for the next driver bluetooth.
      It certainly is the image Bluetooth. MediaTek has the experience necessary to implement Bluetooth Desktop, as does Intel, Broadcom or Qualcomm.

  6. Note tutorial 10.Am still a intrebare.Daca want to cut a sequence in a movie, what should you do?

  7. Very cool ... and we want a tutorial video files bonding. Thank you.

  8. The tutorial explains how to extract a particular sequence of a filmare.Asta I inteles.Dar if we want to cut a particular sequence of a movie.? I mean to restore deleted scenes footage without, for example if the sequence is cut to half shooting ..Spre example after removing the sec 20 sequence as restore shooting without that sequence 20 mm sec ... hope you understand acum.PS You did good in everything you do!

  9. If you want to remove a sequence from the middle of filming as filming proceeded to restore that without that secventa.De example after having removed the sequence 20 seconds of footage without tutorial how to restore the sequence of 20sec.
    PS Are you good at everything faceti.La years of St. Nicholas!

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  11. Hello Cristi,

    First thanks for all the valuable information that we provide (even if some are for advanced
    This tool really is just biine welcome and I think would be very useful and a tutorial on soldering sequences of video. Again, thanks and ... RESPECT!

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    Adrian Gudus pretty please do Videotutorial with adding a custom ringtone on iphone newer generation.

  13. ICEA Alinutza said

    I would appreciate if the comments from Videotutorial you specify to whom tutorial platform: Windows, Linux, Mac etc. But no other personal use only Linux and often your tutorials are not compatible with this platform. Success!

  14. Good software works very fine, the problem is I do not know what to do with Trojan him.


    • It is certainly a false positive.
      Or maybe you've downloaded from another site.
      I scanned the total virus and antivirus 2 57 just saw it as malware. It is certainly a false positive.
      Report the total virus streamclip

  15. .mkv Format does not support. You know who will certainly use another program and .mkv format?

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  22. Cristian Cismaru bathrooms too is that I've kept in archival and take it down only when I needful with alarm as e or false does not know what to think but how to detect laptop inceputsa move very hard and Coolers of took it crazy to say that asi torrents with 20m be held on the second revolved so poor: after removing the virus everything has returned to normal

    Program recognize is very good and very fast "Basque portable"

  23. Madalina said

    I want to delete part of a video already posted on Facebook without having to load it again for losing comments and likes

  24. Very good program but can not read mkv files, and now there are many.
    Is there a solution?
    Thank you.

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