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Flemish information and knowledge, I like everything about art and share my knowledge with great pleasure. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful fellows. I enjoying this privilege, I will never say "do not know" but "not yet know"!


  1. Very interesting tutorial. I follow with great interest your tutorials. You are strong in everything you do and in everything you research until you get to filming a tutorial.
    But I have a problem. For facebook messenger lite how can i activate thema dark?

  2. Hi, I use Simple pro or Fella ... both are very good substitutes for facebook.

  3. I do not understand where so much passion for the black theme. What good was the color screen invented for? Give $ 1000 on a phone to see black and white ??? You buy the limousine that has chairs with the finest leather and after you go to the fair to take two lei bags so that the skin does not wear out!?!?! Enjoyed the phone and all his innovations, enjoyed the colors, enjoyed the display with gorilla glass. Why do you keep it and protect it ??? To sell olx at a good price and enjoy the new owner. Make him sure if you don't want to take care of him. You remember when you pulled him out of the box how beautiful he was and how cool he looked. What did you do ? You turned him into an URATENIE. This is my opinion should not be in agreement with her everyone ... ... only more thoughtful.

  4. Adrian Guduş said

    The text explained why black. Have you read it? We are not talking here about black and white, but about replacing the white background in applications with the black one. This means that instead of seeing white and colors you will see black and colors. What, until now you had a white background, did you just have black? No, you had white background everywhere and the rest of the colors. You now replace the white with black and the rest remain colored. The reason for switching to white background from black background was explained in the article. I invite you to read it.

  5. Adrian Guduş said

    Rectification: The reason why you want to switch from white background to black background (and the rest of the colors) was explained in the text above the video tutorial.

  6. I tried this on Oneplus 3 with Android 10 custom ROM ... I think there are different versions for other devices ... I don't have the dark mode button ... Adrian, curiously, what version of Lite do you have? Al e

  7. Adrian Guduş said

    I have also said on other occasions. When a new feature is introduced, it is not available to all users. Facebook is gradually integrating the new options into groups of users, not everyone at the same time. I do this to avoid any problems that might arise with the new feature introduced. And to avoid problems that could affect all users, I introduce the new feature gradually, gradually. First to 10000 users. If all is well, there are no major problems, no breaches or complaints have been reported, Facebook will introduce the function for the next 10000 and so on until everyone gets to have it. Not only does Facebook do the same, but so do the phone manufacturers when they offer system updates as well as the other companies that provide services.

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