Facebook for Android now with the option to download photos

Saluatre friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Facebook for Android application lies reached version 3.5. The new Facebook for Android allows us to download images to friends via the "Save photo" (save the picture) which up to this release, it was not possible but still be able to download photos appealing to a little trick.
Besides this option, 3.5 Facebook application for Android comes with compensation for Bugg who display an empty space where supposed to be a picture.
As I was saying and exemplify tutorial video to this version when there is no option to save a picture, it may rely on a little trick to accomplish this task. Mode photo viewer (how to view a photo) are able to access the menu button and from there select the option Share, here I was able to send the photo by Google Keppie, Sky Drive, DropBox, SugarSync, Gmail, Cloudii or any space cloud storage where subsequently be downloaded by accessing the cloud service that Desktop is a browser or another mobile device, smartphone or tablet.
Towards the end, if you are interested in how we can download your friends' facebook photos using your phone or tablet running Android, I invite you to watch the video tutorial.

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  1. Duallpannel said

    Cristi 2 years ago you were doing a tutorial on DD-WRT and you promised you'd come back with a new tutorial that will explain the improvement that are made and more information about the interface DD-WRT.Vei do that tutorial?
    If my router does not support IPv6, an upgrade to DD-WRT will do dosponibil protocol?

  2. facebook application shame that goes jerky and slow terminals which are not high-end and runs in the background without you can stop ... I honestly better get on facebook in your browser.

    • Anderson said

      Yes that's right, I have a HTC Wildfire which sit 10 minutes to fully charge, sometimes you feel like you pull the display until it break like to access faster version 1.7.5 or 1.7.7 go acceptable with this 3.5 you feel like throwing goal. vez that locks when some gadgets lousy, I do not stuffing the smartphone market so you 528mhz chicken processor and graphics card to take it all in opengl laso damn job, 2.2mhz chicken for chicken 528 android 700- 800mhz lead somewhat

  3. madalin said

    Could you please do a tutorial on this stuff: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2025939 ?
    You can personalize your phone with him about what you want.
    Thank you

  4. hang forever said

    I wish I could communicate with prieteniii on facebook video

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