Extracting Wi-Fi passwords with a quick USB stick with one command

Removing Wi-Fi passwords a USB stick

What is the video tutorial Extracting wi-fi passwords from a USB stick?

In this video tutorial, Extracting Wi-Fi passwords from a USB stick, I will show you how to extract all the WI-FI passwords from your PC, directly on a USB memory stick, in a few seconds with a single command in CMD.

How fast can I type passwords from my PC on a USB stick?

The whole thing takes about 10 seconds or less. Depends on how fast we move.

In principle I just have to place an order and ready.

Why do we need a USB stick for removing Wi-Fi passwords?

  1. Access with administrator rights to the respective PC
  2. An USB stick or external hard drive
  3. For a few seconds, to modify and execute the command

How does copying passwords from PC to stick work?


  1. Insert the USB stick into your PC and see what the letter has (D, E, G, etc.)
  2. Open DCM as administrator and enter the command netsh wlan export profile folder=D:\ key=clear where “D”Must be replaced with the letter that the stick has
  3. press Enter and all the profiles of the stored Wi-Fi networks, along with passwords, will go away

What to do so that other people don't "subtilize" our passwords?

  1. Don't leave anyone on your PC or just leave it on your GUEST account
  2. Protect your account with your password
  3. Use your PC with ordinary user rights, not admin.

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Extracting Wi-Fi passwords on a USB stick - video tutorial

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  1. Hello everyone. Much simpler, without command lines, without sticks or other complications. Download the program - WirelessKeyView - Displays all wireless passwords.

  2. Mircea Enescu said

    Good morning and sorry for the inconvenience. After watching your video tutorial, I wanted to recover my passwords on an older hdd, a digital western older than 2 TB, which I had a wonderful collection of photos and family videos and movies. The surprise came when I inserted this hdd in the laptop. I see the laptop but in the end all the old files on it do not read them, as if they were non-existent, although it shows me that the hdd is busy 64%. I disconnected the hdd from the laptop and put it in usb on the tv and the surprise was that it saw all the existing files. I returned to the laptop and the problem persists although if I copy something on the hdd works normally, plays, deletes, only the old files remain unseen.You may be able to help me with this problem, although I am beside the subject in question. With appreciation, and thank you in advance.

  3. Prerequisites said

    @ Ionel… .ask a word. Please tell me what password it is?

  4. Adrian Guduş said

    Peter: I don't ask for a password. You have downloaded the application from the wrong place! We also presented it together with the official site from where you download it for free and how to use it: https://videotutorial.ro/wirelesskeyview-ne-recupereaza-parola-uitata-de-conectare-la-reteaua-wireless-tutorial-video/

  5. Hello Mircea go to the start bar to search and type cmd and when you see the icon with black open right click open as administrator or in eng run as administrator and there in cmd paste this command for the first time:
    chkdsk c: / f / r
    let it finish and when it's ready and you see that nothing happens then you paste it with copy… paste:
    sfc / scannow
    it will take a while until the whole system is scanned. when it is ready to exit the cmd give a restart to the laptop and connect the external hard disk again.
    All the best.

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