Make Touch Unlock on any Android phone (video)

Unlocked Touch Unlock on any Android phone
Unlocked Touch Unlock on any Android phone
Unlocking phones can be done in one way or another. From the simple "swipe", pin, pattern or password, to the fingerprint or unlock.

Appearance Face Unlock in Landscape.

1. Initially, the Face Unlock was introduced on the phones, because unlocking with pine or patern was a little awkward.
2. With the introduction of the fingerprint sensors, Face Unlock (trusted chip) came back fallen somewhat in the shade, and no one was using this feature anymore.
3. Lately, due to the very large screens, on the front of the phone, there is no room for the fingerprint sensor, and from the shadow appears again nou ..Face Unlock.

Where's the Face with Face Unlock?

In recent years, Android phones have had to unlock, but as we know, the Android camp is not very good at "Hype".
It took the launch of the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 as the world to embrace it makes the unlock. In the case of iPhone x, the fingerprint sensor was permanently removed, and in the S8 case it was moved to the rear in a rather awkward position.
In both cases (iPhone x and S8), it seemed logical to introduce facial unblocking, and that was implemented.
As iPhone and Samsung are the most successful smart phone makers, it was logical that the world would want what it would do on top phones.

The problem with doing stock unlocking on Android.

As I said before, Android has long been unlocking, but has always been left behind by the fingerprint sensor that is much faster.
Android Face Unlock Problems on Android is that besides unlocking your face phone you also have to give it and swipe.

Make Unlock on Android Without Swipe.

With the app AutoInput we solved this annoying problem with the need for a swipe after we unlocked the phone with the face.
AutoInput automates the unlock process by executing the swipe in our place. Some kind of software slave.

… .Video guide in the tutorial - Face Unlock without touch on any Android phone.

AutoInput application

Make Unlock Touchless on Any Android Phone - Video Tutorial

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  1. Unfortunately, it just goes from android 7 upwards

  2. On s7 I can only find a reliable face and location and voice…. Is there any setting that I need to activate?

    • on S6 edge with android 7 the same. It only finds location, voice, wearing and reliable devices.

      • Blanaru Costel said

        I have the android 7.1.2 on Nokia 5, and I'm going to open the phone with the girl, I think it matters and a newer version may not work with the basic 7 android version, that is 7.0

  3. Bogdan Serbanescu said

    It would have been louder if the on / of button nici didn't have to be pressed either. Thanks for all the tips! Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas everyone !

  5. what old you are cristi after the voice did not give you more than 35 years, happy christmas everybody

  6. There is no application on S8 to do this. The phone opens instantly after detecting your face. He has this option installed with the android. It does not use Google Smart Lock. Anyway, nice tutorial!

  7. Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you Cristi for tutorials!

  8. man what else do you know about BTC you got rich? now it has reached 13.000 one… if we buy in 2012 about 10 of these…

  9. Man I also want a tutorial about Pi-hole "" and dnscrypt on ubuntu if you can plsssssssssssssssssssss

  10. It was good if it worked on android 5 or 6, not all of us have 7 on phones: (

  11. I'm still waiting for android installation on a broken partition from ssd…
    I hope you find time for this tutorial too.
    Have a good start to the team

  12. Crostian said

    And if you stay active all the time do not break the battery ???

  13. The application goes for two hours and then it must be recorded. You have to start the process from the beginning.
    In the future, a tutorial with the Intel AMD processor vulnerabilities seems to me to be a big dungeon hidden by those who take our money (for example, buy an i7 and actually after updating an Intel Celeron by 2005).

  14. Cristian Cismaru
    Have you ever tested Cerberus (latest version) on OnePlus?
    When the first version was released you had to flesh-uiesti tel
    Now I got a 5T from oneplus and I don't know what to do, to install cerberus or not? if you have to fleshuit tel… I don't know how to do it….
    Please be sure to tell me the steps, in short, which must be done because if I manage to install it completely I will buy the software
    Thank you!

  15. Dragoş Toma said

    I have a Nexus 6P with android 8.1 and why does it appear if it came out on pixel phones, considering that it can be easily "tricked"… .. The same versions of android directly from Google.
    I "recorded the face" after which I tested !! Me and a friend, it worked for me every time, the problem is that it worked the same way for my friend :)) “after about 2-3 attempts”
    ?? Safety ?? And if I know "google" about it, why didn't they take it out, how did it do with the pixel ??

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