Fear of scaring with viruses and hackers on PC, for friends and relatives

Fear of scaring with viruses and hackers on PC, for friends and relatives
Today I will show you how to make a successful farce with which to put your relatives and friends in scare

Why do we need to make this freak to scare?

1. We need 1 minute access to the victim's computer
2. We need alert

What are those things in the farsa script?

If you look a little over the text in the script you will notice that we have More messages and some digits.

X=MsgBox("Descriere mesaj",număr+număr.,"Titlu fereastra")
1. "x = MsgBox" tells the PC that this is a message that should be displayed in a window
2. The first message in the text (the first quotes) is the one that is displayed
3. The numbers with “+” between them tell us what kind of window to display and what dialog buttons to appear.
4. | The last message in quotation marks is the title of the window.

What does the numbers mean?

1. Before + Is the type of buttons in the dialog box

0 = OK button
1 = OK / Cancel buttons
2 = Abort / Retry / Ignore buttons
3 = Yes / No / Cancel buttons
4 = Yes / No buttons
5 = Retry / Cancel buttons

2. After + Is the type of dialog window (the icon in the window)

16 = Critical
32 = Help
48 = Warning
64 = Information

How do we do the trick

To be credible, we must make sure the victim falls into the trap.
In the tutorial we showed how to replace "This PC" or "My Computer" with our script.

Does this farce go away?

Of course, you can send the VBS file to anyone, and when they run it, they will receive the same messages. Unfortunately, you can't make the change with "This PC" remotely unless you have remote access to that PC.

Help Tutorials with remote remote access to another PC:
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Team viewer for remote control incredibly simple

Text file with scared script (You can change it as you wish)

Video tutorial - Scary prank with viruses and hackers on PC

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